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Julian Assange the man behind wikileaks. Now hosts his show

Updated on April 18, 2012
Will your voice be silenced next?
Will your voice be silenced next? | Source

Julian Assange is the founder and spokesperson for the now infamous website Wikilieaks. This man and his website has become synonymous with government blunders, government led spy activities, conspiracies and the so called wars on terror. Every time you think about our governments messing-up then think Wikileaks.

The small issue of Julian Assange being wanted in Sweden on rape charges is in my view nothing more than smoke screen to shut him up. Since the information he and his website have revealed is hurting someone real bad. There is nothing more the governments around the world especially the US of A would want to do then to make sure that this man is not standing-up showing us all the government blunders and their hypocritical nature, after they have finished with him, he’ll be singing their praises.

Besides how many rapists get chased down by Interpol in a year, i’d hazard a guess at ‘0’. So why is Interpol so interested in this man’s sex-a-pades in Sweden?

Now then, surely it has nothing to do with “Government pressure”....!

Surely Interpol has much more serious cases and scoundrels to hunt down.

The Australia's foreign minister has said the US is to blame for the release of thousands of diplomatic cables on Wikileaks, not its Australian founder, Julian Assange. So then why is he being hunted down like some actor in a Hollywood spy movie.

In my view he has not done anything wrong, we the public put the government in power, and if they are doing something wrong in our names we have all the right in the world to find out about those mistakes. The politicians are making mistakes that will affect each and every one of us. We deserve to find out about each and every action our government take. In that respect Julian Assange is the Robin hood in this information war and he deserves our support.

Why is the main stream media not asking tougher questions to our politician’s on the cables that truly put the whole political system at shame.

Wikileaks founder julian assange

Assange, 39, had an unconventional upbringing. Born and raised in Australia, his parents met at a demonstration against the Vietnam War and instilled in their son a sense of rebellion.

Has he really been naughty’s an article in the Dailymail see what you think? Are his actions really worth so much commotion and the involvement of security agencies across the globe:

Is that a bad thing? I would say no, if the rebellion is against the wrong that our governments are doing then it a necessary act that each and every human should take part in, to prevent more bad being done in our names, to protect our civil interests and to up hold freedom of speech. If we allow the system to gag Julian Assange and Wikileaks, we are sealing our freedom of speech and our rights in the hands of our governments. This means that you as an individual or society have no right to object, criticise, ridicule or disobey the government. Even when you know that the government is taking part in actions that are against international law, you will remain silent or face the same wrath as Julian Assange.

julian assange videos

Interview with lawyer representing Julian Assange, clearly not much evidence to lock the man up, so what is the powerful government mafia going to implicate him on next time.  

Is Julian Assange guilty of a crime for releasing the truth?

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Is Julian Assange the founder of wikileaks guilty of any crimes in Swedish courts?

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Read about Julian Assange in the following hot sellers:

julian assange interview

Julian Assange being interviewed by PressTV. So much for freedom of speech, why is this man being chased down, has he done something wrong by releasing documents which clearly show that in our name our governments have been carrying out illegal wars, back biting, covert actions against other nations and many of the wrongs that we should be condemning.

I wonder why then it was so easy for the media and the politicians in blaming the Muslims for being so anti-freedom and anti-free speech over the cartoon fiasco when the very same media and government are hounding this man Julian Assange for bringing to us the true workings of evil (ohhhps I mean not so good) governments.

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    • profile image

      Ted.S 6 years ago

      Nice article. only if we had more men like him, we wouldn;t have so many wars.