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We must recognize our enemies for who they are

Updated on September 4, 2014

We as a country need to recognize our enemies if we are to remain a country with the freedoms we have. There are many problems in the world today and they seem to be increasing or becoming a greater threat every day. While as a country we cannot solve or be involved in every problem around the world however it does not mean we should ignore them. What affects one country can and does impact others. As a global economy the financial stability or instability affects the economies around the world.

Our country has many enemies who would like to see our world crumble and many have openly stated they mean to do us harm. We even have individuals within our country who want to impact the freedoms we have such as our freedom of religion. The Constitution is clear in the language it includes in the 1st Amendment. Some may not call these individual an enemy but in fact they are. They want to restrict our way of expressing our religious beliefs. This is not what our country envisioned when it first began. I am not putting these individuals on the same level as terrorists but their actions are an attempt at eroding our freedoms. We are a free country and every individual has a right to their opinion but it does not mean they can or should impose their positions on the rest of us.

There have been several lawsuits about the display principles such as the Ten Commandments but in fact many if not all the principles in the Commandments have become law. The question to be asked is whether we displayed the principles in the Ten Commandments by identifying the laws which do the same thing would these individuals file lawsuits. The answer is they would not have a leg to stand on and in reality they do not have a leg to stand on by objecting to the display of the Ten Commandments.

In addition our right of freedom of speech has also been under attack. Freedom of speech like our freedom of religion is engrained in the Constitution and we as individuals should not be targeted for expressing our opinion on issues of the day. It is important to understand that using our freedom of speech and the attacks upon it is not a direct one but subtle. These kinds of attacks are worse than those directed on our freedom of religion. It is harder to identify a subtle attack than a direct one. Again those who would intimidate us about our right to free speech are again our enemy. Individuals who conduct activities associated with restricting or intimidating our right to free speech is going against another important principle/right under the Constitution.

There are many rights and freedoms in the Constitution and targeting or trying to intimidate or restrict us from utilizing these rights is an enemy of the fabric of America. Along with freedom of speech and freedom of religion our right to bear arms under Amendment 2 is constantly being attacked but not from individuals or groups but those we have elected to represent us in Congress. As new gun violence surfaces there are new movements to restrict gun ownership. Congress must realize that criminals care nothing about the law and restricting law abiding citizens to protect themselves is playing into the hands of criminals. The real issue is how some of these individuals which in some cases should never have been allowed to purchase a gun. These are the controls which need to be put in place.

Our way of life from the beginning in this country was based on certain principles which found their way into the Constitution. Any individual or group who wants to impact these freedoms or principles is an enemy. We as individuals must voice our opinion of actions by groups and individuals who want to change our way of life by not allowing us to exercise the freedoms we have. Actions or inactions of Congress are impacting our freedoms and in some cases the decisions by judges in our judicial system. Congress and the courts must recognize the freedoms and rights engrained in the Constitution and push back on those who are not honoring the Constitution. Our votes this election year can send a signal that the Constitution and the rights and freedoms we have engrained in it are what we expect from Congress and the Courts. Political philosophy which is contrary to the principles of the Constitution need to change and those whose actions agree with this kind of philosophy should be replaced this election year.


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