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Trayvon Martin: Tired of the Same Old Arguments

Updated on October 22, 2013


I was all ready to put a hoodie as my Facebook profile pic in support of Trayvon Martin but something stopped me. Something caused my justifiable anger and disbelief to quickly disappear like smoke on a breeze. I’ve always stood up for what I felt was right and I’m never afraid to voice or display my views. But this was different. This time I felt, “Ugh…enough already. I’ve seen this play before.” I knew the media and celebrities would jump on board before knowing all the facts and continually pump the perceived injustice into our psyche. This would trigger the public to overreact which in turn would lead to false protest and racial arguments. So this time I basically said, “Screw Trayvon Martin and his copyrighting family and screw George Zimmerman and his superhero complex.” And while I felt this strongly I continued to wrestle in my mind as to why this time I felt no compassion. Sure nobody cares what I think in the big scope of things but for me personally I may have finally reached a breaking point with our society.

I’m married and have a twelve year old son. I care about him and I’m always on the lookout for his safety. I should have felt for Trayvon Martin’s parents. It should’ve been easy for me to defend a seventeen year old walking home wearing a hoodie who was tragically shot and killed. I should’ve felt anger toward a neighborhood watch volunteer who went John Wayne when told by the 911 operator to stand down. But I didn’t; I couldn’t. It felt horribly wrong for me to try and even fake it. Several arguments played out in my head the worst of which was, “Who gives a shit. I’ve got my own problems.” Was it going to change anybody’s life outside the parties involved if George Zimmerman was charged with murder or manslaughter? No. Maybe we’d feel about ten minutes of redemption and then return to our day to day grind.


But then another argument would push its way to the front of my head. As the facts started to trickle in it became clear this was no cut and dry, “black kid is stereotyped, mistook for a burglar and shot.” While it’s considered stereotyping when a black teen wearing a hoodie, walking through a gated community is questioned, it really isn’t. If it had been a shabby, homeless looking white guy he’d been asked the same thing. I’m tired of race immediately jumping to the front. It’s 2012 and I believe it’s the one area we’ve made some progress. This wasn’t about race. This was about the country we now live in where you can’t be disrespected or embarrassed because if you are then somebody has to die.

George Zimmerman felt a sense of power and respect because he was a volunteer neighborhood watchman. Trayvon Martin like most seventeen year old males felt he deserved respect and was growing up in a time where people talk smack hiding behind their Twitter and Facebook accounts. So when these two egos clashed it was a mix of disrespect, surprise, embarrassment and then rage. But what Martin hadn’t learned at his age was the subtlety of underestimating. Sure he figured he could beat Zimmerman but he underestimated that he might have a weapon. And Zimmerman having a gun brings in the age old argument of gun control.


Sick and Tired

If you want someone to blame then blame our country and Florida in particular. This starts another mindless debate of owning a gun to defend yourself. That along with this so called “stand your ground” law gives too much leeway to the one holding the gun. To allow a person a gun and their interpretation of feeling their life is in danger makes for situations like the one we’re witnessing. This incident took place in Florida, that’s their law and our country allows guns. And as always in this country guns get a pass and add another element of frustration that drives me to throw my hands up.

While it seems cliché and an easy way out, Martin’s parents can’t be overlooked in this case. The argument can be made, what were these parents thinking? What type of path did they think they were leading their child down when they allowed a tattoo at fifteen? When they allowed him to have a gold grill? When they allowed a Twitter handle NO_LIMIT_NIGGA for their child. How as a parent of an African-American child would you let him degrade himself by using that word? There are Tweets of his that speak of and encourage violence. There were school suspensions over weed residue, possible stolen items and fighting. You allowed your son to be put in this position and ultimately it got him killed. If you don’t want to be stereotyped then don’t act the part. This was no scared innocent kid running from Zimmerman. If maybe he’d been taught to respect himself and others he’d have talked it out instead of fighting it out. But then again these same parents felt the need to trademark their son’s name for some bizarre reason. And that reason is our culture has taught us to live in a fantasy world. It’s taught us to live through celebrities and mediocre pro athletes. It’s taught us to try and get easy money and false fame at any cost. Instead of dealing with people on a common sense level we judge and insult.

