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The Sore Losers… That Make Up Many In The Democratic Party....

Updated on December 1, 2016

The Sore Losers… That Make Up Many In The Democratic Party....

There is a salient reason why the God of the Bible used to tell his servants to kill every man, woman, and child who was Israel’s enemies because the Lord being omniscient… knew that these marked for death men, women, and children would be constant, malignant thorns in the sides of the Israelis. So it is with many of the sore losers who make up the Democratic Party in their belated efforts to have a recount in the respective states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. It must be noted that no matter the genuine courtesy that President-Elect Trump - though he is in the position of the power - has extended to the Democrats in the form of Olive Branches – seemingly foregoing pursuing prosecution of the corrupt Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton -- they are still armed to cast illegitimate shadows on the President-Elect Trump's election victory. I suppose that the majority of Republican governors, the Republican House of Representatives, and the Republican Senate, warrant a recount too!

When Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party Presidential Candidate, first announced raising money for a recount, I knew instinctively that Secretary of State Clinton and the Democratic machine would join the efforts to undermine President-Elect Trump's legitimate victory… I even question if Miss Stein were not working on behalf of the Clintons/Democrats from the get go because, it is ironic, that it was Dr. Stein who stole votes from Secretary of State Clinton and now mysteriously is questioning that same vote count that gave President-Elect Trump a decisive victory in the Electoral College - I wonder if Dr. Stein and the Democrats are going to check the popular votes count too where it is alleged that millions of illegal aliens and the long dead voted for the Democrats? Instead, they are positing that President-Elect Trump was not elected legitimately because Secretary of State Clinton has more of the popular votes – what the Democrats are not telling their supporters is that the Electoral College - for weal or woe - has been part of the Constitution for hundred of years... and if the Secretary of State Clinton had won the Electoral College votes, the Luciferians would have been paying homage by celebrating (Bacchanal) via one of their pagan gods, Bacchus.

In my previous blog, I wrote that the Democrats were acting as if they won the Elections and that is why I have begged the Lord Jesus to temper my feelings toward them with mercy, as a Christian; I ask for tempering because many Democrats seem to be incapable of extending the same mercy and sense of fairness - but then again, it is no wonder because most of these Democrats believe that it is ok to murder babies and sadly, there are Christians who vote for these Democratic politicians. I have listened to many prophecies that predicted Trump’s victory… long before it came to fruition, but note too that many of these same Christian Prophecies warned about those who go against the Lord’s Anointed….

There are concerted efforts to throw America into chaos by way of fostering race wars, among other nefarious undertakings, all in all to undermine the Trump victory. The Luciferians and the Global Elites are fighting tooth and nail to get Secretary of State Clinton into the White House… so that they can continue the Godless, murderous agenda that ramped up under President Obama -- incidentally, objectively look at the moral damage that the First African American President has done to the Body-of Christ!

Does the Democratic Party machine expects that President-Elect Trump and his supporters to roll over and say take the White House… now we know why the Democratic Party big wigs and the biased media seem to give tacit support to those cry-babies who are out there marching and causing mayhem and chaos in many a city around America. No matter the warnings and no matter that Democrats are not in a position to be a legitimate obstacle, they are not going to learn, because, as I wrote before, many who make up the Democratic Party -- and sadly, so called Christians are among them -- are cursed with believing lies (Reprobates) - See The Book of Romans - 1:28.

Years ago, I told my beloved brother, Wayne, how devastating the fall of President Obama and the Democratic Party would be because they were not satisfied with only belittling Christ Jesus’ teachings - but they took actual pleasure in spiking the proverbial, perverted victory football in the face of the Lord. I speak of during the Supreme Court’s votes to sanction same-sex marriage how President Obama permitted the White House to be cascaded with the rain-bow colors… as a conspicuous signal from the Narcissist-in-Chief's rabid support for gay nuptials. But look how the Lord permitted President Obama in the span of some eight years only to have one signature Legislation - Obama Care - which must be noted again became ‘law’ without a single Republican vote and now that dubious legislation/legacy is at the mercy of President-Elect Trump… O, how the mighty has fallen!

The paragraph directly above is one of the reasons for this spurious recount by the Democratic Party operatives… working on behalf of Secretary of State Clinton - perhaps, Wiki-Leaks should restart releasing more devastating, embarrassing e-mails concerning the Clintons and the Elites in either party of their alleged sick, no longer secret behaviors that are found on sites like Info-Wars and other so called Alt-Right web-sites. I end by pleading that the Lord’s Will be done in these United States… concerning President-Elect Trump and I also leave you with a comedic admonition by the intellectual comedian, Dennis Miller who opined that: “If you think that they hate President-Elect Trump now, you wait until his policies start working”!

As it is my wont, I have used music -- here, Roger Daltry’s, After the Fire -- to help flesh out the themes of this blog


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 11 months ago from New York

      What are you talking about - I voted for trump because he is against abortion; because he supports Israel and because the world hates him... you are obviously one who do not know your Bible. Christianity is not a popularity contest because wide is the road that leads to destruction... and I suppose I can simply walk into your home and that you have no barriers (read Nehemiah) - stop with the platitudes and read your Bible and do not pervert the Word!

    • profile image

      Sanxuary 11 months ago

      Sometimes I wonder if a blog is even worth posting a comment. Do you really believe that Trump is Godly? Do you really believe his National Socialist agenda will make you a better Christain? I do not believe that such people know God at all. Does God see races and picks one over the other? If you could give everyone health care wouldnt that be better then praying and collecting money to help someone at church. Really I do not understand such values. Lets send missionarys to other countries but not bring them here when they are being killed. I am still wondering where Trumps soul even exist. I am wondering if Earth is more important then Heaven. God would not vote for Trump unless he decided its Judgment Day. I wonder why so many people hate the idea of church and now I know why. You must be talking about an Earthly God.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 13 months ago from New York

      I apologize for the piss-poor editing of the previous draft of this blog... that was published.