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Tips on How to Find True Love in the Internet -Online Dating

Updated on August 29, 2012

Online Dating Tips Video

Are you tired of being loveless? Are you interested in a serious and long time relationship? Do you want to find your soul mate, even in the comfort of your bedroom or anywhere as long as you have internet connections?

I know people who laugh at people who are trying to find their love online. Their remarks will usually be, are these people true, how can you trust them? What if they are criminals? Surely, there are rare cases which women in particular have been murdered or abused sexually because the perpetrator lure them in the internet. But there are also success stories like becoming rich because of internet or finding their true love in the internet.

Technology brings forth faster way of living. Unlike before where we visit places to buy some things or go to the a certain place for enjoyment, now we can have all in virtual forms. We can buy anything we want in the internet, goods, antiques, sex, pornography, games, you name it, etc. We can pay bills too online. Technology always bring comfort to people but sometimes they have negative effects also, we just have to bear in mind that we are still the one who will decide for ourselves, given this capacity technology cant dictate us, we use them for our own good and we have the will to know and utilize them in a nice way.

So, the question still remains, is it possible to find the love of your life online? Yes, it takes time, patience and honesty.

For those of us who are busy working, internet is an alternative to find the love we want to have, internet might be useful to us. If you have computer, internet connections, then you can proceed and join any dating site you want. But bear in mind that there are advantages and disadvantages of scouring for your love online. To name one, you can fall in love with communication or just an email or profile without even meeting the person. Some of the dating sites are:,,, etc. there are also numerous ones for interracial dating, for various interest etc.,

Things to do if you want to find love online:


First you have to decide what do you really want to find, lay down your expectation, you want to find true romance or love, friends only, date, booty call, one night stand etc. Be very clear on your objectives in yourself first, why are you joining the dating site. Do you really want to pursue a serious relationship? What are the necessary things to consider like distance, etc. bearing in mind that long distance relationship is a little bit expensive, and can you survive it, how to keep the flame going because of distance etc.  

Search for websites relevant to your expectation

Look for site which is relevant for your expectation. There are numerous dating site in the web, all you need to do is to decide what site do you like to join. Get feedback from other people who have also joined dating site and how they find their true love.

Setting up a profile

If you decide in what dating site you will join, first you will set up a profile on that dating site. There are many things to consider when you set up a profile


About the picture which you are gong to post, avoid distractions, post your latest picture, and wear a smile. Avoid putting all the pictures of children children with you. The selling point is you not them.

Remember, picture paints a thousand words. First impression is lasting even in pictures, so ask some of your friends to check the picture you are going to post if it is ok. Remember we are living in a very visual society.


Be very artistic about your username, be unique not ordinary like say Mary the queen, or shy marry, try to emphasize your qualities hobbies, passion in username. Try to visualize and try to emphasize what they are expecting when they are with you for example you likes, love to dance, loves to race, loves to laugh etc. Avoid describing yourself as super sexy very faithful etc instead try a case in point like “I like sunbathing at beaches“. I like my coffee black early in the morning. I take care of three puppies, patient eh??

Be patient and honest

Be very patient, internet is the place to find date and love specially if you are busy. We should be very patient and try to give yourself more time, like say six months is ok. About honesty, in writing your profile under the portion tell something about yourself, what are your thoughts etc, be truthful in telling them what you expect to find in the site, also when describing your attributes, physical characteristics etc. Age, locations, height weight and other physical attributes should be correct.


It is advisable not to communicate with all at the same time, just choose them carefully based on the characteristics you like, don’t wink at all of them, it is best if you have selected few at a time, and find time to read what they are saying or their profile. Avoid giving your email address immediately, it is better if you communicate with them in the dating site first.


Try to focus on people who might like you not on the people who specified in their profile they don’t like some of your characteristics, like age etc. For example you like a man younger and far away but he specify he likes younger women too and he cant travel.

Get the opinion of your friends about your profile mostly of the opposite sex what is his reaction on your profile

Impress with your first email or communication

Read the profile of the person you are writing to and get personal knowledge about him/her

Try to remember peoples profile, since there are many prospect, make a listing of every person and their characteristics, and try to look at it before you talk on the phone or chat with them.

Safety Precautions About Online Dating


  1. Don’t divulge any of your private information like your telephone number if you not yet sure about the person
  2. Have an exchange of letters first so that address can be accurate
  3. You can do investigation and check on them first
  4. Meet them in person, know their friends, family and be with them so you really get to know them.


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      prettydarkhorse 8 years ago from US

      thanks for dropping by Helen!

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      Helen Cater 8 years ago from UK

      Great topic prettydarkhorse, and much needed in the forums at the moment.