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The Black Future Fund: How African American Communities Ought to be Built

Updated on September 21, 2016

Does the BLM Movement Matter?


For a Better Tomorrow

What separates the #BlackLivesMatter movement from past groups is their tech savviness, virality, and overwhelming presence. At the “Stop the Cops” rally to protest the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) in Chicago, Illinois, members of #BlackLivesMatter gathered to voice their opposition to police misconduct. As drug addicts high on authority, police have asserted their dominance over the populace. In ironic fashion, the very individuals called to protect the rights of the residents, trample over them and violate in a major way. Their insidious approach reduces their stature as citizens on patrol (COP) to uniformed barbarians out of control. Once they get their hands on a service pistol and a badge, they turn from normal to dangerously strange. What could be a level-headed, thoughtful person could on a dime transform into a monster. And that only emboldens the criminals who they ought to be arresting. No, they rather take their pent up frustrations out on the neighbors who do not deserve to be killed.

In order to stop the cops, it is necessary for groups like #BlackLivesMatter to remain organized and to feed the machine. A good look at the protest, people wore shirts and held up signs reading, “Fund Black Futures.” This capitalist notion signals the dire need for Black private schools, banks, grocers, law offices and other components which would comprise a community. With the onslaught of police brutality, it is only right that movements of this ilk employ business tactics and aim to demonstrate against the law enforcement egoistically. They ought to show numbers of people of all walks of life who champion the cause for individual rights. Their display of resilience against the cops’ insistence to do harm to citizens, ought to continue to consist of spreading the word on social media platforms. Their constant vigilance over the lives of Blacks ought to spur them to commit themselves to elevate and enlighten the youngsters who also take part in the protests. Children ought to be taught how to conduct themselves when encountered by the police. In order to properly handle a situation with a cop, kids ought to be shown that “comply or die” just might save their life.


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