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Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure project: Is the conspiracy theory a conspiracy?

Updated on August 14, 2013

A Conspiracy?

Dr Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project, has a group of over 400 credible and highly reputable government and military witnesses who have gone on record to agree to testify before congress to the existence of advanced extraterrestrial intelligence and zero-point technology.

Further to the highly publicized Disclosure Project conference at the National Press Club, Washington DC in 2001, Steven Greer's new film-documentary Sirius, is released 22nd April 2013. In the documentary Greer has a six-inch alien entity, which was found in Chile, scientifically examined.

One week later, a 5-day Citizen's Hearing On Disclosure will be taking place at the NPC in front of 5 former members of congress to establish the facts surrounding the allegations that there is an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

One participant of The Disclosure Project was Seargant Clifford Stone of the US Army who claims that by 1989 the US Army had catalogued as many as 57 different species of humanoid (bipedal) alien entities from UFO crashes.

The claims, generally, are that the entities are much more technologically advanced than we are, they communicate through telepathy and they are flying around in zero-point technology spacecraft that can travel tens of thousands of miles per hour.

Although some government documents have been provided by many of the officials in order to prove their case, there remains no solid, irrefutable evidence but if the testimony of Professor Robert Jacobs is anything to go by, then this is simply because all evidence gets confiscated and nobody knows where it ends up.

There are allegedly many black (covert) projects taking place within the US government that even the president has no access to, being perpetrated by a compartmentalized secret infrastructure that has allegedly infiltrated secret societies in order to disguise themselves.

It is claimed by many that NSA, Bilderberg, Lockheed Martin, Rothschild and Rockefeller are all part of what is now commonly referred to as the "global elite" or "Illuminati" or the "black/shadow government".

A little bit of research shows that Dr Steven Greer's Disclosure Project is actually partly funded by Rockefeller and heavily funded by Rothschild and there is a very distinct link between the black government and the whole UFO and alien subject - some people believe that the Illuminati are the ones keeping the truth about the extraterrestrial and free energy technology subject covered up. To others it seems like they're intentionally pushing the idea of some kind of cover-up thereby causing people to lose faith in the government.

Is the US government being maliciously conspired against?

Is there really some truth to it?

Or is The Disclosure Project designed to throw people off-scent?

Does Al Qaeda exist?

According to many reports the presence of UFO's leaves high levels of radiation behind. One example is the Cash-Landum incident whereby the witnesses suffered damage to their health from ionizing radiation - a result of nuclear power.

Genuine crop circles also seem to show high levels of radiation. The evidence and the reports may suggest that UFO's are not necessarily 'free energy' but that they may actually cause a lot damage from radiation - unless of course, such UFO's are of Earthly origin.

Coincidentally (or not) NASA have just launched their last ever shuttle, Atlantis and are now planning on using hypersonic aircraft for future missions. Could the Disclosure Project perhaps be some kind of secret government disinformation campaign? Who knows?

Many of the witnesses claimed that UFO's had been shutting down nuclear weapons at secret facilities and they also made it clear that they wanted a ban on space weapons. We already know that the US military want domination of space and the Disclosure project are opposing, or seem to be opposing, these plans and this actually makes it difficult to see any kind of hidden agenda in the Disclosure project... unless it really is a disinformation campaign.

According to the now deceased William (Bill) Cooper there may have been plans in existence since at least 1917 to create an artificial alien threat to Earth in order to introduce a new world order - an idea originally suggested by John Dewey in 1917 whose very statement was then used in as many as five speeches by President Ronald Reagan, rather oddly used as if they were his own words.

Also coincidentally, President Eisenhower had warned in 1961 that he was losing control of the military-industrial-complex which was becoming a dominant threat.

Could the Disclosure project perhaps be the first phase in this plan?

After all, before portraying extraterrestrials as a threat, the world would first have to be convinced of their existence. What method would we have to initially use in order to tap into this so-called zero-point energy field?

Nuclear power perhaps?

Is free energy disclosure and the disclosure of extraterrestrial intelligence really the true purpose of the Disclosure project?

Or is it more about nuclear power and space weapons?

Does the Disclosure project have a hidden agenda?

I really don't know but what I do know is that NASA have officially acknowledged the potential of zero-point technology and interstellar travel here: Warp Drive, When?

By Sparkster

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© 2011 Sparkster Publishing


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