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To Be or Not to Be Concerned

Updated on May 9, 2020

The United Kingdom and Europe

A map of the United Kingdom also showing how they voted to exit the European Union
A map of the United Kingdom also showing how they voted to exit the European Union
In this map of Europe most of the countries shown in various colours belong to the European Union, but today they have a problem that needs to be solved fast.
In this map of Europe most of the countries shown in various colours belong to the European Union, but today they have a problem that needs to be solved fast.

Concerned about the latest world events

Welcome to our article (59), to be or not to be concerned.

Concerned about the latest world events

Dear readers, as citizens of the world, every time that something happens that may affect our lives, we should be concerned, because it will affect everybody. For this reason, I am writing this article, hoping that people read about our concerns. The most important event today is; Britain exit from the European Union.

Therefore, today we must ask ourselves; if we should be concerned about Britain leaving the European Union? Or we should think, that everything is going to be all right. Anyhow, the question that we are asking ourselves is, to be or not to be concerned about Britain exit from the European Union?

Since Britain have voted to exit from the European Union, a lot of people are worried about it. For this reason, when we look at the news, they sound alarming. The stock market seems to be going down everywhere, to hear some experts the financial future forecast is not that good, in fact, they are even talking about that a world recession is possible. All this can happen because Britain is leaving the European Union. I don’t know what to think about this issue, because it is only one country leaving the (EU); so, I believe that the European Union can continue to run just the same as before, provided the other members of the EU, are willing to continue.

But then again, it may not be as simple as it seems, because of this negative attitude that financial institutions have shown, from the first moment that Britain announced that they have voted to leave the EU. Anyhow, I believe that financial things will go back to normal, once the surprise is over. However, we are going to follow this issue closely, starting with this article that we are writing here.

Anyhow, because Britain has voted to exit the EU, today we are looking for the reasons why Britain wants to exit the EU. Now, while we are looking to find the reason why Britain is leaving the EU, something is happening in the Mediterranean Sea, lots of refugees are coming to Europe; looking at what is happening there, we believe that this is the reason why Britain is leaving the EU, since it has influenced the people of Britain to vote to exit the European Union.

We believe that the real problem why Britain has voted to exit, has not been pointed out properly to the public from the press, at least this is how I feel like. So, while these discussions go on about to leave or to stay; the real problem that has made the British people vote to exit the EU still goes on in Europe. Anyhow, we want to explain our point of view. And then, if we have time we are going to come back and talk about Britain exit, and write our personal point of view about what it might mean to Europe. We are also going to look at the history of how the European Union was formed and other things as well, because we want to know how it was formed.

Anyhow, we believe that what is happening today is due to the refugee movement, since they come in great numbers to Europe. We believe that this is the real problem that upsets most of the countries of the European Union. So, let us talk about it.


A ship of the Italian Cost Guards with some refugees aboard.

We the Italians have a weakness for other people, we feel that we have to help those people in danger. But are we doing this helpful jest without thinking of our own consequence.  This is also the question here; to be or not to be helpful at our cost
We the Italians have a weakness for other people, we feel that we have to help those people in danger. But are we doing this helpful jest without thinking of our own consequence. This is also the question here; to be or not to be helpful at our cost

The biggest concern for Europe

Anyhow, the biggest concern for Europe, and Britain, and the entire world must be the illegal emigrants that emigrate by thousands every day, and for this reason, they are causing all these problems, in the counties they emigrate. And I believe, that this is the real reason why Britain has voted to exit.

So, let us talk about the refugees, and what is happening on the coasts of Italy.

Now these events don’t seem to be reported much from the world press, at least not as much as they ought to be reported to inform the public. You see, to find what I am reporting here, I had first to Google the Italian news and then ask about refugees before this article came up. To me it is an important article, because it is mostly ignored from the world press and I wonder why, it is so.

Anyhow, let us talk about what I found, in this Italian article.

In a single day, this is how many illegal emigrants, or refugees have arrived in Italy, and the following list is a shortened list of the Italian Google news:

The (Guardia costiera italiana) Italian cost guards, this morning have rescued about 1400 illegal emigrants about 40 miles near Libya who were heading to the Italian coasts.

