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Updated on October 2, 2013

Prez Obama's curious VIEW of MARRIAGE

I found a few lines in Mr Obama's victory speech (following his victory in the presidential elections last year) very silly and intriguing. An example is this comment: 'And I wouldn't be the man I am today without the woman who agreed to marry me 20 years ago.' From this it seems obvious that Mr Obama believes that whatever he achieved following his marriage twenty years earlier, e.g. his assuming the presidency four years back, his Nobel Prize for his work towards the world peace, his re-election last year, etc, is to be attributed to his marriage to Mrs Michelle Obama alone,not to his education, calibre, talent, and perseverance. By reading between the lines,we find out that not only does Mr Obama believe in luck,he also believes in the thesis that a man's luck does not lie in his hands,but it lies entwined with a woman's destiny and starts functioning just after he has got married to her. Fine stuff to lure fools into the luxury they call matrimony!

and a fine excuse for not performing your matrimonial duties

In our India, the home of the largest number of the poor and disadvantaged, we are used to getting married and laying the blame, with all ease, on our wives, who we claim to be luckless, for all their suffering and hardship due wholly to our failure to discharge our matrimonial duties and obligations. Thus, the stuff at issue makes a fine excuse for an ineligible guy* for indulging in the luxury of marriage and not feeling ashamed of nor having any conscience for failing to perform his duties towards his wife and children. Such things do become us,the unenlightened folks of a far backward state. It is astonishing that a man as enlightened as the President of as advanced a state as the States, where more and more people are choosing not to enter into the useless, silly bond of holy matrimony, should cherish such ridiculous rubbish that evidently gives encouragement to such vileness we are used to indulging in. Mr President, as I view it, must be living in a fool's paradise if he dreams up the idea that all that stuff would save the institution of matrimony and American family values.

[*I define an eligible guy as one that possesses the capacity to ensure the social and financial security, in addition to decent living, of his wife and children and the decent upbringing of the kids. In order to get an idea of the capacity a guy must possess in order to attain this eligibility, readers are advised to refer to my discourse ' A search for a true LION of a MAN '.]

another silly comment

Further, Mr Obama remarked that he felt 'so proud of' his beloved daughters, but he did not say what outstanding they achieved to do him 'so proud of' them. Merely the fathering or parenting of your kids is not something to do yourself proud nor something that should make you feel proud of them, is it? In India we fools pride ourselves on getting married as early as possible and fathering as many kids as we can, not bothering to pay attention to what sane and sensible citizens including our presidents and prime ministers have many a time pointed to, namely the fact that India's population has far outgrown her capacity.

Mr Prez's faith in God

The following line occurs in the last para of Mr Obama's victory speech as well.
'And together, with your help and God's grace,we will continue our journey forward and ...God bless you. God bless these United States.'
Again by reading between the lines, we see that Mr Obama not only believes in 'God' but is lacking in confidence in both his ability to lead America and Americans' effort in order to make America move forward. He thinks without 'God's grace' they are unable to achieve their desired goal. We Indians believe in both God and gods. Our President, I have heard, worships idols every day. The result is India not only has the 'largest number of under-nourished children in the world'* but 'In all the human development categories' lags behind even Bangladesh.* [*Amartya Sen's view]

'God's grace' is unlikely to tide Americans over their problems. As a temporary answer to the First World's unemployment problem, I would advance the communist formula, viz. the shortening of the working day.


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