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The Crocodile Concerns Of Our First Lady Michele Obama Over The Kidnapped Nigerian Girls…

Updated on May 15, 2014

The Crocodile Concerns Of Our First Lady Michele Obama Over The Kidnapped Nigerian Girls….

I watched in amusement as the our First lady, Michele Obama, and many Liberals, including the vain-glorious in Hollywood, came out and spoke eloquently about the brutal kidnapping of mostly Nigerian Christian girls by Muslim fanatics. Now, most of these same Liberals, including our First Lady, are also passionate advocates about a woman’s right to murder her unborn baby… and they have gone so far as to carve out a murderous exception to the Hippocratic Oath for doctors, which enable said doctors to murder children with immunity under the innocuous term of a 'woman's choice' (Roe V. Wade (1971)).

How is it that so many people do not see the sheer hypocrisy when we shed tears about some shooting at a school or display those same crocodile concerns about the sick kidnapping of those Christian Nigerian young ladies, but yet do not have the same concerns for the many who were murdered in some clinic today alone. We are rightly concerned about the three hundred or so girls that were kidnapped –but every day, we murder more babies than that in this country, yet we point our fingers as though we are morally superior to the animals who took those girls. Oh, how I wished that the Hub editors would allow me to show the sickening pictures of Aborted babies… but like how the Bible says that everything in the last days would be turned upside down - so it is with Abortion. We can show those who contribute to the destruction of endangered species or show Michael Vick’s peeps killing dogs or play the tapes of racist rants, and anyone who say that they believe in unfettered Abortion, we applaud… Incidentally, the giddy nonchalance the Obamas and many feel about Abortion, many of the Jihadists who kidnapped those girls would never countenance or believe that anyone has the right to murder the innocent Unborn, much less authorize laws that say we can do so.

It has become a cause célèbre to pose with selfies and opine about the kidnapped Nigerian girls, while we go around and accept that we have written in our laws the right to murder children. I know that I am symbolically fighting wind mills on the Abortion issue and my equating our support for Abortion to that of genocide against the innocents… but my idealistic battling of windmills, no matter how quixotic, is the moral thing to do. We can feign tears about children being killed in our schools or girls being kidnapped in Africa, but we must show the same empathy or even more so for the unborn. What did the Christ say… that if you hurt a child, it would be better if a Millstone were placed around your neck and you being taken out into the deep to be drowned. The Only Begotten Son of God went on to say that all the children’s that we hurt or murder… the latter’s angels appear before God (Matthew18:10). I wonder how many Angels have reported and will report to God because of America’s rabid support for the murder of children via Abortion?

I too hope that those Nigerian girls are rescued - but you noticed that most of the Muslim countries have nothing to say about the kidnapping; after all, it must be ok because the girls were only Christians. I bet you if the girls stay kidnapped, Jesus forbids, that the celebrities who are currently on the publicity bandwagon are going to fade away, unlike myself who has been writing in this forum and elsewhere about the Black on Black slavery that is rampant in certain areas of Africa - of course you are also not going to hear the Al Sharptons or the Jesse Jacksons speak on this topic.

Weeks ago, someone sent me an article that showed a hospital that provided its facilities to murder babies through Abortion was burning the Aborted Fetuses, apparently to generate heat. You are not going to hear our First Lady or her husband, the President or his Hollywood ‘peeps’ mention such an atrocity. In the mean time, we are supposed to fall for the crocodile display of emotions for the Nigerian kidnapped girls… and why not because we fall for it all the time. In the future, you may hear a question that asks who are History’s mass murderers - do not forget to include America among the usual suspects, which include Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot.


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    • FitnezzJim profile image


      4 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

      I liked this article, and even followed up on the internet because the title and the phrase ‘crocodile display of emotions’ reminded me of a phrase I heard often when I was little. That phrase was: ‘Crocodile tears’.

      Wikipedia indicates the term ‘crocodile tears’ has two traditional usages. First is as way of saying that the emotions are faked. The second is associated with crocodiles appearing to shed tears while they feast on their prey, or appearing to cry as a way to lure in their prey. The second usage seems to also imply someone who views others in the world as a source of sustenance.


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