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The New World Order, How the Heroin Epidemic Is Creating a Zombie Apocalypse Part 2

Updated on July 26, 2017

Afghanistan Poppy Field

Just some hard working farmers, wait a minute, nothing to see here!
Just some hard working farmers, wait a minute, nothing to see here!

Maybe I'm all wrong

I said in part one, how I may be wrong. I'm not too stubborn to think that I am totally off base. I know it is a strong claim to think that our government would actually want to thin out the population. I do however believe that at some point, something will have to change for the human race to continue. Some people already believe that they are poisoning our food and contaminating the water, so how far fetched is it to believe they are helping the heroin epidemic to spread?

There are a few reasons that still have me wondering if I'm wrong though. For example, why are the US troops still in Afghanistan? We knocked Saddam Hussein, and the Iraqi government out in no time, but that pesky Taliban, is still giving us struggles. While Iraq is one of the leaders in oil, Afghanistan, is"THE" leader in opium plants and it isn't very close. Afghanistan, produces about 90% of the world's opium. It could just be about money, like everything else or it could be about both?

Another reason I think all of this is because they have these things floating around the Earth, and they can zoom in to see your shirt tag. I am to believe they aren't watching those poppy fields with our satellites, and seeing where the shipments are being transported? I know, Mexico is a major supplier of heroin also, but when a country produces 90% of it and the epidemic is as bad as it is, you do the math. Maybe it could be some of our troops themselves, I mean like the movie, "American Gangster" with Denzel Washington. In the movie he had a relative ship him heroin from Vietnam, and turned quite the profit. If I thought this was a few rogue service members, I still think our government would be smart enough to have cracked down on that by now.

US Troops Helping Grow Opium Plants

Moving on to show you why I think the way I do

Growing up, my family moved around a lot. I went to many different schools where I always had to meet new friends. It wasn't hard for me to make new friends, but it still took some time for kids to like the "New Kid!" All the while, I had my brother and sister to keep me company and talk to. My brother and I, loved sports and still do. We tried to involve my sister as much as we could, but it was mostly just the two of us all day. There would be days we'd get up and start playing baseball first thing in the morning and barely stopped until it was dark. I will forever remember these days growing up together, no matter what happens!

When my brother hit his teenage years, he started hanging around a few kids that liked to smoke pot and experiment with other drugs. I didn't find out about the "other drugs" until years later. At that point it was too late to stop him from doing things. We had our fist fights and arguments but he still did what he wanted. As he started heading down the wrong path, he still wanted to hang around my friends and myself. Some would say that he always wanted to be like me growing up. He knew that I would never do drugs, even though he would ask me occasionally. I even tried weed maybe 3 times with him, but I always ended up hating it. In my late teens and early twenties, I had my own struggles though. I liked to drink like most people my age, but I had trouble knowing when to call it a night. I never meant to cause any trouble, but at the same time I found it difficult to preach to him to become better.

No matter how bad I thought his drug habit was or what kind of person he was turning into, I always loved him and stuck up for him. We got into a couple fights together where a few guys wanted to beat him up for one reason or another. As the big brother, even if I thought he was in the wrong, I always stood up for him. We were pretty good together when we had each others back, if you know what I mean! Even with all his flaws, he was still a pretty good athlete. When my friends and I would start up a sports team, whether it was flag football or softball, I would always try to get him on our teams. We might have lead different lives, but we still hung out quite often.

My beautiful mother

The mother groom dance at my wedding, don't mind her breast cancer Chicago Bears, socks
The mother groom dance at my wedding, don't mind her breast cancer Chicago Bears, socks

Endless Love Through Trying Times

It's no secret how hard it is living or being around someone who uses heroin. My family has been through so many things in our past, but it would be hard for me to say anything was/is harder than this. Many people don't realize that I had a brother who passed away when I was younger. I've really only told a few close friends about what happened. I won't get into the whole thing, but my mother lived in the hospital for months, while my younger brother struggled for his life. I was too young to remember all of it, although my mother would tell me stories of how hard it was. Through all of that, I never got the impression of helplessness from her as I do now!

Now that I am a parent, I could never be able to go through the things that my parents had to. To have to lay your one year old son to rest, is beyond my ability. I always felt like my mother, is one of the strongest people that I have met. I believe she got that from her father, who was also the greatest man anyone could meet. Going through this new crisis with my 32 year old brother now, has broken her down more than I ever thought possible. Three years ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was around the same time I found out my girlfriend was pregnant with my first child! What a roller coaster of emotions we were all going through. While my mother was kicking cancer's ass, she wasn't able to work a regular job. She ended up taking her 401k out to help support the house while she was out of work. She didn't have a fortune, but she had a decent amount that she worked her butt off for. Needless to say, he helped her go through it in record pace whether he asked or just took it!

