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The Mitt Romney They Didn't Want You To Know About

Updated on October 30, 2013

Mitt Romney for President

The Democrats Formula for Re-election

Mitt Romney had a very difficult year in 2012. Yes, he was nominated by his fellow Republicans to run for president, but the democratic party attacked him mindlessly from that point on. Romney is a highly successful business man who had decades of experience in the private sector and as a governor. Governor Romney has also accomplished numerous personal successes including a beautiful, and well adjusted family. He is basically what every American dreams of becoming, and hopes that their offspring will achieve. With all of his success Mitt Romney has never become an egotist and is a very humble and grateful man who has been extremely charitable all his life.

So why was the democratic party attacking Mitt Romney's every word?

Quite simply, if any level headed American had tuned out the noise and looked at the fact that Barack Obama had absolutely failed the American people, president Obama would have been in serious trouble up against a capable man such as Mitt Romney. Obama had promised to have a great deal of the recession cleaned up and a lot of jobs created by the end of his first term. He also criticized the previous administration for high gas prices. As it turned out, the economy was much worse in the four years that Obama was in office and gas prices continued to rise. If one were to look at the things that truly mattered it would have been obvious that Mitt Romney was much better qualified to be President of the United States than Barack Obama. Mitt Romney had the experience that Obama lacked, combined with the desire to get the country back on track.

None of the important things Obama promised the country had even remotely come close to being accomplished. Lets remember that Obama was a senator for a very short period of time before becoming president and that was the extent of his experience.

Now Mitt Romney comes along with decades of expertise on numerous levels. As a politician and business man. Mitt Romney was up on a completely different level than Barack Obama, and the only thing the democrats could do was to demonize Romney for his experience and expertise. They went about doing this by painting Governor Romney into a "mean rich guy" and leading women and other minorities into thinking that they would lose their rights if Romney were elected.

Incredibly, the daily lies from MSNBC had women crying that if Romney were elected they would get paid less, neglecting to conclude that Mitt Romney had never made such a statement, and what they were hearing was noise coming from democrats with their own agenda and "news casters" on MSNBC and other liberal programs. The idea that someone running for president is proposing that women get paid less is so preposterous that it is almost laughable. Women have been receiving equal pay for more than 50 years and it is unconstitutional and idiotic that a politician would make such a proposal. The democrats know how to dish out the kool aid!

It was an act of desperation, but sadly it worked.

After watching the Republican Convention of 2012 I must say that it was a great night for the Republican party. There were many excellent and inspiring speeches from Republicans such as Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan.

But one thing of particular interest was that some of Mitt Romney's personal friends and acquaintances came to show their support of a man who has lead a truly remarkable life.

I was utterly disgusted the next morning when liberal stations such as CNN were, making racist remarks about all the black and Mexican people who were present in the Republican crowd. I switched the channel out of disgust only to see MSNBC reporters basically in so many words, saying that black people, Hispanics, and women should be democrats and not even think about it. It seems that the democratic party believes that they own minorities. When we minorities do our own research and go in the right direction, they attack us for running out on the mob. Democrats are racist while they constantly accuse Republicans of what they are guilty of.

This was the liberal attempt to continue with the daily dose of brainwashing that they feed their democratic audiences ever day. The order of the day was to make people think that Mitt Romney was a mean, cold, rich guy who hates poor people. This was their last ditch effort to keep people from focusing on the hole that Obama had put this country in, and the fact that Romney had what it takes to put the country back on its feet.

The liberal press has always gained minority votes by scaring them into believing that the Republican party has taken over where the democratic party left off in 1865. However, with the large group of black and Hispanic people supporting Romney, the only thing the liberals could think of doing was to slap the faces and criticize those minorities for having a mind of their own. The democrats went all out degrading Hispanics and blacks until they would just swing Obama's way or shut up.

As a woman, I found it down right stifling at the thought that we should be automatic democrats. What if we were not content to sit around like bumps on logs, and we start our own businesses? Are we still going to be mindless democrats with reality staring us in the face? As a female business owner I can tell you that the fake war on women had nothing to do with the success or failure of my businesses. The democrats hurt women and minorities in business just as much as they hurt men.

I continued to watch "news" and see biased anchors smirking as the lies about Mitt Romney were being debunked by facts at the RNC.

I just could not get away from the focus the liberals placed on race as I flipped through the "news" programs. I was beginning to believe that the democratic party was indeed still racist, and prejudice in many ways. The had not really given up their limitations of the 1850's.

I then looked on twitter and other social media sites to see that comments from the left about Clint Eastwood, who had spoken at the RNC, were "he's old, white, and rich." Nothing about any real issues. There was just another desperate attempt to say mean and hurtful things in effort to downgrade the real issues that Eastwood was talking about. The attacks were stereotyping, race related, and anti old age. Liberals go to great lengths to say that they are accepting off all, but in reality, they are accepting only of those they have chosen to accept. In 2012 it was the gays, but if you were elderly, you were toast! You were too old to do anything important, like run for president, (remember what McCain and Reagan went through), the wrong race, or the wrong sex.

