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The Spending Advantages Of An Economic Crisis

Updated on October 21, 2008

The Benifits of an Economic Disaster

The United States economy is suffering painful withdrawls at the loss of its addiction to credit and above-means lifestyles. In just a few years we will look back and claim we made it through as individuals and as a country but in the mean time, everyone of us will feel its hardships in someway or another.

There are perhaps some significant advantages of an economic disaster for the average American consumer. Namely the individuals that are learning how to make coffee at home instead of buying a $4 white chocolate mocha everyday and are otherwise only indirectly affected by this economic crisis.

For those of us that are having to learn to cut back, but are not in financial hurt during these times of a gloomy economy, we may actually benefit more then not.

Buying Power When Everyone Else Has None

If you can look in individual economic statistical data and find yourself in the bracket of the tax payers with low to moderate credit debt to income ratio consider yourself lucky. You can make some great purchases during this economic disaster.

When everyone else is saying hold on to your money, I say use it wisely and use it now. The second richest man in the United States, Warren Buffet, claims that you should be careful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are careful.. For those with some spending money left over after all your bills are paid at the end of the month.. Consider buying something. Right now you can buy and get more for your dollar then your are accustom to as long as you do a little searching

Someones Junk Is Another Persons Treasure

And right now you can get a whole lot more then just junk......

Many people are turning to selling their personal belongings just to be able to pay their bills. on for example you can find hundreds if not thousands of great previously owned items at deep discounts.

Table lamps, tv stands, baby strollers. anything and everything a person can part with or no longer needs can become a great opportunity for you. A dining room table and set of chairs in great condition can be purchased for just $100 maybe a little more.

This is a great time to negotiate for larger purchases or for items such as antiques. A seller may wish they could get $200 for an item such as a fine china hutch but when it means paying a bill or not, getting $125 may just be the right number. If your in the market for such items. Now is the time to buy.

Look Out For Huge Retail Discounts

Across the nation the economic crisis can be seen in retail too. Sales are down, way down. It is not any stretch of the imagination that retail stores will be slashing their prices just to make a sale and increase cash holdings while reducing old inventory.

Look out for these dramatic price decreases. Online deals will be more obviously advertised and easily found at deal sites such as SlickDeals, but search around and watch those ads this holiday season. Even if you weren't planning a purchase of a large ticket item, if you do have the funds this may just be the best time to get it.

Watch Out for the doorbusters sales and offers this holiday shopping season. Incredible savings or offers on just few products are commonly used by retail establishments to entice shoppers to get in their doors. These are called doorbusters and this holiday shopping season will be no different. Take advantage of these offers and make a plan to maximize getting them.


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