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The Italian Elections 2018

Updated on March 2, 2018

The Italian map, its regions where the election will take place

This year the 2018 the Italian election will be held to elect a new government hopefully for 5 years, it is going to be an important election, since there are many issues that need to be solved. It is up to the Italian people to make the right choice
This year the 2018 the Italian election will be held to elect a new government hopefully for 5 years, it is going to be an important election, since there are many issues that need to be solved. It is up to the Italian people to make the right choice

The Italian election, from an Italian emigrant

Talking about the Italian elections, as seen from an Italian emigrant

This is another article of, World news and my views

Dear readers, I would like to tell you, how a simple minded Italian emigrant, sees the world around us and this coming general election in Italy. I must say that today the world is so busy with what is happening every day, that they will miss some important events. So, only some of us will be aware of their importance, because we happen to be linked to them. One of these events we are talking about are the Italian elections that will take place the 4th of March 2018. The Italian elections may not look important to the rest of the world, but it is important, because it involves also the refugees, which today it is the greatest problem in the world, if we think about it. Since, we would expect that politician say something about it, because we would like to know, how they are going to deal with this problem, but, so far for me, no party leaders have given a clear answer.

Now, because we want to talk about the Italian elections, we are going to miss the opportunity of talking about the winter games, that at the beginning gave us some peace hopes, between the two Koreas and America, since a peace deal can bring another peace deal, so to speak. Anyhow, this peace deal that we are talking about might never happen, because President Trump does not believe in it, since he talks again about confrontation with North Korea. I believe that some politicians are very strange people, because they do strange things.

Anyhow, today in this article, we are not going to write about all the world news, because we want to talk about the Italian elections.

Dear readers, as we have said in our last article, World news, and my views, Feb. 2018, in this article we plan to shock the Italian people and their politicians, in the hope that the politicians will plan a better future.

We know that what we are going to say will not be welcomed from most people, because they are negative comments, you see, there is a saying that says, “if you have nothing nice to say, just don’t say anything”, or something like that. So, I believe that this article might not be a popular one, just because we will be talking about negative things. But in this case, I believe that I should weigh the possibilities, whether it would be better to say it or not to say it; having done that, my conscience says to go ahead and say it, because some good things could come about, just because people will see the other side of the coin, so to speak.

Here we are talking about those things that the politicians try to ignore, or worse still try to hide from the public. The reasons for doing this is not clear, so, one is bound to ask, do they know what they are doing? Or they are doing it in a deliberate way, because they think they are right? This is what we are going to write hereunder, where I am not going to spare anyone, so, I am going to write what I see coming, even if what could be coming is disgusting, because the politicians have not planed the right things to do.


The Italian politicians of today

From far away Australia we can see that all is not well in Italy, because they don’t have a stable government that makes good laws, well at least this is how we see it from here. Today politicians try to blame each other for achieving very little while they are in power; then whatever they have done they exaggerate it, because they want to return in power.

Today there are three main political groups, that have made a sort of coalition for these elections:

Group one; the PD, also known as the Centre Left, they claim that have done a few things in their last 5 years of government, when in fact, they have done very little. They have this ideology, they are pro refugees and want to help anyone that comes to Italy as refugees. To me this is a dangerous policy, because Italy can only be able to help a small number of refugees.

Therefore, if the Italians can see this problem, they should not vote for this PD party, because one day the refugees may become too powerful, and disposes the Italians from their own country. We are going to say more about this danger, because now, we want to talk about the other groups.

Group two; known as the Centre Right, this is a group formed from three parties, this group wants to regulate the refugee’s intake, which I believe it is a good thing to do, but I believe that they are making a mistake; because one of their leaders “Berlusconi” wants to introduce a flat tax; so, a lot of Italians will not like this idea of a different new tax. You see, I believe that they should first try to regain government, and then, talk about if a flat tax could be introduced. Therefore, I believe that they might not win the election because of this tax change.

Group three; well this is not really a group, by it is a political movement that doesn’t agree with the existing political policies, so, they oppose most things they do. Now, their intentions are okay, but they don’t have a real policy about what they are going to do. They also lack experience, since they have never been in government. Some people are going to choose this party, just because, they don’t like the other two parties. So, Sunday the 4th of March will be an open field, where anyone of these parties could win. Therefore, the Italian people must choose wisely this coming Sunday, because of the consequence that could follow. Now let us look at what we believe could be the consequences; after that we will be talking about the main players.

What could be the consequences of this elections

Let us say that the Centre Left wins the elections, this is the existing government. So, no much is going to change. The only thing I see here is more of the same, like more uncontrolled refugees’ intake, that could cause a problem later. So, I am concerned. I am concerned because, in this coalition there is a party with this slogan that says “Free an equal” which means that the refugees should be equal to the Italian people.

