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"The Ruling Class": Destroyers of the universe.

Updated on February 19, 2017

The Few Who Hold the Fate of the World in Their Hands

Corporate America holds the fate of the world in its hands.  Too much power breeds corruption, self serving, and exploitation on a global scale
Corporate America holds the fate of the world in its hands. Too much power breeds corruption, self serving, and exploitation on a global scale | Source

The destructive powers of the "Ruling class"

God/Nature Creates. Man Destroys. It keeps getting worse every year. Greed is the motivating factor in civilization today. It will be out complete undoing. Is there any hope for humanity? Sadly - not. Especially by today's standards.

The definition of the current Ruling Class:

  • The destroyers of humanity
  • The disruptors of nature
  • The decriers of peace and harmony
  • The desecration of the pure and the innocent
  • The violators of Karmic and Cosmic laws
  • The dis-respecters of nature's creations

YES, God creates and man destroys.

Who are they?

The "ruling class" of our global society.

Why are they 'rulers' instead of 'leaders', 'preservers' and 'protectors'?

Why are they takers instead of givers?

Why have we allowed these few to control, ravage, and destroy this beautiful planet, and the gift of life and liberty, that rightfully belongs to all of us? (sins of self serving, greed, and indifference).

Why has hatred, greed, selfishness and arrogance replaced love, honor, respect, harmony and peace on earth?

The answers to all these questions are simple - no rocket scientist required to interpret.

Mankind has turned its back on our Creator and Mother Nature (the creation of beauty and harmony). Because some men considered themselves equal to, or better than, the Creator and/or Nature.

This concept has nothing to do with religion. It is humanitarian. Basic decency. Basic common sense.

The "plan" gone awry

Evolution was surely the Creators' greatest creative plan.

But one cannot believe they anticipated the possibility that their creations [man] would consider themselves more competent to 'control' and alter the universal plan.

This arrogance can only lead to, the disharmony that is taking place today around the globe, and ultimately will be the cause of the destruction of humanity itself. (sins of arrogance and pride).

On its current course, humanity will surely destroy itself in its quest to change, or defy, Cosmic (Karmic) laws.

Karmic Law: (The force generated by a person's actions held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetrate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine his destiny in his next existence). A simple and pure concept that mankind has tried to alter, but has desperately failed.

Cosmic Law: (the ruling force that deals with the universe as an orderly system. This being inclusive of the natural evolution of life on each and every world in the universe). A simple and pure (albeit seemingly chaotic) evolutionary process that continues to move forward in perfect harmony, in spite of man's interference. But for how long? We were meant to live in peace and harmony, with love, respect and acceptance of all that is - without man's interference. That being the innocuous rantings of a few self serving (and, yes, evil) individuals, who portend that humanity needs to be shaped in their "human image' that will be its very undoing; by the attempt to place themselves on the Creator's level.

The arrogance of man

The very idea that man can improve what God created is in itself, an act of total disrespect, arrogance and ignorance.

Nature has evolved all the planets bounties: fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants to provide all that we need to sustain and maintain a healthy life. Yet, man sees the need to "genetically alter" those creations for profit. (the sins of greed).

The extreme diversity of religious sects around the globe is another major awakening to behold, that humanity considers itself above cosmic law.

The Creator has made no mistakes in the evolution of man.

Unconditional acceptance of others is part of that universal Karmic law.

Man made laws that protect the innocent, are supplemental to humanity.

Laws to mandate morality, promote hatred and bigotry are not supplemental. They are destructive in their very nature, therefore they are evil in stature.

This extreme diversity of religious cults (all religions) is just another manifestation of human arrogance. They all arose out of a personal need to control, or change, the rules to suit themselves. There is no exception to this fact. Original ancient religions all recognized multiple gods that worked in harmony. Mankind reduced those beliefs to a one single entity concept to justify their own brand of control. Surreptitiously surmising the Creators' intentions and then passing laws to make it so, does not in fact, make it fact. (sins of arrogance).

True Leaders lead, set examples, promote peace, equality, tranquility and protection against predators. They do not create , or change , or attempt to control cosmic laws, or Karmic laws to try to conform them to justify their own graven images and selfish needs.

Proof of this, are the dictatorships seen around the globe, including the recent government attempt to 'control' the American people by mandate of a few radicals. Including the hoarding by those dictators in lieu of sharing. The wealthy living a life of luxury at the expense, pain, and despair of all others. [making a living and obtaining wealth for personal familiar gain without destroying or depriving others is not against Karmic law, but the sins of selfishness and greed are].

Pix of genetic mutations


Human stupidity or simply greed?

Our government is currently allowing our food producers to "genetically alter" our food supplies under the guise of [producing better and more plentiful crops to feed the growing population] as if to say that mankind knows better than the creator/mother nature.

The truth - the only reason for genetically altering our food supplies is to increase profits for the producers, then, if ingesting altered foods does not cause mutations and new diseases, perhaps they 'may' be beneficial - but only as a side effect.

"Genetic Drift " is the concept that even a very small random shift in gene frequency will lead to (preservation), (mutation), or extinction, of a particular species. In this case mankind as we know it today.

This government and those affecting this genetic alteration are playing a very dangerous and foolhardy game with mankind, your lives and mine, and our descendants. Our current president is okaying these 'modifications' either out of ignorance, or fear of the possible politically consequential repercussions from those more powerful than he - Corporate America.

What is our end?

  • A world of genetic mutations?
  • One world power who will undoubtedly have a "God Complex"? As we all know: Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  • The creation of only 2 classes - the wealthy and their slaves?
  • Or, total destruction of this planet and all life that dwells upon it?

Personally, i prefer to opt for the last possibility. Not that my opinions, or yours, really matter any more. We are simply pawns in the great game of chance being played by the wealthy, arrogant, self serving and greedy few who make up the 'ruling class' in its blatant conflict with the Creator himself. (the evil versus good concept)

The planet and all that is on it, is so small and insignificant in the great vastness of our universe, it is ludicrous to believe that there is any relative truth to any of the fundamental beliefs that we fight, and kill each other for, on a daily basis.

View the brief video below by Carl Sagan to take a good hard look at us as a species, in relation to the great Cosmos we live in. If this is not humbling to you - then you are probably part of the problem - not part of the solution.

The other video ("She's Alive") gives an eye opening view of what our greed has done to this planet and to all live upon it.

We not only need to "take back our government"; we need to "take back our world" from the ravaging despoilers; the detestable and despicable religious encroachments; and the despotic, despiteous, tyrannical "ruling class" that has taken us to the brink of our deleterious end by their reckless abandonment of their humanity, logic and compassion.

by: d.william

A Must See!! God Creates - Man Destroys

The Insignificance of Mankind


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