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What Happened to Progress?

Updated on April 5, 2011
Electric Float 1930
Electric Float 1930

In the 1960’s in the UK, we had electric milk floats. Each morning they would deliver milk to door steps throughout the country. Today they say they are still working to make an electric car that is viable for regular use.

Does this mean that they have made no progress in 50 years? With the advances in technology in every other field I find this hard to believe. I think it is more likely that, as a design for a prototype is found, the oil companies buy the patient and bury it down one of their wells.

Today we have better and lighter batteries than we had then. We have lighter material, with which to build a vehicle chassis. The only thing that is lacking is the want to succeed in this field.

As I have said batteries are lighter, so as well as having the batteries in the hood, to run the car, you can have spare batteries in the trunk hooked up to solar cells on the car roof.

Ideally, you would have a string of establishments available for either recharging or exchanging batteries. Who has these establishments available in sufficient locations to make this a viable proposition? Gas companies.

Cars could be built that they could “plug into” recharging units. These units could be attached to lamp posts throughout the country. Plug in, and then swipe your card. The plug in on your car could have a bar code, on buying the vehicle, the bar code is linked to your bank card and when the two are used together the charger works and the bill is placed against your card.

If Governments were serious about reducing emissions, they would have all government vehicles running on electricity. Any government has enough buildings in their country to facilitate there being a battery exchange. It doesn’t matter if it is a police station or a post office. If a government vehicle needs a battery change, the change is made and the old batteries are put to re-charge. Governments have the ability to do this now, why are they waiting?

If progress is to be made in reducing the greenhouse effect, it will have to be done one step at a time. Governments should be taking the first steps, ensuring no corporate giants are blocking the way for the rest of us.


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    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 7 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      Electric cars have been around since the early auto days. The internal combustion engine for various reason became the most popular.