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The Breakdown of Rights in America - The Cultists of Molech

Updated on January 30, 2014

In this series:

We've assessed how the Vatican has been working along with Freemasonic dark lodges to infiltrate the U.S. government's political structure and justice system ever since the formation of the country. But despite having control over the politicians themselves through the use of bribery, extortion, threats and covert symbolism to collaborate and give instructions, this alone didn't give them control over the country. Even if you have control over the politicians of a country, you still can't do much without the support of the People. If the politicians attempted to pass un-American laws, a knowledgeable people would reject them and demand justice. So a method was needed to use what they already had to obtain the support and complicity of the People. This didn't come about overnight, and was done very cautiously - at least at first. After all, getting found out would cause them to hang for treason, and reduce their whole effort to nothing.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin delivers a sermon informing his congregation about the cultists of Molech. Full video here.

While the attorneys and politicians were stealthily implementing a new U.S. legal and political structure which at least seemed to be the same as the structure already in place, and they worked together to transition over to it, efforts were made to emplace a covert social network among the people. This network was a covert network of control, answerable to the Freemasonic dark lodges and the Vatican. For the last two-hundred and forty years, it has been actively recruiting people among the U.S. citizenry - and it's operative in many other countries as well. Its effort has been to gain complicity of a significant portion of the populations of these countries, and enable them to implement new trends and mindsets in their effort to "dumb down" the people, gain support for their new artificial political structure, hold ground domestically, and put a stop to any public dissention. A covert network of plainclothes informants and spies within the community has the ability to make any open dissent ineffective, as well as work on a covert level to infiltrate any covert group which either dissents or isn't fully compliant with their fascist agenda. Infiltrating within a country any covert group that's capable of putting up significant opposition to their plans is one of the reasons their takeover has been as slow and gradual as it has. It's been a necessary precursor to taking their brand of fascism out of the closet and establishing it overtly. Once you establish martial law, you had better know that the attrition rate of the military enforcing it won't make it unfeasible to maintain. You need to be sure that covert groups won't shut it down, and that the citizenry isn't able to cause any significant protest. You need to have everything in place already, because once it's been established there's no going back. It can be very dangerous for people to come out and publicly adopt the position of pro-fascism if the public is still able to put a stop to it. And I'm very pleased to let you know that we still are.

So let's find out more about this covert network and how it works, shall we? Using the personnel they already had, as well as some cash they'd swindled overseas, they began recruiting for their covert network here in the Union. Organizing a covert network requires significant use of a covert system of symbols known as double-talk. This enables free, discreet communication embedded into everyday speech, as well as into the media. You just establish a set of code, and your new recruits begin to learn it from those already established in your network. Through experience, these recruits become familiar with it and you have a network of people able to communicate to each other, give and take orders, and work together - all in the open. It's only the people who already know the symbols that will be able to discern what's going on, and typically those are only people who are in your network already. So what sort of symbology do they use? Well, the Vatican is partial to using scripture references and Bible stories as metaphors for what they do, and the Freemasonic dark lodges use plenty of mythological symbols of ancient gods and goddesses, as well as the occult meanings of animals, plants and flowers, among other symbology. So Molech, an idol from the Old Testament, was a natural symbol to choose.

Molech was originally worshipped by the people of Canaan. He was an offshoot of Baal, and King Solomon built a temple to Molech on a high place east of Jerusalem in order to please his foreign wives. "Molech" actually means the governor, political authority, ruler or sovereign. Yet this idol was a hollow bronze statue of a guy with the head of a bull, arms stretched out in front of him. The idol was heated with a fire, and the people would offer up their own infants to this idol by placing the child into his arms. Loud music and chanting would be played to deafen the crowd to the child's cries as it was cooked to death. Rather tellingly, this child sacrificing wasn't always literal - often it was metaphorical, a passing through the fire to purify and cleanse the child - like a baptism - to consecrate the child to Molech. This symbolic, figurative sacrifice appears to have eventually given way to the literal sacrificing of infants, once the cult had become more accepted by the people of a country.

