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Take A Sad Song And Make It Better...

Updated on December 15, 2015

Get your peanuts, soda, popcorn!

So, the world didn't end last week. That doesn't mean we should continue to do what we've been doin' along...

Personally, I think we should bring back the '60's!

Not all of it, just the part about "Protesting" against what we firmly believe is wrong! Gee, where the HELL do we start!

Pass Me A Cold One Bro!

  • Guns - Why all the fuss with "GUNS?" I don't get it? If you live in Montana or some place where there isn't a McDonald's and you have to hunt for your food, then that's a different story. Go shoot a deer and invite Big Foot over for a BBQ!

But as far as those automatics? Who needs them! If you want to play with that stuff, join the Army and go kill who ever we're at war with!

Oh, that's right..there isn't any more. Well than how about...

Japan... Not a good idea. They are a major provider in the Global Electronic market.

Germany / Amsterdam? No more Becks? No more Heineken's? Hey, you'd have to answer to me.

France? With it's walled medieval towns, renowned wine and brandy regions of Bordeaux, Cognac, etc? Fairytale palaces and castles and laze on Cote d’Azur? Um, no.

Italy? Aaayyy! With it's pasta, wines, vineyards, rolling hills, romance...not to mention my relatives? I don't think so.

Israel? Um, that's Gods neighborhood. I don't think it's a good idea to be throwing brings in His hometown!

Ireland? Hmmm...get rid of my ex-in-laws...just kidding!

So, what are we supposed to do now with all of our "spare time"?

Some say that man evolved from apes. Judging by the appearance of my ex-sister-in-law, there may be some truth to that. Me? I tend to believe that Adam & Eve were Italian and that's where I'm putting my money. No matter how we got here, along the way - we have evolved.

Now, moving right along, a lot's happened in the past 100 years alone.

Horse and buggy, cars, radio, planes, TV, computers, men have learned to kill each other a thousand different ways, we've gone to the moon, I've moved to North Carolina...


And, I say it's time to take ANOTHER BIG STEP!

The Internet has caused us all to take a giant step forward - at least in the form of COMMUNICATION.

I can now order what ever I want, from anywhere in the world and it will be delivered to my door step in a matter of days! I can send holiday pictures of my family to my relatives in Italy, in a matter of seconds!

So, since everybody is always trying to communicate with somebody else, I suggest we all start communicating on how to IMPROVE LIFE ON THIS PLANET! (Hey, as long as we're still here)

Suggestions? I'm glad you asked...

  • Starvation - There is so much empty land on this planet to grow more than enough food for everybody! As well as raise cattle if you enjoy a nice steak. (Make mine rare!) I heard a story that at some point in time, some farmers in the U.S. were paid - not to grow crops - as as a way for some corporations to control profit!)

  • Obesity! Here we go. Food manufacturers, stop brainwashing our kids - as well as the rest of us! Those 2 for 1 breakfast's and lunches? They're simply getting us twice as fat at twice the rate! And stop promoting that "Super-Size" stuff! Yea, I do think Michael Bloomberg is on the right track. Lastly, stop messing around with additives, hormones and what ever else you're putting in our food - and probably not telling us!

This is unacceptable!

  • Diseases - Stop padding the pockets of those who control research! You people have cured other diseases in the past! I know it's more profitable to treat rather than cure but...

We Can Cure - ANYTHING!

  • Greed - yea, lets talk greed. Lets put a cap on income as far as how much money corporations can make! Actors and actress's? Give me a break! A lot of you people suck, yet live like pigs. And by the way, having your breasts and asses enlarged, is not a compensating factor for lousy acting! Professional athletes...$50 million dollars for a 3 year contract? Are you serious? Cap these people and give it to the fans! That way I don't have to take out a personal loan when I take my kids to a ball game!

    Let me ask you this...WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH!

Our Government?

Oh my, my...TIME TO CHANGE THIS GAME! Let's start with the changing the terms of Politicians as well as how their activities are monitored! And, get them to clean up their act during election time. No more bad mouth, back stabing, digging up dirt from what occurred 20 years ago, etc! You want us to elect you into public office, yet have no respect for the other guy!

Let's Get Rid Of The Dead Weight!

Government - Part 2...

Stop trying to shove our idealistic views down everybody's throat! Did you ever think that by doing this, we might be offending that country's own personal beliefs and ideas?

I was at an International Convention back in the mid '90's. There were approximately 7,000 people from six different country's in the audience. Former President George Bush, along with his wife Barbara were there as well as a few other guest speakers. When Mr. Bush was speaking, SEVERAL TIMES he stated that the good ol' U.S. of A., was the greatest country in the world! As I looked around, I noticed that quite a few people were getting annoyed at his arrogance. Ya think?

Suggestion? Take it easy on the other guy. Not everybody likes "Apple Pie."

I realize that there would be MONEY TO BE MADE if you started to do business in that country, but find another way of getting the ball rolling - instead of saying - my country's bigger than your country!

Well, here's where we ALL start - by TAKING A LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

I'd like to see if any of you politicians out there can bring about as much unity and love as this man - still does*

(Thanks Michael.)


Daddy, why did my brother die?

And who is to blame?

As if we don't know...


That it is cool to do all of this - and more!


We are all being manipulated like lab rats! The more the "sugar," the more we're gonna bite!


Link Between Violent Computer Games and Aggressiveness Questioned

(Apr. 2, 2012)

There is a long-lasting and at times intense debate about the possible link between violent computer games and aggressiveness. Researchers are now questioning the entire basis of the discussion. ...


So, 2015...take a sad song and make it better?


Imagine how different the world would be if we just focused on this for - 10 years!

Sit back, Watch, Listen - Imagine...


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