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Smollett Was Not Exonerated

Updated on May 31, 2019
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The Justice System was created for every American. America Justice system seems like it favors the rich. Innocent poor people count too.

The Guilty Goes free

The Star of "Empire" Jussie Smollett told the Chicago police he was attacked early in the morning leaving a Subway Restaurant. The attackers wore black ski masks, Maga Country hats yelling homophobic slurs putting a noose around his neck attempting to hang him. Smollett said he called his friend who took him to Northwestern Hospital. He was he had cuts and bruises and a broken rib. Smollett was asked to turn over his phone record, he didn't want to but later did Smollett was talking to his manager when he attacked.

After looking at The pictures of Smollett injuries anyone could tell this was not a beat down, one scar was on the face of Smollett, there were no bruises on his hands to signifying he was fighting back. Smollett told Americans in every sense that his attacker was white guys from what they were wearing. Smollett spoke at a club telling his fans he was ok and thanked them for all their support.

The Chicago police department took this as a hate crime asking anyone to come forward if they knew something. Smollett goes on Good morning America Sitting across Robin Roberts on a one-on-one interview with Robin, she cool and collective staring into the eyes of Smollett. He sat there trying to promote himself as a victim. Anyone could tell Robin was uncombable but she had to do her job. With tears in his eyes, he told his story with inconsistent after watching everyone knew he was performing for the America people.

Robin asked what would he tell the people who are watching. I went all of them to know that I fought back. After weeks of investigating the crime, the Chicago police department came to the Conclusion that Jussie Smollett staged his own hate crime. January 29 Smollett a suspect by the Chicago police for making a false police report about the attack and was charged with federal disorderly conduct by the Cook County state attorney.

The two brothers were identified and became suspects when they returned from the Nigerian. They questioned and said Smollett staged his attack, paying them $3,500.00 on return they were going to be paid another $500.00 The brothers was credible and not charged.

Jussie Smollett day in court was a surprise to all Americans, Smollett had faked a crime that so many Americans are going through crimes. Smollett was charged with 16 counts and walked out of court a free man with his records sealed. Jussie Smollett was not exonerated.




The two brothers were friends of Jussie, Smollett paid the brothers,$3,500.00 upon return to the states another $500,00. Smollett goes on Robin Roberts one of the hosts of Good Morning telling his story, he was angry with tears in his eyes telling a story that was hard to believe. What would you tell people who are watching Robin asked? I want everyone to know that I fought back.

The Brothers left town and were arrested at the Chicago Airport. Smollett was arrested on sixteen counts of Felony disorderly conduct for choreographing the hoax and filing a false report. The brother's story was credible and they were ready to testify against Smollett when all charges were dropped against Smollett with his records sealed. The Chicago Police have been under scrutiny because of past history, they treated this case as well as any policeman force handling this investigation. With the evidence, they found on Smollett they had a right to charge Smollett. Where is the justice Smollett walked out of the courthouse with his record sealed 2days of the community serve and forfeit his $10,000.00 bond? The America Justice is broken when it comes to just justice for all. Smollett is guilty.


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