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The Massive Financial Snowball Crash Is Coming ! The Nation's Survival !!!!

Updated on June 14, 2015
The financial snowball is coming and wil be falling soon,  maybe in 2012 or 2013
The financial snowball is coming and wil be falling soon, maybe in 2012 or 2013 | Source

Massive Operating Systems Budgets and Debt: Getting Money

It doesn't take too much to see that our country
has some really big problems that are growing
by leaps and bounds. The Snow-Ball is growing!!!

For all of those people who are retired, "great job!”
but there are major problems associated with the
stealing of the pension funds by companies and of the Social Security system funds disappearing. There is just not enough money to pay the bills so the use of inventive financing is played.

We are forking out more than we produce and profit. In other words, we are in the red. Our income as a Nation does not cover the bills, so the government actually has to borrow money to pay the total outflow of bills.

The retired community are 11 to 13%, the prison system
are about 1-10%, the food stamps-14%, the welfare-8%,
the military is about 1%, and the government ranks about
7.84 % of the population. These require massive amounts
of money to run and the citizens must back these systems.

The school systems take about 24 % of the population,
the disabled, the nursing homes, those who don't work,
and the people who are not counted subtract more of the population.

The Baby-Boomer Population is said to be about 65 % of the population and are starting to retire. The retirement systems, the medical systems and the welfare of the United States will surely feel the hit of this colossal amount of retirees.

Conclusion: The amount of people paying into the systems to keep the United States afloat is going to be at a very low percentage of the total population. The way that will be the norm to keep the systems afloat will be by taxation because the percentage of the working people just will not be justified to cover the colossal cost of keeping the systems operating.

I know that we need systems in place to keep our community
safe and sound, but those systems keep growing and growing,
while our paychecks shrink, our budgets get tighter, and our
dollar gets smaller and buys less and less.

I guess that it is time to pay the bills and to face the bill collector while we try to get a handle on the situation. We, as citizens, have tightened our belts and cut our budgets. Maybe we should get back into the plan of the 50's and 60's, where we produced and sold to the rest of the world instead of purchasing everything from other countries.

If we do not get our country back in line, the gigantic snowball will be so big that nothing will ever stop the massive rolling accumulation of debt, dishonesty, distrust, liability, and financial problems that could completely devastate our economy, our standard of living and our Nation.

The Financial Snowball Is Coming with the Debt, Dishonesty, Deception Getting even Bigger

The Bail-outs and fraud

The BAIL-OUTS for the companies that were not producing a profit is and not in the best interest of the country. Bailing out the companies with the taxpayers money was even worse. For the companies to turn around and give bonuses was a complete slap in the face to all who listened, learned and watched. Those companies were mis-managed from the start, with high wages, terrific benefits and wonderful retirement packages that few ever could ever expect to achieve in life.

A loan for each person who has financial difficulty would be almost impossible to get, but to get a hand out from a total stranger would be like winning a 50 billion to one chance lottery. But guess what? Our bed-fellows in Washington DC felt like the companies who could run a company in the ground is deserving of a hand out and bail out. This is fraud, dishonesty and corruption to the max.

How would the average person apply for such a hand out if they were having their businesses fail and in turmoil? They would have to beg, borrow or bail. They would not be offered a BAIL-OUT, for sure. The bankers would just reclaim all their assets and sell what they could.

So, what were the reasons for the bail out? Was it for security for the Nation? Was it for the wealthy? Was it to keep the industries going? Was it to keep the people from being un-civil? Was it to prevent a revolution? Was it to transfer the wealth? Was it to keep people working? Was it to keep the Unions going? Was it just for corporate greed?

After thinking on this bail out for some time, reasons can not be found to answer this question to why a bail out of these corrupt, dishonest and greedy corporations, industries and companies. There are NO reasons suitable for a bail out except for greed and dishonesty! PERIOD!!!

The politicians and government officials gave reasons to protecting the economy, but this much money could be much more useful in promoting renewable energy. Grants could be given to promote new energy technology or electric cars. Low interest loans could be available to new small business owners to promote new ideas, new technology and green businesses.

Future of Expenses

Now that our government has far exceeded the budget with the bailouts, spending and interest, the future looks bleak and uninviting. The companies and factories have for the most part, gone to other countries where the tax rate is so much lower and the resources are lower.

This economy has left the United States people with jobs in the goods and services. Most of these jobs are in the lower paying positions and with very few benefits. In the 70's and early 80's, when factories and industries were still functioning, people were optimistic about the future and about being able to make a living. Now, it has become a dog-eat-dog world, where each employee wonders each day if it is the last day at the job.

The same goes for the government and the retirement system. The lower paying jobs are bringing less tax for the governments, thus lowering the amount of revenue that can be obtained. The loss of good paying jobs are also causing people to lose their houses and land, also causing the governments to have less revenue coming in. Each cut in a job, means that there will be other people affected and less taxes to be collected.

The high oil and gas, increased taxes and decreased income results in less usable and spendable income. This is a vicious spiral that plummets very quickly making a snowball effect that can not be stopped, but maybe prolonged. The longer the time, the bigger the snowball becomes and the more dangerous it becomes, creating more and more that it will take out when it finally hits.

It will soon come to a thunderous halt, sending the economies splattering and crashing to the point of collapsing governments and countries. It is coming and fast approaching!!

How much do you think that each person of the US owes for the US debt?

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Do you believe that the US should still be giving other countries money while our country suffers?

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Do you believe that Tax made (Government ) jobs helps the economy?

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Do you believe that the United States can pay off the National Debt?

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    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Exactly! Which is what they should have done in the 1st place.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Cut the military budget in half, legalize pot and tax the hell out of it, promote alternative energy and create jobs for it here at home.

      Create electric cars and build massive subway light rail system and fire half of the politicians in Washington while giving power back to the States.

      That is just for starters, but perhaps I should right a hub about as long as I'm fantasizing!

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 6 years ago

      There are so many options. One easy out that could come out of this is One World Currency or combining all the resources into a pool. It is just these easy options might not be good for the people as a whole. Thank you so much for your comment and for reading. Thank you again!!

    • claptona profile image

      John D Wilson 6 years ago from Earth

      Good points, Laurens.

      Amazing what humans can overcome, don't give up hope.

      Always options available.



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