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Was Martin Luther King Jr. a great American Leader?

Updated on August 5, 2014

The KKK and Planned Parenthood had a common enemy.


Dr King-A great American Leader!

Many great leaders are remembered for their words and actions. Some, however are only remembered by their charisma and persona. How tragically unfortunate it is that Dr. Martin Luther Jr. is not remembered more for his message and actions. When he said "I have a dream", do you remember what his dream was? Meadow Lark Lemon, Bill Cosby and I do. Dr. King said that his dream was one day to have a world where we are judged by our character and not the color of our skin! Think about that for a moment. He did not want exclusive or preferential treatment either, for any race. As Meadow Lark Lemon, the famous Globe Trotter stated " Dr. King wanted a color blind society". Bill Cosby has also talked about this part of the message as well. Dr King did not want society to treat any one unfairly by being too harsh or too lenient because of one's race. Martin Luther King saw Civil Rights as ALL of us being treated as equals, judged by our actions-just as God created us.

Dr. King wanted children to play together, grow up together, and as adults down the road, to respect each other as God's Children, no matter what race we are! He wanted all of us to be treated as and live as equals. That was his view of justice.

I strongly believe that Dr. King would have opposed Affirmative Action, as it goes against the very principles he fought for. A hand up, not a hand out. Those are very different things! They also help to develop to very different types of character.

I also see where his message is completely contradicted by some modern day Civil Rights leaders like Jesse Jackson. Some years ago the very aggressive Basketball Player, Dennis Rodman ran out of bounds and tripped over a black photographer.Though the photographer tried to get out of the way and did nothing wrong, Rodman, in a fit of rage, kicked this man in the groins so hard, he was hospitalized. Did Jesse Jackson come out and tell Dennis to apologize, and to pay this man's bills? Did he reach out to or go to the aid of the injured photographer who was simply trying to make ends meet? Well, what good old Jesse did, was protest the fact that the NBA fined and suspended the multi-millionaire superstar (and at that time Rodman was a superstar). That was an outrage. No one, gay or straight, black or white, rich or famous,Agnostic,Catholic, Jewish, or Muslim, has the right to violently take their anger out on another person like that. I was glad that Rodman, was punished just like I would want to see, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, or John Stockton reprimanded if they purposely injured this man! However, Jesse Jackson wanted D.R. to get away with it because of his race. What!?! Make no mistake, that is NOT what Dr. King wanted.I believe that this great American Leader, would have stood with the photographer, and demand rectification. He wanted all of us to be responsible for our decisions.Read his writings and watch his speeches on Youtube. No he did not want Black Americans treated harsher because of their race, but he did not want crimes committed by anyone to be overlooked either.

Martin Luther King Jr. has my undying respect as a conservative, because he was a God fearing man, believed in common sense, and spoke and stood up for those who had no voice. America will remain strong if we read and heed the teachings of the leaders who are now gone.


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