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Thanks to Islamic scholars, we remember the Greeks for who they actually were.

Updated on October 8, 2014

Forward Thought

For all of you that think Islam is here to destroy the world, ponder this.

For almost 3 centuries, the CHRISTIAN church in Europe destroyed every library they could find, burned every book that wasn't a Christian doctrine, and beheaded every scientist and teacher that wasn't in line with what the Christian church decided was truth. Things like the world being flat and the universe being geocentric(everything revolving around the earth; stars, planets, the sun, etc), were among the many church enforced laws of nature. The Christian church tried to eradicate all things that science was teaching the world about itself. They held a tight grip on the minds of the people, and took great measures to keep them from learning. As I have said many times to my friends, and as everyone else has heard many more times, knowledge is power. The Christian church would not even allow religious texts to be distributed among the people for fear that they would begin to think for themselves, and ask questions.

Greek Manuscript found in Iraq
Greek Manuscript found in Iraq


While this technological leap backwards in Europe was taking place, the Arabic world, particularly in Baghdad, Iraq, was storing and studying what the Christians in Europe were trying to wipe out. Numerous texts, maps, and artifacts from the Greek and Roman Empires were saved during this time known as the Islamic Golden Age. Islamic scholars saw science as a way to prove God, while Christian scholars saw it as heretical. What the Christians had to hide, is still an ongoing debate.

With the anniversary of a tragic event coming upon us, the ill-educated and Nazi-like propaganda about Islam has been spreading faster than AIDS in the '80s. While some of you may think that your beliefs are truth and all others are going to hell, keep in mind this point. All religions have extremists, all religions have had their faults throughout history. Well, maybe not all of them, there are too many to be discussed in one hub. ;-)

In Remembrance of Greece

This was not a rant about Islam vs Christianity. It was not a reason to hate on anyones beliefs. It is not a declaration of my belief in anything. This hub is a reflection what I have studied and learned about the subject for a long time, in my ongoing quest for knowledge and truth.

In closure, if you really think that Muslims are here to destroy the world, remember the time when they saved it. Remember the time when your Christian ancestors chopped to pieces people who thought the Earth was round, when they tried to wipe out all aspects of the ancient world because it was ''satanic''. Thanks to Islamic scholars, we remember the Greeks for who they actually were .


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