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What are We Waiting For?

Updated on June 17, 2011

A New Breed of Politician

No Free Lunch
No Free Lunch

It has been years now that we have been talking about going “green”. That is all that seems to happen though, talk.

The politicians say they’ll do a study on this or a study on that.

They know that reusable energy has to be the course for the future. They must already have results of hundreds of feasibility studies. So what is the problem?

The problem is not the people, most already are fully aware of both the hazards of using fossil fuels and the fact that they will, one day run out. They know that switching to reusable energies is inevitable.

The problem is not the technology. We can create power from dams, wind, wave, tides and even the Sun. That is not to mention nuclear if we must.

The problem, must therefore be with the politicians but why?

The answer is simple; it lies in the word politician itself. Some one once told me that “poli” comes from an ancient term for many and that “tic” is a blood sucking insect.

This leaves you with many bloodsuckers. Which at the end of the day, a Government is regardless of its political party.

Politicians are not paid very highly. Yet most politicians leave or take breaks from exceedingly high salaried jobs to become political leaders. This is because they know of the real money to be made in politics.

Firstly, they very rarely have to spend their own money, they live on expense accounts. Not Government expense accounts but the accounts of big business. They are lavishly wined and dined and generally pampered to.

How does this affect the switch to reusable energy?

Most big money is, in some way, connected directly with fossil fuels and the unfortunate truth is that most politicians would rather serve the money than the people.

All the Government has to say is, “all future, new non specialized vehicles must be electric”. “All plans for new Government buildings must be eco friendly”. “Lucrative, Government contracts will, in future, go to the company that, as well as being capable of the task, shows the most ecologically sound practices”.

There: that wasn’t hard was it? Oops, no free lunch tomorrow.

Where will the money come from for these new changes?

A city inChina, one year ago, changed all its taxi’s to electric. They saved approximately $1000 per month, per taxi, in fuel bills.

Doing this would not only help the environment but would also help a countries economy.

How will it be possible?

Automobile and power companies will change their practices, in order to compete for the lucrative Government new buys and contracts. These changes will bring down the costs of the eco friendly resources, making them more affordable for the rest of the population to do their part and save money in the process.

This is all too easy, there must be a catch?

There is: it is us. As long as we accept our politicians to appease us with talk of further studies, allowing them to put decisions off till the next administration and keep their hand outs, we have no where to go.

It is time for a new breed of politician to come to the fore. Ones, who are there to first, serve the nation. Prepared to go hungry rather than except a corporate lunch. Strong enough to make changes now, even if it means losing financial backing for a next term.

These people already exist but are standing in the wings, unable to get the financial support, of the corporations, to step to the front.

We must ultimately take the blame until we can elect politicians that put their voters before their financiers. So, what are we waiting for?


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    • Jillian Barclay profile image

      Jillian Barclay 6 years ago from California, USA

      This is the second of your articles that I have read. Thank you for introducing yourself to me. Your article names no one politician in particlular, because obviously they are all a corrupt breed; party affiliation does not matter. The oil companies will drill for every bit of oil on the planet. They don't really want to branch out until they are sure that there is nothing left for anyone else to capitalize on.