People of a country obviously wouldn't accept child sacrifice right away. What could possibly cause them to adopt this savage practice later on? Here's your answer: Devotion to Molech was enticed using rampant hedonism. There'd be massive orgies at rites to Molech, and the idol worship took on "sacred" prostitutes, both male and female. So being part of the cult of Molech enabled people to have access to plenty of free sex. There's some great information about it here. The same thing is going on today with the cultists of Molech, with a bunch of closet homosexuality indulged in by what otherwise appear to be straight people. They use covert symbols to identify each other and then arrange covert hook-ups, and this becomes incentive to become, and remain, a cultist of Molech. The cult's requirements started out pretty low - remain loyal, learn the symbolism involved, and use it. Every so often the symbols would shift, and you'd need to remain loyal in order to get the new symbols. If you weren't demonstrating the correct usage of current symbolic trends, or weren't acting enough in accordance with the agenda of this cult, then cultists wouldn't sleep with you. This technique is often symbolically referenced with the "mermaid" symbol, a beguiling woman with a fishtail instead of legs. In other words, she's beguiling yet her legs won't actually spread. This mermaid symbol is used by Starbuck's as just one example, allowing the cult to reference this specific aspect of their movement.

But once you have a cult that's covertly working together and gathering new recruits, you don't have to just limit yourselves to sex as an incentive. No, you can organize people covertly for projects and reward them with stock picks - which corporate investments are just about to increase, which shares are going to plummet. This is easy to do, because you've got enough personnel who will actually cause the stock prices to shift. If someone isn't loyal, you don't give them the stock picks - or worse, you give them inaccurate picks and they lose their money. Loose sex, easy money, free drugs, job placement and advancement, these are all things used to reward loyal cult members. All they want in exchange is complete subservience, and many people today are indeed that lazy. They've learned to be amoral to this degree, and will happily sell out the functional members of society. And until recently, society has been unable to spot what precisely was going on; we just read about it when banking or housing scams finally fall apart.

The ideology behind Molech has been the basis for many of their symbols. For starters, Molech embodies a concept which in the legal system is referred to as color of law, or color of authority. This means instead of shaping what happens to align with the law, you start altering the law to fit whatever it is you're trying to do. It appears to be legitimate, but it's not. Color of authority is essentially the same concept, but with authority instead: you have a lot of people accepting a bogus authority, and despite it being illegitimate it remains in place due to the support of so many people. The idea is to have so many people accepting something that's invalid - whatever it is - that it becomes firmly emplaced into society. This is apparent even in the name Molech: it means a political ruler or sovereign, but an idol could never truly be a legitimate sovereign or authority. You just have a whole lot of people accepting something that's invalid, and keeping the public from successfully rejecting it. The same notion is used extensively within the cult of Molech, where they employ the concept of something that's clearly unreal or unintended to be their actual statement of intent. Figures of speech, a statement followed up with "Just kidding!" or the like, or a statement like, "I would certainly never mean to _________" are all just a few examples of how this concept is used in their symbolism. As with the child sacrifices being first only symbolic, then later becoming actual practice, the idea is to get people accepting something in theory, then actually going along with it in practice.

Speaking of children and Molech, children symbolize people with a lack of knowledge. It's equivalent to the fool symbol we've already read up on, the feather symbol which means the same thing, anyone who's mentally incompetent or unknowledgeable. Their use of those symbols has been frequent, as part of their agenda has been to actively or passively suppress information from the public. This became easier to do when they consolidated the media and kept anyone who wasn't a cultist of Molech off the air. Instead, their people create vapid trend after vapid trend, designed to mislead the general public and put out their most recent directives in the form of embedded covert symbols. The "Occupy" movement is a good recent example of this: the media has been putting out a lot about "Occupy Wall Street", and it's practically been a covert ad campaign to their cultists to create agitation and start violence in exchange for stock picks. The idea of course is to provide a pretext to bring in the military to quell them, as a pretext to enforce martial law. Even though it looks like the military has decided to refuse to do this, the Occupy movement is hoped to at least disrupt the day-to-day infrastructure of the U.S.. This is what can happen when you have a covert movement that gets large enough - it can hijack a whole society.

