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What New World Order?

Updated on March 1, 2013


Nearly every day now we hear talk of a new world order.

This supposedly is a group of elite bankers who, through their family and connections, are intent on ruling the World. They, supposedly, sit on the board of all the major banks, the Fed and most Central Banks in the World. Their representatives sit on the boards of the IMF, World Bank and ALL other International banking corporations. They supposedly own, or at least control most “off-Shore” banks.

It is claimed that in order to get control of countries, that do not currently belong to them, through debt, they involve in wars. How?

It is said that because they own the media, they are able to convince the public that a country is bad. As for the politicians, well, they already own them.

No matter how stable a country’s finances, they have to borrow from International banks in times of war. Both sides, of course, borrow from the same bank. Owned and controlled, by the same people who never have family members that have to “serve”. Nor do their families have to stay in countries that are “dodgy”. They own houses throughout the World and move to them as easily as we go and stay with family members. NO, easier.

Supposedly, this New World Order wants to see a World that is totally controlled by them.

They do not want, supposedly, any “middle class” that could complain.

They supposedly want a World that consists of them, approximately twenty six families, and a “slave like” humanity that serves them, without objection.

This whole thing seems incredible.

Firstly, for them to reach their wish the population of the World would have to be halved.

ALL countries would have to come under their control.

There would have to be no way that a controlled rebellion could take place.


They own the media; we already eat, drink and take medications the “elite” media prescribe. Even if they tell us it could kill us, they still manage to convince us that we would “look better”, “feel better” or “perform better” by taking the risk. That is of course is if we don’t get caught in one of their wars.

The “True” control of a country does not come through elections (a show piece), or war but through debt. To get control of a country you do not have to beat them in war, just have them owe you. Err…., Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria?

The way to control people is to control the media. If you already own that then all that is left is the internet.

Hang on – aren’t the same people who own the media, trying to get censorship over the internet by 2014?


Perhaps we do not hear enough about the New World Order.

My feelings are that they should not be referred to as the New WO, as the families have already been working towards this goal for over one hundred years, so nothing is new.

They may be arrogant, they may be rich and they may have no regard for human life but they are both patient and committed.

This World Order that is taking power is now creating illusions. They are using their owned media, to “hype” the masses about December 2012 and the possible re-emergence of planet Nubiru. Why?

Both the Mayan calendar and the rogue planet have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years, yet only now we hear of them in the press.

It could be thought that at this time a diversion is needed, when the world is giving the banks all the available money, in the guise of bailouts and the world is currently involved in more wars than ever before in the history of our planet, they could be accused of taking advantage.

If you think they are taking advantage, don’t be afraid to say so, we live in lands of freedom. Or do we?

Ever since Hurricane Katrina, in the United States, the U.S. have introduced and passed laws that permit FEMA to enforce marshal law. This means that on the say so of the head of FEMA, not elected and under the powers of the elite, Marshal Law can take effect. This in turn means that PRIVATE security firms take control, over riding President, Congress and Senate and having powers over Military as well as Police, Fire and other Emergency Forces. THE CONTROL OVER THE COUNTRY COULD BE IN PRIVATE HANDS IMMEDIATELY, on the say of the elite. They are ready, are we?


So what natural disaster is needed for this to happen?

None, it is at the discretion of the head of FEMA.

It is perhaps time that elite bankers, NWO or by any other name, are declared un-natural disasters and laws are put in place to stop them.

However, in saying this we must remember, three former Presidents said they recognized the illegal powers of the bankers and said something should be done about them. The last one was Kennedy. Oddly enough, the other two were also assassinated, weird!!!!!


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    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Regardless of our many varied opinions you have written another awesome article with many insightful revelations. I truly am an admirer of your writing style, wit and intellect and look forward to reading your articles.

      Now that I see how you were referring to the timing issue it shows how the NWO uses many tactics to spread disinformation and manipulate the masses.

      Good Job, well written and at the very least allows us aspiring writers a goal to shoot for!

    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      The NWO is very real and is now published. The UN released a report years ago entitled Our Global Neighbourhood. It's official!

      Check it out:

    • rafken profile image

      rafken 5 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      somethgblue- Thanks for the spelling correction, my bad. I did not say that we have not known about it, I just said that their timing to hype about seems a little co-incidental.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Interesting . . . could you please explain how the NWO is controlling the climate change, flooding, earthquakes, drought and rising ocean levels world wide?

      Since 'Nibiru' (spelled with an 'i' BTW) is just a media induced cover story, then they must be creating all the bad weather, floods and earthquakes with smoke and mirrors.

      Of course Zitchin and NASA were talking about it back in the 70's, over forty years ago and America was searching the skies for it in the 1930's, so just because you are just now hearing about doesn't mean the rest of us have remained ignorant.

    • rafken profile image

      rafken 5 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      Billy Hicks - I have deleted the image as you suggested, even though I did get it from wiki commons and correctly complied with all copyright instructions, however just in case I am wrong on that point it is removed. Thanks for the advise however as for the rest of your comments, I think you should wake up. Conspiracy theory of a NWO in the 1300s, really? It all started a little earlier than that, when Genghis Khan invented paper money. You are also right about the FEMA thing starting with Reagan, well done. Unfortunately that was the first Act which opened the door to two amendments taking away all power from the Government and not at the Presidents say. You are obviously a man of letters - ABC, NBC, CNN etc., but it is people, like you, that believe everything they are told on TV, that will finally lock the chains around our freedom. Don't worry, I understand, you are probably worried that they will cut off your internet if you don't stand up for them but remember after 2014 you wont have to worry about it, THEY CERTAINLY WILL.

    • Billy Hicks profile image

      Billy Hicks 5 years ago

      There is so much wrong in this article, I don't even know where to start.

      First, let me offer a piece of friendly advice: change images. The nWo logo you're using now is the copyrighted property of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), and they have a pretty quick trigger finger when it comes to infringement complaints.

      That aside, these same conspiracy theories have been around for hundreds of years, and yet we're all still here. This idea of a sinister "New World Order" has been around since the early 1300s. The names may change, but the concept is the same.

      As for FEMA, I'm not sure which conspiracy theory site you got your information from, but its just a wrong here as it is there. Having been born and raised in Florida, I have more than a little experience dealing with FEMA.

      1. FEMA, in times of emergency coordinates with State and Local officials, it doesn't "take over".

      2. In the event of a National State of Emergency, FEMA coordinates, and comes under the "indirect control" of the DoD, and ceases to answer to the "Executive Office", but instead, is commanded by the President in his capacity as Commander in Chief. This distinction is made to comply with the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

      3. Finally (and this is the one that the conspiracy theorists conveniently love to ignore), Executive Order 12656 (Reagan 1988) sets very clear limits and restrictions on FEMA, and dictates that the director will: "Support the heads of other Federal departments and agencies", and "Provide the President a periodic assessment ".

      While I can respect people who's opinions differ from my own, there has to be at least some basis in fact. This article, while oddly entertaining, has no such basis.