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Bribery, take a Stand

Updated on December 28, 2012

Bribery is the synonym of Corruption. It is a crime and should not be accepted world wide. But, is found everywhere, and is practiced by all of mankind.

We have heard the word, corruption umpteen times but little do we realize that this word is our life and our life revolves around it. We see corruption almost everywhere. It is evil and is considered immoral. Corruption is like contaminating one's body, mind and soul. But many of us indulge in it in our day to day lives and are un-aware of it. There are people who feel that if the road leading to corruption, is taken; it will definitely lead to success.

Is that true?

Does being corrupted makes our life easier? Will we be able to attain salvation amidst our corrupted mind, body? However, in today's world, we see our politicians and the corporate world opt for that road and they see light at the end of the tunnel which leads to attainment of desires and luxury.

Is that what we want to attain towards the end of our life...JUST the comforts of the world? Why don't these people who indulge their hands in corruption ever think of comfort beyond the materialistic world?

When corruption takes place, innocent people are the victims. Classic and current example is the rise in the gas prices of US. Why is the unrest in Libya to be blamed for the increase in gas prices? Our oil reserves come from other countries, don't they? Now, whether we blame the dollar dying globally which could be the result of increase in gas prices or blame it on any country...someone is getting richer by the minute here while the innocent public is paying the price!

Salt Lake City is sitting on crude oil since many years but has this brought the end of US being dependent on other countries for our oil supplies OR will there be a clause in sight where in spite of we having the resources, will not do the a question!!

Fighting corruption

Lately, in India a veteran by the name of Anna Hazare is creating waves by standing up against corruption and creating quite a stir throughout the world by his fast onto death until the bill against corruption is passed. Now, with the existence of the non-corruption bill; the real fight against corruption starts with the challenges of booking "corrupt" people under the bill.

Will that be a mystery!!

Earlier corruption was considered a Taboo word and was only committed in the dark but, now it is considered an elite word and people do not deny being corrupted. Is it because, being corrupted is the way to go!! It is the way to success and the way to show the people that you are bold and fearless of the consequences.

Unfortunately, the consequences for being corrupt are none since ALMOST everyone is corrupt on this planet that no one will be punished.

But, for the purity of the mind and the soul, let us be aware of this corrupt word which has engulfed our life into the wheel of sorrow. Let us make an effort to be aware of our surroundings and take a stern stand on corruption. The youth of today will be the citizens of tomorrow and how we mold ourselves today will help us shape our future. So, let us join hands and take a stand on corruption so that every price rise can be questioned and innocent people do not become victims!


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