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Tax and Spend, Borrow and Spend, Or Both?

Updated on August 15, 2012

Setting the priorities....

Will we ever stop and think?
Will we ever stop and think? | Source

When enough isn't enough....

Deficit spending has gone on too long already, and neither party wants it to end!

How can we know this is true?

Recently, in a rare bipartisan vote, Congress agreed to push the debt crisis (and it is a crisis!) "further down the road" another six months until after the election when a new Congress and president will have to deal with it!

The Democrats in Congress didn't want to allow the debt crisis to be a major topic before the election, knowing they and their president would take much of the heat for worsening it.

The Republicans in Congress knew they would also get some of the heat for being part of a dysfunctional Congress.

So what I would call "dysfunctional myopia" occurs wherein neither party in the current Congress, or the president, want to stand up to the real issue of the burgeoning National Debt and take some decisive action.

I blame poor leadership in Congress and at the top.

So what are we left with?

We know we are all responsible for paying down America's National Debt.

There are only two ways to do that. We can grow the economy so it becomes healthier and routinely more dollars flow into the treasury from which wise leadership can act responsibly in taking down the debt and its accumulating interest due; or we can tax ourselves at a time when the economy is too weak to endure higher taxes and higher taxes wouldn't even come close to solving our problems even if the top 10% of Americans take an unequal hit.

The present leadership has not grown the economy unless you spell grown g-r-o-a-n. At last report unemployment had rounded to 8.3%. Millions of workers who are willing to work can't find jobs. Others who are "working" are doing so at low paying jobs far beneath their skills. Service jobs are holding a fragile economy from further decline.

And the federal government continues to borrow us further into debt, by "another trillion here or there."

"Tax and spend" has joined with "Borrow and spend" and now we are doing both.

Talking truthfully to the American people will require both parties, and those who would lead us in the next four years, to be honest and tell us not only their realistic plans (if any) for growing the economy, putting willing workers back to work that utilizes their skills and education, and admitting that a combination of growth and taxes will be required to halt an even larger growth in what we all owe to America's creditors.

That is not "good politics." It's called "guts."


© 2012 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved.


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