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The Story the Media Refuses to Cover

Updated on February 14, 2019
StevenHall4646 profile image

I attended the March with a couple of my friends this year as a reporter/activist.

The factory of sadness known as the mainstream media continues to finds more ways to distract themselves from their intellectual dishonesty.

On the weekend of Jan. 17, 2019 thousands of people rush to Washington D.C. for a protest against the killing of unborn babies, otherwise known as abortions. This saga takes a sharp twist from the expected outcome.

Instead of the mainstream media doing their job and doing a full-scale troops on the ground reporting on this protest that pumped out around 650,000 people, they decided to mention it only a few times. According to an article on Life Site about two minutes of reporting was done on the Friday leading up to the event on ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Likewise in comparison, the Women’s March of 2017 in Washington D.C. only drew about 200,000 people. Yet all of the media companies such as CNN or MSNBC were hailing these people as the heroes we deserve, but not the ones we need.

CNN, the great tragic hero of our generation needs some excuse to not report on the march success.

They decided to go to this story about a group of kids from Covington Catholic high school who went to the march and started “harassing” a Native American man who is a member of the black Israelites. “They surrounded me, they tried to intimidate me” he cried! Now, what did these kids do that deserves them to receive all of the hate they received on social media? They smirked at him.

This story has layers upon layers of lies written all over so let's just go over and rebuke the two points he put out.

  1. He Blocked my way and chanted “build the wall”

I left the full video near the end of the article. That chant was never shouted throughout the whole video, in fact the group of black Israelites was making racist remarks about the kids. If you look at the tape you will see that he wasn't blocked, he purposely walked in the middle of the crowd to get a rise.

2. There’s a photo of one of the kids mocking black people by wearing blackface at a basketball game.

The school’s colors are black. He’s representing his school. When I wrestled back in high school kids would wear red to represent their school. They aren't making fun of native Americans in that situation so why isn't it the case also in this one?

What we Can do about this?

I always knew the mainstream media has flaws but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine they would crash this hard. Honestly, it’s completely deserved, the way the media covered it was nauseating at best and disrespectful at worse.

The factory of sadness, does that sound like a healthy organization to you? These kinds of actions require massive revolutions in these companies mission statements. If not then more and more people will turn to alternative sources of media. That trend is already happening and it will continue to go if they keep on this train.

If you google “March for our Lives” all you will find are stories about the gun-control protest and nothing to do with abortion.

As someone who attended the march, I can say that we can’t change how the media tells the story, but we can certainly change how we talk about it with our community. Rather than going into our forts and name calling the other side lets try and open those walls, just like how President Obama talked about in his farewell address “For too many of us, it's become safer to retreat into our own bubbles, whether in our neighborhoods or on college campuses, or places of worship, or especially our social media feeds, surrounded by people who look like us and share the same political outlook and never challenge our assumptions.”

In honor of President Obama’s words lets retreat out of our bubble and rebuke the major points the pro-choice side makes for abortion

1. Unborn babies aren’t human.

Ben Shapiro said it best when he stated: “ If a fertilized egg was found on Mars we would say a human life was found”. This idea that we can start labeling things as human or not human based on our own benefit has alarming similarities to slavery. A baby’s heart begins beating at 18 days. It develops most of its major body parts by the first month, which is when most women find out they’re pregnant. It is human.

2. You don’t have the right to say anything because you're a man.

Not only is this anti-enlightenment garbage to say that someone can’t have an opinion on something because of characteristics they can’t control, but it also speaks true of the pro-choice argument as a whole. Once someone needs to resort to using this line of reasoning you already know that you won the debate.

3. These babies can’t survive on their own because they lack autonomy.

This argument is not only immoral but it’s also dangerous. Are we allowed to kill someone because they’re old and can’t walk? Are we allowed to kill someone who has a mental illness and can’t think properly?

4. I can’t take care of the baby so it’s responsible to abort.

Your life won’t be better when you run away from problems. One of the things that you learn as an adult is that you need to face it head-on. If you choose to run away from your problem this time that will develop into a mindset that will move into other parts, such as your career, your goals, and your values.

5. We need to kill certain babies because they will grow up to be criminals.

A child isn’t defined by a possible outcome. We create our own destinies, plenty of people have been told all of their lives that they’ll never amount to anything, those are usually the ones that always proves doubters wrong.

6. It makes women’s lives better to have the option, it’s a burden to deal with pregnancy.

I’m sorry but you’re going to have to talk to the man upstairs. The ability to create another human through your body is one of the beautiful things any person can do in their life. To say that it’s a negative that you can create someone and feed him/her with your body is absurd. No man is capable of doing that and it’s what makes women and feminity special.

7. What about cases with rape/incest?

This reeks of intellectual dishonesty. Most abortions aren’t because of those two situations. According to the New York Times, a left-leaning newspaper only 1% of abortions are due to this situation. All of us have had our own roller coasters. Whether we deny it or accept it we all have things we aren’t proud of the struggles that pushed us to our very core. Killing an unborn baby won’t remove the atrocity that happened to someone. It can even make them feel more empty and alone.

8. It’s my body.

The baby is not your body it’s a separate entity. If I was inside Applebee’s because I was starving and needed a place to go and eat food I don't suddenly become an Applebee's restaurant.

9. What about if the mom has a good chance of dying?

I have never heard anyone on the pro-life side argue for a woman continuing a pregnancy if her life is at risk. If there is one, he/she is wrong.

10. There are too many people on earth.

With more humans in the world we have more potential great scientist who can find the cure for cancer, great engineers that can build world wonders and statues that makes the United States the greatest place on earth, more artist and musicians who can drop down those sick beats at sweet sixteens, and more great presidents who can actually articulate and not sound like an angry looking cheeto.

Why did I do this?

Look at this picture. If your stomach turns when looking at pictures then deep down you know that this is wrong. Whenever humans do bad actions they don’t want to look at pictures of that ugly thing.

I have so much hope for the pro-life movement as a whole, I would say about 70-80% of the people at the march were millennials, this is a movement of young people. I marched because I believe all humans were created in the image of God. I marched so I can give a voice to people who don’t have one. I marched so that future generations won't have to.

© 2019 Steven A Hall


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