One could only ask, have they lost their minds? Because we believe some of their leaders are crazy, with their fixed ideas of helping the others, when the Italian people need help themselves. No party in any country should put its own citizen at risk, by giving priority to the incoming refugees. Now let me explain, hereunder near the end of this article, is this sub-article about LAURA BOLDRINI, you need to read that to understand what we want to say here.

You see, Laura Boldrini is not fit to sit in the Italian parliament, because she is an extremist and a traitor to the Italian people, since she wants to help first the Africans and forget about the Italians. So, the Italians should make sure to keep her out of parliament this time.


Now let us assume that the Centre Right wins the elections, this coalition says that they want to control the refugees’ intake, which in a way could be helpful, since too many immigrants may cause problems, now and in the future. Whether they will be able to do it we don’t know, but, at least they want to try to stop the illegal immigrants. Personally, for me I would vote for this party. So, based on this refugee issue the Centre Right should win.

But there might be a negative issue with them, they want to change the taxation system, by replacing it with a flat tax. This new flat tax system might even work well, but nobody knows, so, there will be people that will not vote for them, for this reason. So, if they don’t win the elections, it will be because they want to change the taxation system.


Now, let us say that the Italian people, are fed up with these two old groups of politicians, so, they will vote for this new party called, “Movimento 5 Stelle”, What this political party wants to do is hard to say, the only thing they claim of doing, it is that they are not going to make the same mistake of the other parties. So, they believe that they will be better than the others two groups, which in a way it can be done. But we must wait and see, first if they win, and then what they will do.

So, the Italians the 4th of March must make this hard choice, they must choose one of those three political parties. But it will be hard to choose which one is better, they have some good things to say and do, but at the same time they have some bad policies too.


The main political players

Now, let us talk briefly about the main leaders of this elections.

Anyhow, I believe that to stay in politics, one must have his/her own views or beliefs to follow, they must believe that their views are right, and the other parties are wrong, so, they can go on to attack the other people whenever they get the chance.

We can find examples in all political parties, but this time one of the main player is Matteo Renzi; he never stops going around Italy telling all sort of things, he seems to enjoy doing it, as if he is born to stay on the stage of politics. Of course, there are other important people in his PD party, like the prime minister Paolo Gentiloni and others. What I don’t like about them is that they want to pass a law called, ‘ius soli’ that will give the Italian citizenship to a lot of African people. With this group even, the Italian President of the Republic seems to take part in favour of this PD party, when his role is that, he should not favour any one. Therefore, I don’t know if he is doing the right thing. Anyhow, this is the view of a simple man like myself, so, I may be wrong.


Next group that we are discussing here is the ‘Centre Right’. This is formed from three political parties, their leaders are: (1) Silvio Berlusconi, leader of “Forza Italia” and x premier of Italy before this current government; (2) Matteo Salvini, leader of la Lega Nord; and Georgia Melony, leader of Fratelli D’Italia. These three leaders are more conservative, so, they want to put the Italian first, so, they want to control the intake of refugees.

I like their ideology, but there are a few things that I am not sure.


The third group is formed by a movement, which was born from people protesting about the past and present governments, they believe that they will be able to govern Italy better that the other parties if elected. Their leader today is a young bloke called, Luigi Di Maio, they seem okay, but I cannot trust them fully, because they don’t have experience in government.

Anyhow, these are the main political players, good luck to them all the 4th of March.

Luigi Di Maio and Allesandro Di Battista, 2 leaders of M5S

These are two young politicians of the "Movimento 5 Stelle" party. This new party bases its policies in a new direction. The direction is not clear, but they will avoid the same mistakes of the previous government. They are okay.
These are two young politicians of the "Movimento 5 Stelle" party. This new party bases its policies in a new direction. The direction is not clear, but they will avoid the same mistakes of the previous government. They are okay.

Laura Boldrini is an extremist politician


This morning on Facebook, I have seen this short video of Laura Boldrini, where she is like a mad person hell-bent telling us, to give the Africans refugees the Italian citizenship, as if this would solve the entire world problems; when in fact, it may make more problems for the Italian people in the future. I believe she has lost her mind, she is not fit to be in government, because she is an extremist pro African refugee, and preaches things against the Italian people, when it is the Italian people that she should serve first, since it is the Italians that have voted for her. Now she turns around and forgets about them. She is a traitor that does not deserve a second term.

So, the Italians should be careful when they vote, they must make sure that LAURA BOLDRINI does not return to the Italian parliament, remember she is a traitor.


© 2018 F-Menchise


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