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Tea Party Intransigence: The Gathering Storm

Updated on July 26, 2011

I warn my readers in advance that this is strong stuff. But after watching Mr. Obama’s speech to the nation on the evening of July 25, 2011, regarding the debt crisis and the rebuttal by Speaker Boehner, it was not very difficult to arrive at this conclusion. That conclusion is that these Tea Party legislators are here to DESTROY democratic and representative government in America that is based on the will of the majority in favor of the whims of a small sliver of the population.

Is it not interesting to look at the comparison between the current legislative technique of the Tea Party and that of the Nazi’s in the early 1930’s?

Grover Norquist, president of the minimal tax lobbying group “Americans for Tax Reform”, requires GOP legislators to take and sign loyalty oaths to him and his precepts rather than to the American people and the Constitution. When Hitler took power he required his military to take a personal oath to him and not to the German people. This was unorthodox as he used the machinery of democratic institutions as a means of eliminating democratic institutions.

Providing the ideological struts, certain individuals using lies and misinformation deceive the masses were and are defined as the rabble rousers or goons. The most prominent being Julius Streicher and Joseph Goebbles during the Nazi period with their modern counterparts being Limbaugh, Coulter, Beck, etc.

A Right-winger is by definition in opposition with the very existence of a pluralistic and diverse society. How do a handful of extremist nuts exact their will on a rational majority?

How can they claim to really care about Ms. Liberty while they have a pistol at her head threatening her life, unless she agrees to surgery that would in effect disembowel and cost her her life in the long term?

These people are attempting a coup d’etat using threats with the intention of restructuring the entire United States Government to its ends, the ultimate goal being a plutocracy that turns the stomach. They are a troublesome minority, referred to as the ‘young guns’, but I think that ‘Storm Troopers’ is the more appropriate term. Their actions, as of late, make it clear that they are here to destroy America

The Nazi’s never intended for the hated German republic to survive, and was more than willing to go to the brink to attain to that end. What was there to lose, there was no “system” to preserve. Are the ‘storm troopers’ currently in the House of Representatives really any different?

The Right-winger fuels misdirected resentment and quickly befuddles the people into forgetting the causes of the financial/economic morass in which we currently find ourselves.

Hitler used the failing German economy and national resentment regarding the Armistice of WWI, using stirring oratory to deceive people to look at their reality from a skewed perspective. This is nothing less than a viral invasion of the body politic. The America that these people envision would not be one that most of us would want; it is the start of their ultimate goal of promoting the plutocrat/aristocrat over the middle and working classes, while coming up with phony issues to buttress their position. They are the modern Nazi’s with the desire to dismantle Government as it currently exists to be replaced by its ideologically pure model. Even the shrinking violets known as those of the GOP who expressed desire to run for president, hide behind their mothers skirts rather than buck the God himself, Grover Norquist, and his commandments that he etched in stone and handed to the ‘true believers’ from on high.

So where are the Reichstag fire and the Krystalnacht? They are coming, as it is part and parcel of the way of the Right-winger, misinform, confuse and terrify.

When it looks like it , sounds like it or smells like it, you must call it for what it is: FASCISM

I don’t think that that was the message the American electorate was sending associated with the GOP ascendancy last November, 2010

I, sitting in a position just left of center, believe the president has negotiated in good faith and sacrificed the interests of his base to get an agreement. The rightwing needs to be warned that if this issue is not resolved they are the most likely to be blamed and that is not going to look good for them in electoral contests in 2012. Abstract political concepts in the eyes of many become quite tangible when a check that is expected every month is not in the mail. Such people become politically engaged very quickly and will make the correct determination as to who is responsible.

I speak often about being willing to listen to arguments from the other side of the ideological divide. So, I put it to you, what is your explanation? All the recent polling has shown the President’s position in this crisis as the most reasonable, can you dispute this? Who would take us to brink of disaster, and disaster it is, despite the statements of all the pseudo-economists like Michelle Bachman? Who would even want to flirt with the outcome of America in default? Even Thurston Howell should be concerned, because the result is not going to be beneficial for him as with anyone else.

As the President said, no one is going to get everything they want. With 535 legislators and a chief executive, what could be more true? What the President did not say but I say is that from my perception and that of most others it appears that the other side is not negotiating in good faith, and that means there will be "hell to pay" to account.

At this point, all I can say is that only fools fight in a burning house. Who among the combatants are the most cognizant of this?

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