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The Only Thing

Updated on March 12, 2011

. . . is for good people to do nothing.

"That group called the 'Klan' is nothing to worry about."

"Those folks in brown shirts are just angry." 

When people  ask themselves how something like Nazi Germany, or perhaps even Taliban Afghanistan, happened, they often don't think that an apathetic or frightened population is partially to blame.  I think something similar may be happening with the Tea Party. 

There are several reasons for this, a main one may that they seem to be so large and powerful.  A gathering the size of what Beck put on in D.C can be an impressive show of force, enough to convince people that fighting back is foolhardy perhaps.  Hitler knew this and exploited it to perfection. 

A second factor may be that with reactionary ideas tending to arise during times of economic crisis, and with the ties reactionary groups have to corporate interests, people are afraid to speak up or speak out as they fear retribution from their bosses or business.  The fact that people may be working harder and longer also may make it more difficult for them to organize and mobilize in opposition to reactionary forces.

The media, especially the corporate-owned media, may enable these groups by giving them a platform through uncritical coverage.  Even NPR has been complicit in reporting on the Tea Party without looking at the forces behind them.  I will give Frank Rich credit for trying to bring some of these forces to light.  A lot of this may have to do with a sort of FOX Effect, the idea that critical reporting will lead to criticism from FOX.  The loss of ad revenue is also a potential threat. 

People will accuse me of hyperbole, "The Tea Party doesn't want to lynch anyone, or send people to gas chambers."  Maybe not, but remember that a first step was to deny "others" basic rights; the law passed in Arizona, and it's copycats, may be an example.  

How best to fight back, with facts.  Show people the extremist ideas of the Tea Party and it's candidates, and point out the corporate ties. 

America has a history of standing up;  from factory floors, to lunch counters, to the streets.  Hopefully the Tea Party will have a few more "crashers" in the months to come. 

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The Beast Reawakens

Fascism didn't end with World War II.



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