Another 655 emigrants have disembarked in Messina;

Another 1300 have disembarked in Brindisi;

150 in Port Empedocles; And 1135 in Augusta.

If you add the numbers up, they come just under 4000 illegal emigrants in one day.

Now, this is the real problem that Europe and the entire world is facing. And in my opinion, this is the real problem that has made Britain exit from the European Union.

Because of what is happening, the people of the world are concerned; therefore, they need to ask those people in power to come up with a solution. Because we believe that everything can go out of control, in fact, it may already be out of control, if we look at those violent things that happen in the world today.

There are many things that can be said, but the entire world seems that is spitting in two, but this is hard to explain easily. Anyhow, let us give a short description of the European Union.


The European Union

The European Union of today has 28 member states, it has an area of 4,324,782 square Km. and a population of over 508 million. Now because Britain is leaving it is going to be 27 member states, but that is okay, since it still covers most of the western Europe continent, which has advances technology, but it has not been like that at the beginning. So, let us write a shortened version of what I have found on the internet, even though I know some of the history myself.

The very first step was the, European Coal and Steel Community, in 1952; in 1957, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany signed the, Treaty of Rome, which created the European Economic Community (EEC), after that other member joined the European Union, a lot of them in 1973 this group included also Britain if I am right, and since then most of them have worked together until now. Here we must add that later Greece and several other smaller states joined the Union.

From my own personal point of view, it seems to me that the European Union, was serving its members well, until the time that smaller and poor states joined in. You see, the people that were living in the poor states started to move to the richer states quickly, in search of a better life for themselves, so, nobody can blame them for wanting to live like the rest of European people, since they became part of Europe when they joined.

Anyhow, at this point of time there was nothing to worry about, because they were absorbed easily in the rest of the European community, provided there was enough time for these people to amalgamate. But this freedom of movement in Europe has set a precedent, so, whoever is a European citizen is free to move around to other states. Now, as you can see this has been the beginning of uncontrolled emigration. So, I believe that this is the real problem that Europe faces today UNCONTROLLED EMIGRATION.

I believe that this uncontrolled emigration is the reason why, Britain has voted to exit the European Union, you see, they are concerned. I believe that the British people feel as if they are losing control of their own country, and they prefer to exit instead of letting the European Union tell them what to do.

Anyhow, this is not the only concern that the world is facing today, because every day there is something else to worry about; these concerns may be similar, or they are a link to the problems that we have mentioned above. Anyhow, let us see what is happening in the USA these days.


The American problem is a concern

Dear readers, this is a different problem, but it is still happening in the world. So, we should all be concerned about what has happened in USA today, because it seems that it is a trend that is going to continue, if all the people involved don’t change their attitude and the ways of thinking; but let us first look at what has happened.

Today there has been another tragedy in USA, in Dallas Texas a gunman has shot dead 5 policemen and injured 7 others, after opening fire on this supposed to be a peaceful demonstration. At the beginning, it was thought that there were a few gunmen that opened fire on the police, but it turned out to be only one gunman, who had been in the army and served in Afghanistan. The gunman then was killed by police using a robot bomb.

Anyhow, this seems to be a real problem for USA, because there is too much hatred between different communities of different race and colour, and worse still it seems to escalate with time. Some of these communities are more violent than others, so, instead of cooperating with the authorities they fight them.

The police that are involved in controlling these people feel that their lives are at risk, every time they have to do their job, so, they are a bit edgy, and if they feel that they are in danger they shoot first and ask question later. Of course, the people that are abused or shot by the police blame the police for it, and for this reason they hate the police. So, it seems that this is a trend that can never end.

What could be done to improve the situation one could ask here? But there are no easy answers to that question. Most of the world is wondering, if anybody can come up with any ideas how to improve the situation.

So, I believe that we should be concerned. We should be concerned because, so far, no political leader has come up with a way of how they can solve this problem. Anyhow, I believe that we should all give this matter some thoughts, and see, if we can see the reasons why this is happening, and then talk about it.

There are a lot of other things that we can say, but that has got to do for the time being, since we have said enough in this article. We are continuing about this issue, in our next article, We Italian should be concerned.

See you soon.



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