At this time my brother had a job, but he would always miss and either get fired or have short pay checks. This was nothing new, as my brother always had trouble making it to work. Let me point out that my mom, would help anyone out if she had it. I also got this quality, but mine might even be worse than hers. This is why I try to separate myself from him as much as possible, because I know I can't say no and I don't want to help support his habit! My brother has always been kind of needy, and he knew that if he bugged me or my mother, that we would eventually give in and give him what he wanted. I think it is pretty safe to assume that my mother and I, enabled him most of his life. He never really had to do things like most adults, he would just ask one of us to do it.

We didn't know what he was on, but we started realizing things were getting worse. He would nag my mother non stop, blow up everyone else's phone. Always needing money, and shortly after one of us just helped him or he got paid. My brother didn't have any bills, besides maybe his cheap cell phone bill. It just wasn't adding up and we started thinking he might be on heroin. Shortly after we thought it, he came crying to my mother about how he got hooked on it and didn't know what to do.

We tried to all sit down and talk to him like an intervention but to be honest, I think he just used those instances to get us on his good side, so he could trick us into giving him money for "suboxones." Apparently, these "suboxones" are the cure all. They have doctors just handing them out with no proof of anything. Just go in there with a couple hundred dollars and come out with a bottle full of these expensive pills. To a heroin addict though, this is way better than heroin and is supposed to help heal them. The only problem that I have found is it's like putting a band-aid on a waterfall! It never helps them get fully off heroin, it just pretends to be the way out of this horrible life.

After beating cancer and everything else life has thrown at my mother, this was the straw that was breaking her back. As strong as she is, she just couldn't get away from him. He takes her phone, because he stopped paying his cheap phone bill. When she gets home from work, he just hops in her car that my grandfather left her after he passed shortly before her cancer came. He just takes and takes, but with her big heart and motherly love, she won't kick him out. Maybe, because he has a daughter and she is afraid he will take her. I said "where is he taking her, he can't take care of himself?" These are the games these heroin addicts will play though, using your weaknesses against you to get what they want. When your whole life is working for that next high to survive, I guess you get pretty good at manipulating everyone. I talk to my mother almost daily to try and brighten up her day or to let her know I feel her pain as well. When you know everything that your mother has been through, and she tells you that she wants to slit her wrist, and just shows you how bad this whole epidemic is!

My 11th birthday with my brother

My brother(on the right) always by my side
My brother(on the right) always by my side

Will It Ever Be The Same

I have spent the better portion of the past two years, reading and trying to find ways to help my brother. Now, I worry everyday about my mother's stability to withstand this nonsense that isn't her fault at all. Everyday is a struggle to try and make sure everyone is still hanging in there. After all my reading, my only conclusion is that everyone is different and you will never truly know if he is recovered. If he decides to get the help he needs and sticks it out, you still don't know if something will trigger him to go back to it. I read other family members articles about their loved ones, either still fighting or already lost their battle and it hurts me deeply.

If anything ever comes out of these two articles I wrote is that i hope more people discuss it openly, and are not ashamed. It isn't your fault that your friend or family member got addicted, as it touches the rich as it does the poor. It touches blacks, whites and any other race while never discriminating against anyone. Since I wrote my first article I have already had people open up to me about their struggle. People that I've been around so much for years, yet still we had no clue what we were going through. Every story hurts me, but it is so good seeing their face when they realize someone closer than they thought is going through the sames things. I hope everything turns out good for everyone going through this, but that isn't going to happen! What can happen is the more we talk and come together, the more answers we can come up with.

When I first started out learning about this heroin epidemic, I was only looking for answers to help my brother. Then, it was to make sure my mother can survive another major issue in her life. After reading and feeling the pain in other's articles or just questions they asked on the internet, I started to see a bigger picture. What I saw was helpless families and friends finally at a breaking point to open up about their family's problem. It was heart wrenching, but at the same time revitalizing to see people opening the door for others to feel better and not ashamed about it. Like I said earlier, I always felt being the bigger brother that it was my job to protect him. I am still trying to this day, I just hope that I didn't let my little brother down and it cost us his life!

If you know someone on heroin, what is your relationship to them

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