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Trump Is Obsessed With Obama

Updated on September 17, 2019
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Obama is no longer the President Of the United States, he is going on with his life. Obama is charming, classy and well liked. Donald Trump.

Trump Walks In Shadows of Obama

President Trump has a deep hate for the former president Obama

After eight years Obama and his family left the White house with Pride dignity and a sense of freedom. Obama dealt with the party of Republicans who never wanted him as the president and was determined to do anything to get him impeached.

Republicans plotted against Obama from the moment he became president, not wanting to work with him, thinking he was going to be a one time president. Obama wanted to appoint a judge to the Supreme Justice court after Scalic died, but Republicans stalled the process until Obama left the office. January 20/2017 The former president and his family left the White House to start a new life, after eight years of dealing with a biased party of Republicans.

Trump Sat out to Destroy Obama

Trump sat out in an audience with his wife Melanie at a correspondent dinner Obama stood before a crowd humiliating Donald Trump. Trump attacked Obama 'birther" on national television demanding that Obama show his birth certificate. Trump said the birth certificate was a hoax. Trump tried to play it off but he was embarrassed and angry, Obama made him look like a fool in fronts of a lot of people.

Days after Trump was sworn in as the president of the United States he went after Obama for humiliating him, his hate for Obama drew. After Trump elected president of the United State, he was determined to destroy Obama accomplishments and his legacy out of anger. Trump went after Obama Healthcare without success because of Senator John Mccain.

A few months after Obama left the White House Trump to cancel Obama trade deal, the climate pact, accusing Obama of wiretapping his hotel causing an investigation, Trump turned out to be wrong. Obama warned Republicans about Russia, they blocked Obama from telling the Public about Russia trying to aid Trump in the America election.

Trump is telling the America people Obama had children separations, and he was the one who stopped it. Miller and Trump the Administration were discussing and ideal about dumbing Immigrants into sanctuary cities.

Obama is everything that Trump wishes he was, Obama has a lot of character, class, and empathy something that Trump will never have. Obama is no longer the president of the United States even though Trump takes the credit for a growing economic, the economic was on the rise before Obama left office Mr.President. President will spend the rest of his presidency blaming the former President for anything he possibly can. the one thing he can't destroy is that Obama was the first Black President.

The eight years Obama was in the White House Republicans made it hard for Obama, rejecting a lot of his politics, at times Obama walked alone.


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