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The Autopsy of the Russian Collusion Hoax

Updated on March 28, 2019
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


How did we get here? That is the $64,000 question. How did we spent 2 years with the Russian collusion charge against a sitting president of the United States? The final conclusion by the Special Counsel is that there was no collusion. Who were the major players? How did we get this story so wrong? Where are the people in charge who should know better? How can we prevent this from happening again in the future? What were the tell tale signs?

- Mar. 2019

Let’s Play Columbo...

Who had the motive?

Who had the power?

Who had the resources?

Who had the access?

Who had the media in his pocket?

The who in this case is not just one person but a group of people. They belong to the same administration. They have the same ideology. They were angry. They cannot accept the election results of 2016. They acted in disgrace. They were undermining our democracy all the while claiming they were trying to save us from Donald Trump.

Who is that group?

The Obama administration - headed by no other than Barack Obama.

The Deep State

This term is a loaded term. Many in politics deny it exist. They would use conspiracy theory to deflect the comment. However, there is no better terminology to describe this group.

Who are members of the deep state?

Elected officials, appointments to government agencies, rank and file workers in our government, appointed judges, members of Congress and their staff, some working in media, political consultants, lobbyists, pundits on TV, bloggers, PAC and non-profit 401c3 groups, and think tanks.

It is a loosely connected organization that works across various groups and works across administrations of elected government. When a new administration comes forward after a major election, many appointments are replaced by the new guy in charge. However, within the government agencies, there are many holdovers. There are also career administrators that have been working there for decades.

The “deep State” describe this group of people who may belong two various parties but have the same objective. That is to hold on to power in government. Power and money goes hand in hand.

There is a reason why the suburb of Washingtoon DC has the highest per capita income in all of America.

The Outsider - Donald Trump

To understand why this hoax came about, you have to understand the power structure in DC. It is run by powerful people in and out of our government. They are elected every few years and may switch hands over a decade but essentially they are the same group of “insiders”. They may be on opposite sides in the political spectrum but they are friends. They interact socially. They attend the same parties and fund raising events. Their spouses are part of the same social scene. Their kids attend the same exclusive private schools. They help each other in legislation, you vote for my bill and I will vote for your bill. It is part of the sausage making that goes on behind the scene.

The outsider like Trump is a threat to their idyllic existence. Their power and influence are threatened. They will act in concert to defend the status quo. That is the “deep State” in DC.

A Very Different World Than Average Americans

This world, as represented in a popular TV show on HBO, “House of Cards” is more real than fiction. Where leaks, back stabbing, deception, criminal activity and corruption is common place.

This is alien to most average Americans. Even when a new guy gets elected to DC, he or she will be quickly absorbed into this cesspool. It is survival of the fittest in the worst way. Money is at the root of it all. If one wants to stay in power, he or she needs money to get re-elected. Therefore, 90% of the time is spent on fund raising.

There are Two Parts to the Hoax

The Russian collusion narrative was created to serve two purpose. One to take down Donald Trump, the outsider. Second, to cover-up for the wrong doing that went before the election of 2016.

If everything went according to the original plan, Hillary would be elected President by a landslide and Trump sent packing back to NYC where he came from. This would be a warning to all future outside candidates running for President, don’t even try. They fully expect the shady dealing by the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, DOJ leading up to the 2016 election would be covered up and never see the light of day. People like Comey would be rewarded as the good soldier.

Something went wrong. Hillary did not win the electoral vote.

Why Mueller is Not The Independent He Claim to Be

This whole affair could have ended in the first 6 month. Mueller knew there was nothing more to investigate. Instead, he chose to issue subpoenas and gone fishing. After two years and $25 million, there was nothing of substance.

Meanwhile, he kept his mouth shut. Amid all the charges and lies about Trump, coming from people like Klapper, Brennan and Schiff and McCabe and Comey, he said nothing. He allowed this hatred of Trump to fester knowing full well there was nothing. Why? Reasonable people would want to know.

I have little respect for people who refuse to do their job. Perhaps he had good intentions. However, that was not his job. His job was to investigate Russian collusion.

The Damage to Our Democracy

This affair should be a lesson for all. When our top intelligence agency like the FBI, and CIA and NSA are compromised and politicized, bad things are going to happen. We came very close to a coup. This cannot happen again. All of us have a responsibility to see to it that our government and the rule of law is observed. It is the only thing that can keep us from chaos and lawlessness. If we can’t trust the FBI, who can we trust?

The Role of the Media

This hoax could not be pulled off without the assistance of the main stream media.

If the media was acting like a watchdog, like they were suppose to be, this could not have happened. Someone, along the way, would put a stop to it. Someone like Woodward and Bernstein as during the Watergate scandal would have exposed this hoax. Unfortunately, no one in the media stepped up.


This affair is almost similar to the Kavanaugh nomination to the SCOTUS. A false story was concocted about judge Kavanaugh. A hearing was conducted, leading to a call for the FBI to investigate... Kavanaugh‘s name was dragged through the mud and family members exposed to salacious details. When the judge protested his innocence, he was deemed not having the right see how this works.

The Trump Russian collusion was a concoction of the Hillary campaign, the Steele dossier. The Deep State was called in to investigate and wire tap. After two years, no evidence was found but the damage was done. Trump‘s agenda was slowed with this cloud and distraction. That was the intent all along, to damage Trump and protect the guilty. Sounds familiar?

A Final Note About Transparency

In general, I would follow standard grand jury procedures and keep the details of this investigation sealed. However, this is an unusually case. We need transparency more than ever. We need to understand what happened. What was in the documents that allow people, good people, to go down the wrong path? Who made this possible? How can we prevent it for the next guy? Whoever is the next President of the US, Republican, Democrat or Independent, he or she should not have to deal with this kind of manufactured hoax.

For this reason, I want full disclosure of this case. Mitch McConnell be damned. He has no credibility in my eyes. He is no conservative and do not speak for conservatives. He is a hack and an insider of DC and everything that is wrong with politics. I would prefer to have term limits so that every one of them would be forced out of office. We can do better. We must do better.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Jack Lee


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