The Truth about Romney- What the Democrats were Hiding

On top of all the liberal propaganda were the negative stories and conclusions made about Mitt Romney as a person. A few years befire I began watching Romney in his race for the presidency and he always came across as a nice, strong, determined man who could accomplish anything. As he gained prominence in the race for the presidency, I noticed that I was not feeling as positive about him, and it was not until some time later that I met a couple in La Jolla who lived very near the Romney's that I began to think about why I was thinking negatively about Mitt Romney as a man. Those who were around the man in person spoke of a good humored, and engaging man. The perpetual negative comments from the left! It creeps in, no matter how strong you are. If you lie about someone every day, it will slowly become the truth.

People who have known Romney, or have had some associations with this man have nothing but praise for him as to his generosity and awareness of people and their struggles. I recall being told that he is a man who is good, hard working, and as kind as humanly possible all the way through.

With that recollection I was very pleased to see some people who Romney had associated with in his past at the RNC stating a similar message.

Pam Finlayson addressed the crowd at the RNC to tell of how Mitt Romney warmly greeted her family when she moved to Massachusetts in the early 1980s, and became a lifelong family friend in times of joy and ultimate tragedy.

“I knew Mitt was special from the start,” Pam told the crowd, recounting how Romney called on her after her family moved in from California, helping her fold laundry as he welcomed her to the Boston area.

After knowing the Romney family for some years, Pam and her husband had a baby girl who was born seriously premature, Mitt Romney paid regular supportive visits to her at the hospital.

Kate was a very sick baby. Her lungs could not work on their own, her heart was unstable, and after suffering a severe brain hemorrhage, she was weak and on the verge of death.

“As I sat with her in ICU, consumed with a mother’s fears, dear Mitt came to visit and pray with me, “I will never forget that when he looked down tenderly at my daughter, he reached out gently and stroked her tiny back." Pam Finlayson continued that she could tell Mitt did not just see plastic tubes, and the horrific sight of a child waning between life and death, he saw a baby girl and he was clearly overcome with compassion for her.

The little girl was scheduled for surgery on Thanksgiving, and Finlayson remembered that Mitt Romney and his family showed up with a Thanksgiving Turkey for the them when they were too worn out to cook for themselves. Finlayson said Ann Romney told her that the food had been prepared by her husband especially for them.

Fortunately, the baby survived for many years and the two families are still friends to this day. Pam said that she babysat the Romney boys on numerous occasions and they still keep in touch with her.

Last year, Kate Finlayson died at the age of 26 from complications that she never fully recovered from, and even though Mitt was preparing to run for President, he did not neglect to extend sympathy and love to an old friend.

Mrs. Finlayson finished her speech with, “When the world looks Governor Romney, they see him as the founder of a successful business, leader of the Olympics, or Governor of Massachusetts, “When I see Mitt, I know him as a loving father, great husband, and caring, compassionate friend.”

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Democrats Don't Want Americans to see This Romney

Photo of the Romney family before he began his run for the presidency
Photo of the Romney family before he began his run for the presidency

Black People at the RNC were Mocked by CNN

Ruth Williams/Romney Supporter

Who Was Mitt Romney?

As it turned out Mitt Romney was a soft hearted man who did not like his good deeds broadcasted publicly for political purposes. This gave the democrats free reign to lead the public to believe that Romney was a cold hearted guy.

Most of us would have said that we were tired of smooth talking politicians, but when it came right down to it - who did we vote for? Well, look at just about any Obama speech. President Obama did nothing outside of making political moves toward the presidency while the middle class suffered. I still hear negative things being said about George Bush because of the way he sounded. In other words he was not a smooth talking politician, and that offended people.

John McCain was openly honest about what he would do as president while Obama lied. But people liked the lies better than the truth and therefore were swept away with the never ending nonsense that we now have to live with.

The issue that the democratic party generated was a negative feeling about Mitt Romney, in that he was supposedly "not nice." They couldn't as easily say he was incompetent very long with Romney's undeniable success in running business and turning people's failing finances into success staring them in the face, so they went overboard making their attacks personal.

Ruth Williams met Romney and stated to him that she was having financial problems and Romney gave her money privately just to help her out. But when hounded by the liberal press Ruth told reporters that Romney had given her money, and that she was grateful to him. Democrats then attacked poor Ruth for not planning on voting for Obama regardless of how she feels about Mitt Romney. She is black and therefore has no right to vote the way she wants to. Democrats ripped Ruth Williams apart on every liberal news station for weeks.

When asked about the issue of giving a poor lady money, Romney shied away from the subject due to his wishing to keep his charities out of the political arena.

Not the personality of a true politician for sure. But, most definitely the personality of a good, honest, and trustworthy man.

