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Tax Breaks for Hiring Illegal Immigrants – How I’ll Find a Job Even Though I’m An American

Updated on January 29, 2011

When I Saw the Light

I had been under the impression that the reason I am unable to find employment is because of the economy. But after hearing Congressman Brian Bilbray make this statement on MSNBC after the State of the Union Address, explaining why he didn’t support the DREAM Act, it all became perfectly clear:

“Let’s start by eliminating the tax deduction for those who are hiring illegals.”

I had been aware of the HIRE Act, also called the Jobs Bill, but I didn’t realize that the legislation offered tax breaks to employers who hired illegal immigrants instead of Americans, and, once again, I felt duped for supporting legislation that had mass benefits for illegal immigrants.

Bilbray's knowledge about the legend appears in the first 10 seconds of the video

Brian Bilbray's Brilliance

For people who may be unfamiliar with Congressman Brian Bilbray, allow me to explain how brilliant this man is:

Congressman Bilbray demonstrates exceptional knowledge and keen intuition when it comes to illegal immigration and illegal immigrants. In the last two years it seems that Congressman Bilbray has uncovered an extraordinary amount of benefits for illegal immigrants in dozens of legislative bills that have been put on the floor of the House. Congressman Bilbray is able to identify sentences that don’t exist in legislation and, as a matter of fact, seems to be the only member of congress that knows the truth about being President of the United States:

You don't need to be born in the United States to be President of the United States-it is a legend.

Statement made by Bilbray at 3:10 into the video

During the healthcare debate, Congressman Bilbray found unwritten legislation somewhere in the written legislation. (The exact location of the unwritten legislation in the legislation is unknown.)

"When the retired military finds out that their TRICARE has now been moved out of the Department of Defense over to the department that handles welfare — when you tell somebody who’s served this country in the military, that now their programs are going to be administered like their welfare programs, rather than earned military benefits, all hell is going to break loose. I can’t wait for my mom to hear that her TRICARE now is going to be administered by the welfare people."

Congressman Bilbray was also the first to come out of the closet and openly admit that he has a gift for identifying illegal immigrants by the clothes and the shoes that they wear. Hats off to him I say, because most people would never admit to possessing such an extraordinary ability.

I have only touched lightly on Congressman Bilbray’s knowledge and intuition. As you can tell, I am blessed to have him represent me in California’s 50th district.

Although Congressman Bilbray has a reputation for being intelligent and truthful, I still felt the need to do a little investigating about the tax deductions employers receive if they hire illegal immigrants.

A Somali Pirate Enjoying a Day Off From Work


What the IRS says about the tax credits for new employees:

I navigated my way to the IRS website and did a search on “tax breaks for hiring illegal immigrants”. No matches.

I tried “tax deductions for hiring undocumented workers” and, still, no matches.

I tried: tax breaks for hiring law-breakers; tax breaks for hiring illegal border crossers; tax breaks for hiring people posing as citizens; tax breaks for hiring people who decapitate bodies in Arizona. No luck.

I finally found it by searching for “tax breaks for new employees”. This is what I found:

In order for employers to obtain the tax deduction for new hires, employers not only have to pay Social Security taxes and Medicare taxes under the employee’s social security number, but the new employee has to sign an affidavit and include their social security number on Form W-11, and both documents are submitted to the IRS.

Although this would indicate to most that an employee would need a valid social security number in order for an employer to qualify for the credit, I knew that this was just a cover-up—my congressman has a proven gift for knowing these things.

Thanks to the Jobs Bill, Princess Jasmine Finds Employment at a Boutique


How I’ll Find a Job Even Though I’m American!

My mind has gone into overdrive trying to figure out how to either fool employers into believing I am an illegal immigrant or how to let employers know I’m an American citizen but willing to pose as an illegal immigrant so I’m able to obtain a job. I realize that I will need to have all of my countries covered in case employers favor illegal immigrants from one country over another country.

After hours of practice, I believe I have successfully honed in on my skills to identify illegal immigrants by the clothes and shoes that they wear. I’ve searched my house and rummaged through my closet to locate illegal immigrant clothes and illegal immigrant shoes. I was a bit surprised to find that I actually own illegal immigrant attire: hand-woven baskets to balance on top of my head; a tortilla warmer that I can wear as a hat; a feather from a crow that, if I stick it in my hair, will look convincing along with my turquoise jewelry.