Cars are another prominant symbol of this cult, due to their internal combustion engines and putting people inside them acting as a rough symbolic parallel to the child sacrifices. Additionally, they reference The Chariot card from the Tarot, which has a meaning that involves leaving a true, valid state in favor of an illegitimate fiction for the purposes of conquest. In container is a conceptual quasi-symbol which means roughly the same thing: being engaged in a tiny artificial system that's been dissociated from greater universal principles. They often use it to refer to their cultists, and rightly so - people could only be cultists if they lack a full comprehension of what's actually going on and what the situation truly is. They retain their people by depriving them of relevant, accurate information just as much as by tempting them. This means that actively promoting valid information publicly can be a great way of stopping them and producing attrition within their ranks.

Along with the fool symbol, various fertility symbols reference this aspect of their group. Bunnies, such as the Playboy symbol, are a great example, as are chicks and eggs, and chickens in general. The idea is to have a lot of "fertility" (social emphasis on sexual relationships) at the expense of brains: a lot of social networking spreading their cult rapidly, without a lot of knowledge about greater truths. A nation of amoral imbeciles who are easily led around by arbitrary authority figures. That's what they've been working for.

Loud noise is another Molech symbol - remember the sacrifices? They'd use it to cover the noises the child made. It's an information-suppression idea, although it's taken on a more prevalent use. It's often used to refer to "putting something in container", that is, working for Molech to bring about a situation more favorable to them. It's also used as an identifier by the cultists: loud conversation, absurdly loud laughter, yelling all the time, off-tune annoying whistling, and the like. These are all identifiers used by the cultists, although obviously not everyone who's annoying is a cultist. Look for an ongoing pattern of behavior. If you've ever seen Fawlty Towers, Basil and Sybil Fawlty are great examples of the type of cultist behavior I mean: He's always finding reasons to yell and shout, and she's got this sharp inflection in her voice that pierces to the spine. The cultist women by and large are shriekers and gossips, using endless conversation to relay covert information back and forth to form a support network. The cultist men are usually brash, rude clompers with filthy mouths and a degraded sense of humor. There are exceptions, and then you'll know you're dealing with someone experienced who's moved into lower management within the cult. You'll often find these people in positions of middle-management authority within corporations, forming tight management cliques with other like-minded backstabbers. Anyone who gets in their way will find themselves ousted from the organization, yet often a semblance of kind-heartedness and schmaltz is used to throw anyone off the scent about their covert agenda. Given enough time, the organization will come to become a run-down fiefdom of their own circles of authority, where policy decisions run against the interests of most yet in surprising confluence with their own desires. These are the local despots and power-mongers, and left unchecked they'll work together to run an organization into the ground.

Suckage is another symbol used by the cultists of Molech. By that I mean things that are miserable, deplorable, depressing, gross and disgusting, graphically violent, and just generally offensive or non-worthwhile. This is actually due to a principle of metaphysics they've worked to suppress. The true state of Creation is perfect, and by that I mean wholly worthwhile and full of value. Whenever you get a manifest physical scenario that lacks value, it's unreal to that same extent. This is because what's truly, objectively real isn't the same as what happens to be physically manifest. We encounter lots of physically manifest things that aren't perfect, and in a greater sense they're not truly, objectively real. They're metaphysically speaking the result of a Choice to reject Love and Divine Will, resulting in a physical illusion we encounter around us. This principle isn't widely understood anymore because it's been suppressed, and so the cultists of Molech use it to reference an unreal state, as described above, in yet another way. In covert terms, you're told to discount it because it's not real, and therefore not valid either. It would be more accurate to discount whoever's creating that sucky type of situation, because they're undermining the legitimacy of their own position. In other words, if someone's creating miserable conditions, you shouldn't continue to treat them as if they legitimately hold a position of authority; that's a recipe for disaster. Instead, you hold them accountable for their behavior and remove them from their position, emplacing someone who's making more worthwhile decisions instead. The cultists of Molech don't appear to do this, but rather the opposite. This is what I meant when I said their cult runs on peoples' greed and ignorance. Correct that within the general public, and they can no longer continue to do what they do.

Read on to Part 2, and we'll present a Field Spotter's Guide to various sub-types of the cultists of Molech in their unnatural habitats. You'll also get more information on some of their agendas, and a brief timeline of their activities within the Union.


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