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Trust and Credit: Survival ! More bailouts in 2013 & 2014?

Updated on October 18, 2016

What is our Credit Relation to Trust

Trust and Credit goes hand in hand, with credit being
given when trust can be had. The people of the world
are now losing trust in the banking system, the governments
of the world and the system as a whole. The corruption
of the governments, the bailouts of the deceitful and
worst run companies and governments only adds to the
distrust that the people are multiplying in their thoughts.

The debt that is being added to the future generations also
puts the thoughts of dishonesty, corruption and fraud that
undermine the trust that we should have for the institutions
and governments. The burden of taxes, the ever-increasing
medical expenses, the ransacking of the pension funds, the
wicked use of high interest on borrowing, and the giving
immoral governments overseas massive amounts of hard-
earned American money that we have slaved to make just
does not earn the trust anymore

What Trust? Americans are losing the trust of those in office,
those governments that take our hard earned money for
uses that destroy America, those officials that take our
land, our companies, our industries and our jobs and
return nothing but more and more debt for our future
generations. Is it not time that Americans expect more
trust and expectations? What is happening to the countries
and companies that are being bailed out? They are using
what they can call "trust what we are doing" scheme. Isn't
it about time we just tell them that "WE DO NOT TRUST

The BANKERS and the IMF seem to create money out of
thin air, then just tax and charge interest on this "created
money" to the people of the world. What I don't get, is
why people can't see through this. It is like us printing
money in our back yard, then selling it to our neighbor,
then charging him interest for using it. This is corrupt
and wrong, but is being done every day, internationally.
Credit, trust and being honest must be part of everyday
dealings, government and in our job place. We must
start giving people a fair wage, a honest day’s work,
reasonable medical bills, fair taxes, reasonable interest rates,
and treat each other with respect.

Without trust, America and the world cannot respect and value each other’s decisions and exchanges. Our trade with other countries would become non-existent. The march on Wall Street is becoming a wake-up call for many Americans and for people from around the world. People are finally seeing the truth, corruption and dishonesty that exist in our businesses, governments and cities. The citizens of the United States have worked hard to make this Nation great and now are seeing our wealth plundered, our military weakened and our monetary system crashing because of the greed, corruption and deceitfulness.



The corruption is growing in the world with the ones directing the companies, corporations and institutions. Even the religious communities are becoming targets of corruption, greed, conspiracy, deceit and dishonesty.

The colleges, churches, corporations, banks, financial institutions and other business firms are becoming increasingly wicked and corrupt. The cover-ups and lies are becoming an everyday occurrence. Those holding the positions of authority are also becoming the blame of rapes, murder, incest, corruption, sexual misconduct, theft and embezzlement.

Billions of dollars are stolen, transferred illegally or misappropriated or laundered. The CEO's then get massive bonuses for their failure of handling of the companies. The church leaders embezzle millions of dollars and merchandise with only a slap on the hand for the mishaps. The big shots of universities only might lose their jobs for hundreds of lives destroyed by cover-ups and sweeping illegal activities, rapes and murders under the carpet.

Where is our justice system? The cops are going after the simple crimes while leaving those who destroy the lives of others? The money is said to be the root of all evil. Why should a cop stop a car with one light out at the tag and waste a half an hour doing so, while there are numerous leads to crack houses, robberies, murders, thefts and rape?

Who is teaching these people that it is right or wrong to steal, cheat, kill, lie, or rape? NO ONE anymore. The purpose of churches and the religious groups is to make money and to bring more people into the church to bring in more money. They are not functioning as they once did, but their main concern is to continue in the life style of the rich and famous. The bankers will not teach these values because they are the ones that stretch, manipulate, and lie about the money, loans and financial agreements. The used car sales men/women surely will not be the examples of the community to teach these values because their god is the all mighty dollar and they will tell anything to sell a vehicle.


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