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The Devil's in the Dems

Updated on November 18, 2018

No Bugs, Just Pop

Good Morning Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, November 18, 2018. The Bugs have left town to get together with their families for Thanksgiving. It's just me in the kitchen and I have decided to prepare a Texas Breakfast Casserole this morning. I'm not sure of all the ingredients, but I'll do my best. For extra measure I'll throw in a dash of voter fraud. If you are in the mood to get together, please join me at the table. I'll be serving Bloody Mary's along with the casseroles. I hope to see you soon.


The Party of No

Thanks so much for joining me this morning. Many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving with those near and dear to us. Some of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving alone, because politics has divided our families. The thought of flinging turkey across the table is not that appealing. However you choose to celebrate, enjoy the day and take a bit of advice from me. Leave politics at the door, or you will be shown the door before you even get to the turkey. Let's face it, these are very contentious times. The Dems are devoid of a sense of humor so cracking jokes about the Cortez child probably wouldn't sit well. If you are a Trump supporter, I have no doubt that the mere mention of his name could send you into Thanksgiving exile. In fact, you may never be invited to sit around the table again, so bite your tongue and behave. Of course, if you have Dems at the table and they have no self control, all bets are off. If you have to leave in a hurry, prepare a back-up plan. Perhaps, a few turkey sandwiches stashed in the trunk would be a good idea.


Fun Times Lie Ahead

Now that the Dems have taken back the house, be prepared for a rocky ride. This group doesn't play well with others, so expect a lot of noise and aggravation. With the Dems in charge, we can forget about repealing and replacing the nasty Obamacare fiasco. In a make-believe world, the Dems would try to compromise and make peace with the Republicans. In a make believe world, Dems would actually try and govern in a way that benefits this nation and its citizens. Having hope is a good thing, but being delusional is another cup of tea. If Pelosi remains in power her first priority will be to reform campaign finance laws and ethics requirements. This almost funny goal will be a pathetic attempt to demonstrate that Dems care about reform. Try not to choke on your casserole. The Dems are kicking around the idea of stopping large political donations, which is funny because that is what Pelosi is known for. They are certainly going to require that Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates release their tax returns. They will, of course, continue to hound President Trump for his returns. If only they were that insistent about asking for the release of Obama's birth certificate. What was finally released was phony and absurd. One goal which they have spoken about is to reverse the tax cuts that Americans have been enjoying. They most certainly will raise the gas tax, if they can get away with it. And then there are the never ending investigations into everything Trump. This goal will get even uglier than it is now, and the nation will suffer because of it. If they get their way, they'll keep Mueller on forever, giving him free rein to investigate and destroy as many lives as possible. The Dems seem to enjoy investigations, as long as the spotlight doesn't turn on them. I trust they will refuse to fund the wall, but they will carry on about the sad migrant men looking for money to send back home to their beloved countries. They aren't coming here for asylum. They are coming here for money while waving the flags of the very countries they say have persecuted them. We can''t expect the Dems to help with this catastrophe. All they see are votes, and the rest of us can go to hell.


Pray for Peace

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season, I will pray that the Dems and the fake Republicans come together on some issues. They can certainly help lower the cost of prescription drugs. That is the president's goal, and the Dems have said they want to do the same thing. They can also work together to lower the cost of healthcare without lowering the quality. I think funding the wall in exchange for a coherent immigration policy would be a splendid move. I could go on, but I may find myself creating a fairy tale, and that is something I don't want to do.

I leave you with these words. Let's hope for the best but prepare for the worst. It works with hurricanes, why not with politics? Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and remember, "mum's the word."


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