Biden Ryan Debate

Joe Biden Attacking Mitt Romney

During the debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, Biden used boisterous rhetoric that continued with the democrats formula to paint Mitt Romney as a rich and selfish man. Unlucky for Biden was that Paul Ryan, who most certainly knew the governor better then he did, told some facts about Romney that pinned the already awkward Biden in a corner.

Ryan told the factual story of a family who suffered a tragedy and Mitt Romney wanting to take stress off of the grieving family, paid the college tuition for their children. Ryan also stated he heard it briefly and Mitt Romney shrugged it off and as is his usual character, he did not wish to capitalize on his charities, or have the family hounded by the press about the details.

Mitt Romney on 60 Minutes

How Liberal "News" Programs Distorted Public Opinion

In the weeks leading up to the election, both Mitt Romney and President Obama sat for the obligatory interviews given by 60 Minutes. Romney was intelligent, poised, and sincere, giving explanations as to how he would make the middle class stronger. With Romney's superior economic experience, and his heart felt honesty 60 Minutes knew that they were giving Mitt Romney a platform in which to prove once and for all that he was the superior candidate. Knowing that if they were to doctor the tapes, and or edit them in a way to make Romney appear to have said things that he actually did not say, could cause a major scandal for a prime time, major show. They knew that they could not get away with such blatant untruths that MSNBC resorts to, so they used psychology to keep their viewers from viewing Mitt Romney with an honest and open mind.

The camera men used extreme close ups on Romney's face, knowing that when this tactic is used, the interviewee is viewed less favorably, and even distrusted. When the top of the head is clipped off, and as the camera zooms in tightly, viewers tend to get an uneasy feeling that their space is being invaded and that the person is not being honest with them.

60 Minutes is liberal biased and was in the tank for Obama. Its a shame that there are no networks that will expose these programs for what they are. Democrats can be so un-Democratic.

Obama on 60 Minutes

Obama's Lies Covered up by 60 Minutes

When it was Obama's turn to be interviewed, the camera man showed the president in full view often, and NEVER moved in tightly as was done with Mitt Romney. They were trying to help their guy along as much as possible, because the truth was that if the general public had stopped to think about what was going on at the time, they would have recognized Obama had lied from the beginning.

He stated that he would end the war immediately, and after he was elected he actually sent more troops overseas and then intensified the war in Afghanistan. He then raised taxes on the middle class after stating many times before the election that the middle class would not see their taxes go up, and he plummeted the U.S. economy, causing the recession to drag on for years. He simply declared war on wealth, knowing that during times of depression many of the middle class and poor begin to resent success. What he had actually done was declared war on the middle class.

He looked down in his interviews and 60 Minutes did its part to hide his ineptness by using flattering camera angles, and asking gentle questions that would give Obama the chance to say fluffy things that tend to pacify the general public.

The Main Stream Media & Mitt Romney's Reputation

The main stream liberal media, in effort to help out the Obama administration, went on a rampage digging up Romney's past, only to stumble upon mountains of positive information about the man they were intent on smearing. One of Mitt Romney's employees from when he was managing Bain Capital discovered that his child was missing and Mitt closed up shop immediately, organized a search for the missing child, and as a result of Romney's direction, organization and leadership, the child was found.

The liberal reporters were devastated and threatened that once this information leaked out the public would be able to clearly see that Romney has all of the traits that Obama lacks. Not only is he experienced in politics, but he has an intensely human side. The strategy became to hide this information and cover it with tons of stories about how mean and heartless he is.

Approximately seven years after Romney had left a company, the liberal media discovered that a man working for that company's man's wife had fallen ill from cancer and the man had lost his job.This was prime picking for MSNBC and the liberal media. They presented this as Mitt Romney caused this man's wife to die of cancer and Romney fired him. The liberals and uninformed were lead to think of Romney as an evil man who fires people and does not care if people die. When bits and pieces of information did surface about the heroic facts of Mitt, the public had already been brainwashed by the bombardment of lies.

After Obama's Re-Election

In the months following Obama's re-election, most of the country became painfully aware that Obama had lied on just about all of the issues. One of the biggest disasters was how Obamacare would cost the average person a substantial amount of money, when he had repeatedly told Americans that it would not cost them one penny.

When he began having to answer to the American public, President Obama did what he does best; he actually blamed Mitt Romney for all of the problems in Obamacare. After Obama's low blow, Mitt Romney's facebook post read something like this.

Since the Massachusetts health care law went into effect nothing has changed my view that a plan organized to fit the circumstances of a single state should not be forced upon the entire country. Had President Obama actually learned a few of the lessons with Massachusetts health care, millions of Americans would not be having to lose their insurance that the president promised they could keep, millions more would not see their premiums skyrocket, and the whole program would not have been such a disappointing embarrassment. Healthcare reform is best taken on by states with bipartisan support and input from its employers, as was done in Massachusetts, without raising taxes, and by carefully phasing it in to avoid the type of disruptions we are now seeing nationally.


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