Deja Vu

And this results in Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr who feel the need to Tweet Zimmerman’s home address. You have Tweets calling for him to be killed. You have a moronic Congressman wearing a stupid hoodie on the House floor. You have the President stirring the pot. You have lemmings staging marches for a seventeen year old wanna-be thug who couldn’t handle the question, “Hey where you headed.” You have people wearing shirts that read, “If I had son he’d look like Trayvon Martin.”

It’s all the above reasons that have my brain on overload. I can’t fight for someone or something when the cause is false and could’ve been prevented years ago. It’s the same thing over and over again. I don’t understand how people can’t see the déjà vu. I guess I’m desensitized and tired of it all. Until things change in our culture and how we perceive ourselves and others, I guess we'll just continue to bang our heads against the wall.

Children and Racism


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    • jcales profile image

      jcales 4 years ago

      How many men are arrested for following minors?

      He was not committing a crime per se, but he can carry a concealed weapon even with a permit.

      An adult, who is not law enforcement, carrying a gun and following a minor should be a crime. Why? Because he can force that boy to go with him, or force that girl to do things she doesn't want to.

      America is really going the wrong way when it comes to guns.

      If Trayvon had a gun, Zimmerman would be dead and then Trayvon could claim self defense since he was being wrongfully pursued by an adult with a gun. Trayvon called his GF to report it.

      Women go to rape self-defense class to ward off their attackers. Are they really supposed to wait until he attacks to do something? She will be overpowered and could end up dead. Or if the women attacks first, he then shoots her dead, he is off scott-free?

      Doesn't the US approve of first-strikes in war? Well, when it is a teen against an adult no matter the size difference it is still war. We all know a well-trained adult can take any taller guy and Zimm's shaved head looked pretty intimidating at that time. Funny, how he transformed himself into a pudgy shaggy haired man at the end of the trial.

      Just watch your teenagers, your nieces, and nephews now because they are not allowed to strike an adult stranger following them. I hate hearing about kids being abducted being a parent. So, the law says you must wait for them to strike first, but oh, what if you get the upper hand, and then your stranger shoots you. It is Zimmerman all over again. The wrong message has been sent. The law needs to be changed.

    • profile image

      Truth 4 years ago

      I just wrote a remark on another hub about the zimmerman case. I think we shouldn't overlook the fact that the media and the race hustlers forced this to come to court. The evidence showed there was no crime it was a case of self defense. Even if Zimmerman followed Martin, it's not a crime. The prosecutors couldn't prove anything. Having said that, the jury could be a bunch of liberals and convict Zimmerman anyways.

    • profile image

      Unify 4 years ago

      "While it seems cliché and an easy way out, Martin’s parents can’t be overlooked in this case. The argument can be made, what were these parents thinking? What type of path did they think they were leading their child down when they allowed a tattoo at fifteen? When they allowed him to have a gold grill? When they allowed a Twitter handle NO_LIMIT_NIGGA for their child. You allowed your son to be put in this position and ultimately it got him killed."

      You present the argument of how could Mr. Martin parents could allow him to do all of the things you listed.

      Instead of asking the ? why did out of your so-called concern what you should be doing is asking why did the parents of ERIC HARRIS & DYLAN KLEBOLD allowed them to make mock vidoes one of the them called "HIT MAN FOR HIRE" the day before they attacked their school mates and one teacher.

      Why weren't their minor crimes of stealing computer equipment, breaking and entering, trespassing didn't draw suspicion to the fact that they could and would eventually carry out an TERRORIST attack on twelve people???

      Just jog your memory the incident I'm Referring to was called the COLUMBINE SHOOTINGS

    • profile image

      Alonso calagor 5 years ago

      Trayvon was at fault! Their is proof through the 911 call that shows that Zimmerman was suspicious of Trayvon because of how he was acting he was walking back and forth in the same place like someone who was ready to rob. And Trayvon also was the one who attacked Zimmerman and repeatedly hit his head on the ground and their witnesses to prove this. Zimmerman was defending his self which he had every right to do! And their were even reports that said Trayvon reached for the gun. Trayvon is not the kid the mainstream media is painting they put up a picture that is years old and then dont even mention other gangsta wannabe pictures of him or the fact that the kid sold drugs which their proof in his facebook profile. This is also the first time I have ever heard of a white hispanic. If it did not fit into their agenda they would just call him hispanic. Obama is more white than Zimmerman. And where is the outrage over white people or hispanics beating killed and beaten by black people? Their have been numerous hate crimes from black people especially due to this Trayvon incident where the suspects even said that it is revenge for Trayvon but the media didnt report any of them as a hatecrime.

