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Unidentified Flying Object In My Photo

Updated on February 8, 2015

Today UFOs are sought-after topic. They represent the unsolved mystery of 21st century. Loads of reports, sightings, stories can be found on the Internet. Simply type this popular abbreviation and you will see for yourself. Then decide whether you are a believer or not. I can freely say that I am a true believer, but only since recently. Earlier I was just a believer.

Look at these two photographs:

My sister took these photographs but she did not know that she also caught an intruder. While we were looking at all the photos that she took that day I accidentally saw this shiny object in the two of them.

The day when she took these photos I was not with her. But she told me about the weather conditions that day. It was cloudy, as you can see, and she could feel a few drops of rain. When she mentioned rain, my first assumption was that maybe the flashbulb lit one of those raindrops and that made this confusion. But I did not even know whether to believe in that.

The photographs were taken in 2007. The type of the camera is Canon PowerShot A530.

If any of you have any ideas what this is, feel free to comment and express your opinion.


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