When I speak to managers and business owners about my desire to work for them in a Jamaican accent, I will inconspicuously lift one of my legs waist high--much like I used to do in gymnastics class on the balance beam--so they will be sure to see my illegal immigrant shoes. And then I’m going to give them a between-you-and-me wink.

Under the special skills section of a job application, I will include that I am able to withstand 120-degree heat while wearing pink.

When asked if I have ever been convicted of a felony, I will mark the box “No” and write below it, “not yet”.

I’m going to purchase a Canadian flag hair bow.

When I show up for a job interview, I will enter the building balancing my briefcase and my purse on top of my head. Once removed, instead of shaking hands, I will bow at the waist and say, “Ni hao.”

I may come across an employer who has a lot of respect for illegal immigrants who travel dangerous, shark-infested waters by raft in order to fulfill the American dream. I’m going to pierce my ear with a circular disc that will elongate my earlobe. According to the Discovery channel, this earlobe-stretching ritual marks the beginning of puberty by many African tribes.

I’m going to indicate my desired rate of pay in Euro.

Please feel free to add your suggestions to help me in my job search.


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    • profile image

      just the facts please 6 years ago

      Yes, everyone is just imagining there are 12-20 million illegal aliens in our country....... Oh, I guess if you call them "undocumented immigrants" then there are NO illegal aliens here but another group with a different name. It's however you "spin" it that works for you!

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa

      Deni Edwards

      There's an old saying

      '' if the shoe fits, wear it ''.I'm sure there are a lot of meanings to the statement.

    • Deni Edwards profile image

      Deni Edwards 7 years ago from california


      Thank you for the flattering comment. I usually just submit these pieces to my local paper, but they never get printed (?). I decided to bypass the editor this time. Your advice is appreciated and understood. Thank you.


      Thanks for visiting me and commenting, again. As a matter of fact, there was a rally at Bilbray's office recently. He was brought several boxes of illegal immigrant shoes.

    • Charles James profile image

      Charles James 7 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      You are a natural political columnist. An eye for detail allied to a wicked sense of humour will earn you a following. I have already started following you!

      Try to avoid being identified as a supporter of any party so that everyone can enjoy your writing.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa

      Deni Edwards

      Bilbray IS A LIBERAL democrat paid for by a union, yes or no?

      ILLEGAL immigrants coming across our borders and taking advantage of US Government entitlement to the cost to American taxpayers as much as $300 BILLION a year.

      Maybe it's time to march on Bilbray's office and have a RALLY to throw him out of office.

    • Deni Edwards profile image

      Deni Edwards 7 years ago from california

      Ah, well, our election just ended here, and so I must wait another two years for any hope that this politician will be gone! At least he provides entertainment.

    • MartieCoetser profile image

      Martie Coetser 7 years ago from South Africa

      Deni, this is well-written satire, though I could clearly sense your unhappiness and frustration. It seems to me all politicians qualify themselves to a stage of total incompetence. I hope all your dreams soon change into reality.

    • Deni Edwards profile image

      Deni Edwards 7 years ago from california

      Hi, H! Thanks for stopping by.

      While I do believe that Bilbray lies (during his townhall on healthcare he told a woman that the government takeover on healthcare could mean that if you don't pay your bills, the government might slap a lien on your house), I think that part of it is that he isn't too bright. He is just way too easy to make fun of.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 7 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Very funny Deni. Rep. Bilbray and the other full mooners of the Far Right make a living out of making lies up out of thin air. Thanks for exposing him. Jillian has done a great job of exposing Rep. Issa.

    • Deni Edwards profile image

      Deni Edwards 7 years ago from california

      Hi, Jillian-I don't think I want to be a representative. I am just beginning to realize how many benefits I will be able to receive posing as an illegal immigrant. The opportunities are endless!

      Thanks for the read and the comment.

    • Jillian Barclay profile image

      Jillian Barclay 7 years ago from California, USA

      This is hysterically funny and at the same time, incredibly sad. Sad because Bilbray is not even the most ignorant member of the House of Representatives. He may however make the top 10 list of incredibly stupid representatives, but it will be close.

      Perhaps you should apply to become a member of Congress. I am pretty sure that if you look good in that Jasmine outfit, you will make it through the first interview (primary) and then nail the second interview (general election)! Just make sure you have the right shoes...