      Americans especially Black people need to walk up the Mainstream media is trying to start a Race War. From the start they have been lying about this whole case and NBC even fired their workers for editing the Zimmerman 911 call to make Zimmerman look like a racist. Walk Up people!

    • chipsball profile image

      chipsball 5 years ago from Houston, Texas USA


      When George Zimmerman left his house that evening he was Armed and ready to use his weapon whenever he felt the need. He wasn't on neighborhood "watch" that evening...he was on vigilante "patrol"...he ignored the most important principle of "neighborhood watch"... to not pack a weapon. He didn't give a dam! He wasn't an idiot then...isn't one now.

      When he was ordered by the Sanford Police Dept. to stand down and not follow Trayvon...he ignored this as well...He didn't give a dam! Most likely he had seen Trayvon in the neighborhood previously but didn't have an opportune time to stop him and interrogate him...but that night he did. Armed and ready to use his weapon when he exited his car...he felt no threat approaching this up-to-no-good looking kid in Trayvon..Zimmerman knew he had the upper-hand in ANY confortation with this kid...he was packing a lethal weapon that he was ready to use. Wasn't an idiot then... isn't one now.

    • A M Werner profile image

      Allen Werner 5 years ago from West Allis

      JustAGuy, so conform or be cast out is the answer? Since when does one wearing a hoodie suddenly make them a thug? I've worn hoodies all my life and I am a white guy raised in the suburbs. Should all cultures adapt blindly to the white man style, wear suits and ties in the rain so as to avoid being perceived as a threat and a hoodlum? Should people of other cultures stop wearing what is common for them so they don't have to worry about zealots with guns who think they are the policeman of their particular communities. It's kind of like the slut-walks in Canada. Just because a person dresses a particular way, it doesn't give anyone the right to make assumptions to such extremes. The facts are very evident. Trayvon was a young man walking in the rain with his hoodie on. Zimmerman didn't recognize him and assumed he was up to no good. When Zimmerman called 911, he had absolutely NOTHING to report other than a perceived threat that was doing nothing except walking in the rain. It wasn't like he was looking in windows and breaking mailboxes, just simply walking in the rain with a hoodie over his head. If that can be characterized a thug in this day and age, something is really wrong with this world and this nation. Peace

    • profile image

      JustAGuy 5 years ago

      "BKAONE it is truly pathetic that you place fault on Trayvon in any manner for his death and embrace nonsense that supports your belief that Zimmerman acted apporiately and within the law on the night he shoot Trayvon.

      We will not know the facts until the investigation is completed"


      Mr. chipsball,

      Did you even process a thought before posting this commentary, or did your mind instantly flip back to what the media told you to think?

      BKAONE, happens to have a very valid point. Was Zimmerman right? I don't think so, I am reasonably sure that this could've gone down a hundred other ways.

      However, to NOT blame trayvon martin, for his own actions, for the way he perceived himself, and for the way he wished to be perceived, is absurd.

      Zimmerman, is by my estimation, an idiot. An idiot with a gun, who felt the need to act a part. trayvon, by all accounts, paints a picture of a young man who was also playing a part.

      If you wish to be perceived as someone who is tough, or dangerous you must account for the fact that some idiot will likely accept you as such and call your bluff.

      and please, if I am somehow, wrong in this estimation, explain to me the values purported by the "Thug" image. I granted you, had trayvon been shot wearing a suit and tie, I would have many more questions regarding this scenario.

      Also, please see Self-Perception Theory as put forth by Dr. Daryl Bem.

