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Vision Sharing

Updated on November 30, 2014

Every one of us has (should have) a vision. Vision defines a person. Vision is different than a personal goal or dream. Vision usually goes beyond the person, beyond personal likes and wants. Our society is always in need of such visionary persons. To have a vision and to be passionate about it, is something that carves your character. But it pleases you more when you share your vision with others around you and they understand your concern behind it, your passion about it. This sharing brings people together, under the roof of your vision. Then you have people talking about your vision, with other people, in your absence. That brings few more people under the roof of your vision. And the process goes on. This, I call, a construction process. It's not tying people with your thoughts and vision. It's constructing a path towards your vision, through people.

I have such a vision. It's very simple to understand, at the same time very difficult to implement. But yes, I am hopeful and am constructing towards it. The vision is not about defeating someone, or winning something, or snatching something away from someone. The vision is all about utilising all our resources gracefully and passing them on to others beautifully. We don't need to be jealous about someone else, since we ourselves have received so much to cheer about. It's how we use what we've received that matters!

How do you find my vision? Do you understand what I mean to say? Do you share a similar vision? Would you like to join the construction process? Come, let's live our lives gracefully and make this world more beautiful than it was yesterday...



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