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The Hub Editors Disabling Of The Adverts On My Recent Blog Criticizing Al Sharpton....

Updated on September 1, 2014

The Hub Editors Disabling Of The Adverts On My Recent Blog Criticizing Al Sharpton...

one can only extrapolate and ponder the havoc to come that will be caused by the lethal strain of Political Correctness practiced here by the Hub-pages' editors in this forum and elsewhere in our fair Republic. I suppose that I should count my blessings because there are those who have lost their livelihoods because they oppose same-sex-marriage, as oppose to I who have earned less than two hundred dollars authoring some 300 blogs within the confines of the Hub-Pages. I have to be awfully careful and be circumspect when addressing the charlatan that is Al Sharpton; my my, the advertisement are going to be pulled again. This is the link to the blog that was so offensive to the Hub-Pages editors... causing the adverts to be disabled.

Whether I made or is making a mint writing here is of no import to me... but I can only imagined what a 'chilling effect' it would have if I were depending on the indentured servitude like wages that can be had here. Incidentally, the wages I have earned here so far I have not spent a dime from my blogs for this forum; as a matter of fact, my earnings, some $83.00, is gaining interests in some pay-pal account. What does it say or mean when criticizing the likes of Al Sharpton at this level can come with an attempt to punish or censor, especially when what was written about the commander in chief of the racial grievance industry was the truth. Riddle me this, since our racial troubles - and many are legitimate - down in Ferguson, how many Black-on-Black murder we have had in Chicago and other cities?

Two months ago or so, a Black gang banger walked up to a squad car and shot a Latin American police officer in New Jersey - that officer was only twenty-three-years old. I wonder if Al Sharpton and the other racial pimps paid their respects to that slain officer's family? How Christ-like it would be that if, and when, a police officer is shot by a minority that the Al Sharptons of the world would pay a heartfelt visit to that officer's loved-ones, without the vanity, enabling cameras. I know what it is, in accordance to Liberal dogma, that it is only natural for those of us born in abject poverty to resort to crime and even murder - however, somehow, I am puzzled because, in most cases, the Chinese, the Japanese, even yours truly, do not engage in wanton crime for we have managed to fend off the vestiges of our bereft surroundings.

I say again that the very people (mostly Liberals) who used to call others Fascists are now the Fascists... and the latter are also influential and prominent members of the Media. These biased and secular media types can show in splendid color the disgusting cruelty to the cute/cuddly animals, but you dare not show the sickening, murderous, aftermath pictures that are Abortions. They can opine on many a Liberal cause - but they will not invite an opposing point of view. Does anyone honestly believe that if I had written a blog criticizing President Bush, the younger, or any of the other Conservatives, especially the favorite whipping boys of the Left, the Neocons, that the adverts would have been pulled by the editors of Hub-Pages?

In the opening paragraph of this blog, I used the term 'extrapolate' and I used the term not only for myself, but for others to ponder what is going to happen in the near future or what has happened already to those who dare to have contrary thoughts from that of the "Secular Sheepdom.' This is not only about critiquing Al sharpton... this is about ushering in the Fiat-like way of life described in what George Orwell wrote and warned us about in his Magnum Opus,1984. Case in Fascist point, before the State of New York sanctioned and codified same-sex marriage, there was a prolonged battle over the legislative language... so as to carve out a Safe Harbor for preachers, like mine, who convey the plain meaning of the Word of Christ, which deems homosexuality an abomination. I dare say to you that in my visas that I see that this Safe Harbor will be gutted and be a casualty of Political Correctness soon and that the Secularists will try and come unto Traditional Christian pulpits to pervert the teachings of The Word on the subject of homosexuality.

Here are some more fodder for the Hub-Pages editors to continue engaging in their Political Correct, arbitrary, Fascist behavior: no matter the vigorous flag waving from the White House in support of gay marriage or the fact that gays in the Media (Anderson Cooper, Shepherd Smith, Robin Roberts, and Rachel Maddow) are now themselves sitting in judgment of others, homosexuality will always be an abomination, even if I or my children or my siblings were to engage in that behavior, Jesus forbids. Moreover, we have made into law the right to murder babies - over 50 million so far - under the guise of a-woman's-right-to-choose, which is still the most heinous behavior, we, as humans, can engage in; last but not least, for not referring to Al Sharpton as 'reverend.' I look forward to the Hub-Pages' editors bestowing on me the Les Miserable-like conditions as punishment for my breaching of the tenets of Political Correctness and for uttering secular blasphemy (President Obama is but a man... flesh and blood...)!


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 3 years ago from New York

      Thank You - Our cherished First Amendment seems to becoming only for the Left to use in our Republic....

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 3 years ago

      I'm sorry you were punished for exercising your freedom of speech. Freedom now has been "changed" to mean you are free to be who "they" want you to be. Hang in there and keep writing.

    • Rchrdsnc profile image

      Carl Richardson 3 years ago from Midwest USA

      Maybe I did not read your hub as carefully as I should have, but on the whole, I liked the adversarial position. All we need now are more oppressors and predator types drawn from the ranks of almost anybody.