    • chipsball profile image

      chipsball 5 years ago from Houston, Texas USA

      BKAONE now is not the time to sit this out! Now is the time for you to join the chorus of those seeking justice for Trayvon and his family. You don't have to march hand and hand with Rev. Al, Jessie and the Trayvon supporters or protest in front of the Sanford police station. You can make a committment to justice by objectively looking at the facts of this case...challenging your own point of view and realizing that becoming invisible is not the solution. Stay involved and ask questions...the good old boy network depends upon you to "sit this one out". And not care!

    • BKAONE profile image

      Bruce Aderhold 5 years ago from Frederick, MD

      My eyes have been open my whole life. I've taken up my share of causes and believe me this one is just as deserving as the others. But my whole point is, as a country, we've painted ourselves into a corner. Guns, vague defense laws, media dishonesty, he said she said is what is turning me away. We've lost our common sense in this country and are making no attempt to get it back. I respect your words and your anger but like I said I'm sitting this one out.

    • chipsball profile image

      chipsball 5 years ago from Houston, Texas USA

      BKAONE it is truly pathetic that you place fault on Trayvon in any manner for his death and embrace nonsense that supports your belief that Zimmerman acted apporiately and within the law on the night he shoot Trayvon.

      We will not know the facts until the investigation is completed, however the information contained from the intial investigator reports...disected from distractions and misinformation that you and others have put forth, was more that sufficient to justified from the day of the shooting an arrest of George Zimmerman for murder and/or manslaughter. Probable cause to arrest was simply... the case is not complex...notwithstanding Florida's Hold your Ground Law. George Zimmerman set out that he most likely did on many other occassions of "watching the neighborhood" ARMED and ready to use his weapon when ever he felt the NEED. He knew the rules...didn't give a dam. He was insulated. He was known by the Sandford Police Dept. and they most likely knew he traveled with his weapon when out on "patrol". Just like he did on the night of Trayvon killing. So when the call of the shooting came into the police station the appropriate persons (Police Chief & District Attorney) immediately went into action to minimize and even cover up the details of the incident. The good old boy network went into action and set out to impede information about the shooting by placing Trayvon in a morgue and listing him as "unidentified"...this in order to by time and hide the shooting from his parents, media sources and community leaders. They then set out to intentionally reject the chief investigators conclusions and immediately justified a "no charges" against Zimmerman although there was conclusive evidence to justify several charges based on the physical evidence and the many contradictory statements and lies from Zimmerman.

      The true facts will certainly come out as this inquiry proceeds...but you should have had seen enough to recognize the injustice put on this family by Zimmerman for his reckless and malicious conduct and that of the good old boy network in Sanford. The network trying to cover up what is now a very racially charged incident that would have been avoided with proper and appropriate charges being filed and an arrest of Zimmerman made on the scene. However, I suspect your hatred of community leaders like Sharpton & Jackson and the attention this shooting has gotten from the media is what really drives your rationalizations and resentments. Open your eyes!

    • A M Werner profile image

      Allen Werner 5 years ago from West Allis

      BKAONE, I happened accidently across this hub and found it interesting. It is difficult when the media keeps throwing certain agendas up in our face but I think it is important we don't become desensitized to the humans living through those moments. Distance keeps us safe from things like this shooting, but we seem to relate really well with terrorism and disease and other community fears that can actually strike at our homes. What many white people call 'same old' is still a reality that strikes at home for others. When the white community separates itself and desensitizes itself, it is acknowledging the gap, the idea that this pretty much won't happen to me and my kids - but those other people, oh well. And as far as AR's comment here, I don't know if you'll bother responding but I've seen that coldness before and someone down the line I may address it in a hub of mine own - maybe after more facts come out. Peace

    • tmarie423 profile image

      tmarie423 5 years ago

      What is sad is how the fact that a 17 year old kid walking back to his dad gets shot to death is being over shadowed by the media hype and by people 'in their own round about way' coming across as if Trayvon deserved such a tragedy because of his clothing or for being suspended from school. None of that really matters considering he was just walking back from the store. Zimmerman the rent a cop had no reason to shoot the kid. And if I were being stalked or pursued by some stranger I am going to do what I can to defend myself. And those claiming to know Trayvons future...I feel sorry for you. You've obviously never been around teenagers or been one yourself. sad

    • BKAONE profile image

      Bruce Aderhold 5 years ago from Frederick, MD

      Thanks bethperry I appreciate it.

