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The Walking Dead Brian Butler -- How All Started

Updated on January 11, 2015


A baby boy is born on January 10, 1955 in San Diego. Right before the space race and right after Korea. So we had that time, in between, to build this country for the better.

Let's go ahead with our research and leave it to the general opinion.

Brian Butler was circumcised with a normal procedure at birth. He went home with mom! All was alright!



The picture on the right side shows the records from January 19, 1955.

"Military time 21:00/Temperature 103+, grunting response -- very irritable areas of erythema -- more widespread petechiae on legs -- increase antibiotics to include penicillin + strep. And adrenal extract.

Put on serious RxOx -- Condition explained to both parents"


Here comes the dilemma...

The above picture SHOWS the doctor's progress notes. Nonetheless, the last line added something almost imperceptible to the naked eye!


At 22:30 hrs. Kodachrome slides taken

Erythematous areas already fading -- Lieutenant L. xxxx

We ask ourselves, why a nine days old boy was exposed to radiation with some possible danger? So the limits were safe -- according to the clinical record narrative.

Was that the way to control the rash? The X-ray was there for a reason. Maybe to check the bone structure?

Or like Brian said, "a guinea pig without consent."

What do you think? Would you allow your baby to be exposed to those deadly waves?

Now the doctor signs as "Lieutenant L. xxxx" --- Interesting right?

Brian with Crutches


The kid on the left is Brian -- notice his jaw

This is a graphic showing the elbow in red

What was going on?

The baby was infected with streptococcus -- erythema was diagnosed and a reddening rash was all over his body -- started around the penis area. He was restless and crying with uneasiness. Mom was panicking and rushed Brian to the Naval Hospital. Dad was in the military and all was under control.

According to Brian:

"It was decided to make a quick move to kill the infection - the graphic above shows a baby in bad shape. Mother had to sign papers... and I was put in an incubator. At some point it was decided to expose me to radiation to a level that today is forbidden"

The medical records from 1955 until 1967

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The Narrative Summary of the Clinical Records

This Caucasian boy was admitted to the hospital through clinic for evaluation and treatment of multiple congenital abnormalities. History shows that this patient developed septicemia shortly after birth which resulted in a pyarthrosis of

  1. both temper mandibular joints
  2. both elbows
  3. right hip

The effects of the hip resulted in septic dislocation which was subsequently treated at age seven by open reduction and a shelf procedure. The hip became partly fused, inadvertently, in a position of approximately 25-30 degrees of flexion.

The head of the femur disintegrated and ceased to exist. This caused the boy to walk with a marked limp, due to the shortening in length of the extremity, as well as the flexion deformity of the hip.

The most deforming portion of the boy's difficulty was a very small mandible. This was caused by the epiphyseal arrest from the temporomandibular joint infection.

The left elbow lacks any degree of supination, but has full range of motion otherwise.

Laboratory tests on admission, consisting of CBC (complete blood count), sed rate, chest X-ray, were within normal limits.

Physical examination on admission, other than those described, were essentially within normal limits. His height was 52 3/4 inches, weighing 54 1/2 pounds.

What Brian states

Doctors wanted to save his life, but antibiotics were not enough - so he was radiated within some limits. In 1955, nuclear medicine was still in its early stages. At one point he became a patient for a test. Manhattan Project left a legacy... cold war started with no remorse. Sputnik was launched in 1957.

"My father was informed, but mom was not, " Brian said.

Was he really born with all the congenital deformities?

Was he admitted and treated within normal limits regarding R-ray?

We leave this for our conspiracy theory experts!

One last thing, Brian declares that he became infected with the circumcision procedures. At nine days of age he was admitted through emergency.

Brian on the left - 1958


Excerpt from that article - How to induce Erythema with Beta rays

"During April and May 1945, two groups of 10 human subjects
were exposed to plastic disks containing Phosphorus-32, which
emits beta rays. These disks were placed directly on the skin to
expose subjects. In one set of experiments, 10 persons were
exposed to 140 to 250 rep (roentgen equivalent physical); in a
second set of experiments, 10 subjects received a series of four
exposures each in doses varying from 635 to 1180 rep. In most
instances the forearm was the point of exposure, except for three
cases in the second series where the inner mid-thigh was exposed.
These experiments were funded by the Manhattan Project and were
carried out in Clinton Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. (One
roentgen equivalent physical of beta rays is approximately one
rem. For comparison, present occupational exposure limits are 30
rem per year to the skin, and 75 rem per year to hands and
The objective of this experiment was to determine the beta
ray dose at which skin erythema (reddening of the skin) would
first be seen. In the first set of experiments, 8 of 10 subjects
showed a "visible reaction" of mild tanning at a dose of 250 rep.
In the second set of experiments, 6 subjects showed erythema at
635 rep, and 8 showed erythema at 313 rep. These experiments were
reported in J.E. Wirth and J.R. Raper, Chapter 12 Biological
Effects of External Beta Radiation, National Nuclear Energy
Series, Volume IV-22E McGraw-Hill, 1951.
The Department of Energy reported no follow up on these subjects."

Family Picture from 1959 - Brian right behind mom


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