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The Dirty Truth About Street Drugs in America

Updated on October 7, 2011
Street Drugs Kill- Not Medical Marijuana
Street Drugs Kill- Not Medical Marijuana

Street Drugs and The Truth

Most people will bullshit you about street drugs. I am actually honest about this here. In fact I am being honest at great personal risk because there are plenty of people out there who would persecute me personally for saying the points I'm bringing up in this article. But what I'm saying will be truth and I am standing by that. I'm sure the government, particularly the moralists would choose to classify this internet page as "harmful for your minors" under their own new censorship laws and regulations, and would like to shut me down and probably jailed. This page is not damaging to minors, it's handy to minors. Actually, telling minors make believe opinions about drugs is what's really damaging to minors.

What I would like to make clear to all who read this is that people make choices for their lives that will affect their identity and who they'll become. If you make the proper choices you may have a much better life than if continuously making terrible ones. You may make all the perfect decisions and nevertheless still be killed in a vehicle accident because another person ran a red light, but for anyone who is smart about what one does then the odds are at your advantage.

The greatest thing a teenager would need to learn is saying NO and meaning it.

These choices are only yours alone and in addition, it's your responsibility in making good choices and making your life meaningful. You may have experienced a hard start in life so you'll have to do the job harder in climbing way up the ladder of life to get success. Ultimately an individual becomes who you choose to become and you can decide to be better than what you might have been raised to become. The choices an individual make are in the end yours and you should be responsible and ponder your choices carefully. If you smoke cigarettes, you'll be a smoker. When you or your partner get pregnant, you are going to become a father or mother. If you get totally hooked on Meth, your outcome is being a drug abuser.

It's your choice, so if you choose to get all drugged out, it's your failing, But...

If you would like to become great then you may be great, even if you come from tough times and places. The difference between people who become great and people who don't is that great people take control of their lives, take responsibility for their decisions, by means of pure force and will, looking on the future, and by means of self discipline, move themselves up and also achieve greatness. Everyone of you who read this could do the same thing. It's your existence. If you mess it up, it's all on you. It's your failing.

There was a kid born of a single mother. His father died from a car accident one or two months before he was born. They lived inside a trailer in a compact hick town within the south. His mother traveled to nursing school and also left him to his grandmother for some years. Then the mother married a drunk and birthed another kid. The father would often get drunk and get violent. The younger brother grew up and became a cocaine addict. But this youngster decided that he was destined to rise above his upbringing from a poor southern white-trash stepson of a drunk and generate something of himself . He worked tough and got great grades in his classes and in 1962 his class went on a trip to Washington where they shook hands with President Kennedy. At that time that poor youngster from Arkansas made the decision that some day he was going to be President of America, and he resolved to go out and he made it. If the following kid could come to be President, surely you possibly can decide to drift away and not get addicted to drugs. It's your lifetime, and you can be what you need to be.

Medical Marijuana doesn't count!


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 

      6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      I used to see my father boiling marijuana leaves for stomach ache when I was a child way back the 70s.

      When the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1975 was implemented in the Philippines, marijuana growers went underground. Many are getting caught these days.

      Some advocates on this kind of smoke are pushing a legislation to nullify the DDA because street drugs (cocaine, shabu, etc.) are those killing the youth and adults, too!


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