    • BKAONE profile image

      Bruce Aderhold 5 years ago from Frederick, MD

      Thanks feenix. And you're right..Somalia is not a place I'd ever like to find myself.

    • bethperry profile image

      Beth Perry 5 years ago from Tennesee


      excellent commentary, simply excellent!

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 5 years ago

      Hello, BKAONE,

      This is an excellent commentary on both the Martin case and the "racial-unrest sideshow" that has been going on in the U.S. for many years now.

      Similar to the way you feel about things, I just cannot find it in myself to get all fired up over one white killing one black.

      I mean, like, things could be a lot worse. I could be a citizen and permanent resident of Mogadishu, Somalia.

    • Mary Stuart profile image

      Mary 5 years ago from Washington

      Too bad we always have to jump to race. I think most Americans could care less how much pigment you happen to have in your skin. I am sure George Zimmerman is shoulding all over himself over this one. Let's not make it worse by pretending that race was the motivating factor. It likely was not.

    • BKAONE profile image

      Bruce Aderhold 5 years ago from Frederick, MD

      Thanks for the comments American. I appreciate your added thoughts and views. It's definitely a situation where the judicial endpoint is going to make some people very unhappy.

    • BKAONE profile image

      Bruce Aderhold 5 years ago from Frederick, MD

      Thanks Brenda. I appreciate the comments.

    • profile image

      Sarah 5 years ago

      I have to add that overall I feel frustrated with the African American culture because I feel that they are forever victimizing other cultures by placing us as perpetrators against them. This mantality filters down into their children who view others as the enemies who are discriminating against them, thereby justifying any kind of actions that they want to engage in against other non-African Americans. On top of this, I feel that African Americans have become totally complacent with the attitude and mindsets of I can take anybody down physically who pisses me off---physical violence and fighting is ok, it's part of our culture. Subsequently, this culure has become accustomed to utilizing violence amongst their own race and outside of their race. You were so right about "acting the part"....if you don't want to be stereotyped, don't act the part. And also about how loose his parents were with what they allowed. I absolutley hate the "N" word (can't even stand hearing it in my own head) but it is ok for this child to use it on his own web page in his parents' eyes but heaven forbid anyone else use the word against him: RACISM would be shouted from every mountain top. I think this culture allows themselves to do things that would be considered absolutely racist if done or stated by any other race. It's time for that culture to start looking at themselves and their own behavior instead of pointing fingers at everyone else. Can you imagine a country full of white people spening all of their time blaming AAs for their down falls---white people would be laughed at in their faces.

    • profile image

      Sarah 5 years ago

      One of the best response written articles I have ever read---you were so right on with all of your sentiments and conclusions. I am so impressed with the manner in which you were able to break this situation down to logical conclusions that really added up and made sense. You should be a pscyhologist as you really connected with the human psyche and how such psyche's and society come together and play themselves out.

    • profile image

      Hacksaw1 5 years ago

      Finally I came upon someone whom I agree with. If I hit the 640 mil tonight 2-3 goes to George for the best attorneys in the land. Maybe OJ's. I have two teens and my son opens doors for women and the elderly. I have a drugee stepson that threatons me daily. To many kids today think the world owes them, and they don't have to answer to anybody. He learned the hard way he was wrong. Were are out here for you George. Good luck and God Bless.

    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 5 years ago

      BKAONE, you've rightly pointed out the confusion of this situation, with many good points.

      Good hub!

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 5 years ago from America

      You failed to mention the difference between good parents and Trayvons, My parents would not have given me money for skittles and a nice walk to the grocery store while suspended from school! I would be working like a dog with no TV or video games! Trayvon was a thug with no respect for his elders! I was brought up to say yes sir and no sir to my elders and I would not have been shot while doing it! Trayvon had an attitude, that much is obvious! He provoked the over zealous Zimmerman! Zimmerman never left his home that day to kill anyone! He became afraid of Trayvon and did what he did! Zimmerman made mistakes, no doubt! ..............with Trayvons attitude and history he was going to be dead by 20 anyway!