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I Will Be Voting For Trump

Updated on October 18, 2016

The 2016 U.S. presidential election may be the biggest un-popularity contest the world has ever seen. Almost half of American voters who support either Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump said they will be trying to block the other side from winning, according to a poll released earlier this month.

The results show a strong ideological divide in our country, where voters are becoming more fearful of the opposing party. This feeling is worsened by the matchup between the New York real estate tycoon and the former first lady, according to Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics. He calls this "negative partisanship" and to maximize the effect, we could not have found better nominees than Trump and Clinton.

Trump has won passionate supporters with his blunt talk and hardlines proposals about banning Muslims entering our country, his vow to force Mexico to pay for a border wall, and his promise to make better international trade deals. However, his harsh rhetoric has alienated many voters and members of the GOP establishment. On the other hand, Hillary has been helped by Obama's policies in her battle for the Democratic nomination, but finds strong opponents among those disillusioned by what they see as lack of progress during Obama's time in office.

The Pew Research Center in a 2014 study found that Democrats and Republicans have shown increasingly negative views toward each other over the past several elections. More than a quarter of Democrats, and more than a third of Republicans, viewed the opposite party as a threat to our nation. If they were ever a vote between the lesser of two evils, this is definitely the election!

Can he win? I am not sure. There are a lot of people that will vote for Hillary because she is a woman. Just as in 2008 when America was excited about electing the first black president. many believe it is time we had a female president.

If Trump is to win the general election he needs to pick a good running mate. He did that when he chose Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana. If you watched the debate between Pence and Tim Kaine, it clearly showed that Trump made a better decision than Hillary. Mike Pence is a decent Christian man with common sense. Kaine is a far left loon that would make a terrible president if something were to happen to Hillary.

Trump was not my first or second choice ... in fact he may not even be a good choice, but Hillary Clinton is a terrible choice. The last several years have been terrible for our nation. We were promised Hope and Change, but many have lost all hope and the change is not what most Americans wanted. I don't believe this nation can survive 4-8 more years of liberal leadership in Washington.

The most important issue of this election that people tend to overlook is the Supreme Court. The next president will appoint 2-3 justices that will serve and rule on important cases for many years to come. We cannot allow Hillary to fill these appointments with liberal justices that will continue to take our freedoms away.

Finally, I am more concerned with what Hillary has done, then what Trump has said. Trump may not make America Great Again, but I do think he will make it better and safer. So I hope you will join me and vote for Donald Trump on November 8th!


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    • profile image


      23 months ago

      I will definitely be voting Trump

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Since Dr. Carson endorsed Trump any uncertain judgments becomes irrelevant! Dr. Carson started American revolution on Feb 2013, during breakfast with Obama and Michelle, he's the one who during campaign master most valuable solutions, he made timely decision to suspend campaign and it was his the most brilliant decision to endorse Trump!


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