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The Great American Uniter

Updated on October 9, 2011

The Great Divider


What Happened to the Great America Uniter?

It occurs tome that the USA is more divided then ever. We are divided by race, class, socio- economic status, religion, geography, political party etc... Now when I was young I read book by Joesph Conrad named Nostromo. The premise of the book was that the minority in power can only maintain power by dividing the people they rule. And the weaker the leader the more division is necessary.

And if you think about that it makes a lot of sense when you consider how Washington DC lives so well while the rest of us are like hungry dogs fighting over scraps just for our existence. And this is a good analogy as I have dealt with brutally hungry dogs and they do attack. They will eat you if they have to when they are hungry. But you throw some food out and not a lot just enough for them to fight over and the dogs will take each other out leaving you free to pass. This is how Washington DC does business everyday. They only throw out enough scraps for people to fight over so they can do whatever they want unchallenged.

This doesn't just go on in America it happens all over the world. And what I don't understand is why everyone keeps falling for it. I guess because hunger is a basic brain function which over rides intellect much like fear. But if the hungry united and were indvidsible then government would completely lose its power.

So the Great Uniter had been the Great Divider. He can't help it as it is a sickness of DC politics to believe this trick will work forever. I don't have a lot of faitht he other teams have any uniters either as that would require an acknowledgement of the transfer of power back to the people. .And people have the power to take back all the power DC thinks it has by being indivisible. And we will have to as we will have to teach DC whi isn't to quick on the uptake that this rouse is over.

So just to be clear the Great American Uniter is the People of America who have been so burned and tortured with the worst economy since the depressio, sky rocketing unemplyement for which the government is not entirely honest about the numbers, and the continual and haibtual attempts to divide the people.

Let me be every clear as well. There isn't a terrorist alive that wants to harm ordinary citizens. We maybe colatoral damage but we are not primary targets. The people they are targetting is the folks in DC whio have allowed organized crime to run rampant in the name of stopping terrorism.

The people will lead DC out of its abusive corrupt practices when they unite against all of DC. We just have to use our intellect over our basic brain responses. We have to believe not in our leaders but in each other again. The greatest tragdy of 9/11 was people came ot distrust each other even within their own communites. That has to end now as we need to unite to bring our country out of division.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Ralph Deeds,

      The whole point of the article is there are no real parties. There is inside the beltway in which everyone agrees to divide everyone outside the beltway. If we are indivisible we take all the power from all parties. DC will have to start working for the people.

      Blame is old, unification despite differences is what is needed to change this country.

      Much of what goes on in Washington is staged for the benefit of keeping partisanship alive amongst the people.

      But I valued your comment. I appreciate you taking time to provide feedback as I think it is really important we all actively listen to each other so we can unite. epublicans are no happier about what is going on in DC then Democrats. Change begins with us.

      Thanks again.


    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 6 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      The divide has been caused by extremely partisan Republicans like Senator McConnell, Congressmen Ryan and Cantor plus the Tea Partiers. McConnel announce a year or so ago that he would rather see the economy go down the drain rather than compromise with Obama on policies to get the country out of the deepest recession since the 1930s. And John Boehner has been pushed into a corner by the new Tea Party Congressmen. President Obama has bent over backwards to meet the GOP half way to no avail.