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What USA Voters Want from Their Next President.

Updated on May 9, 2014


I think it is time for the USA government to cease and desist with encouraging our allies to call the American People Fat and Stupid. As a matter of fact, the USA government needs to cease and desist with the thought process America is fat and stupid. If we are fat it is because of government is not regulating food in accordance to FDA standards and if we are stupid well the government provides the education as well. I don't know how tearing the USA voters down has made the argument for this current government as it stands to succeed when it is the regulatory body of everything? I have to ask have they shot themselves in the foot?

I'd also mention that some of us aren't so stupid or fat but live with that label because if we aren't running 15 miles a day and are heroine thin than we will not be good soldiers. Hello DC, we don't want to be good soldiers. In fact our willingness to serve our country has been so exploited that I doubt the next hundred years of military super power may very well be on the line. After all Chinese don't fight in hand to hand combat. Where are you going to get your soldiers from in the next 100 years since you have labeled your people fat and stupid, POTUS?

So I say enough with the labels. Joesph Conrad would spit in this government's eye for labeling and dividing all of the people and he would also spit in the USA voters eyes collective for allowing labels to divide us. We can't be divided by labels any longer but defined by acceptance and love of each other. Being German requires a certain amount of efficiency and as such it also comes with the humility that to be German means to be from "around". This basic tenet is to accept that I maybe all and any race within the world and not to discriminate. Too bad the Hispanic people and the African American vote don't understand this as well. They too are probably a bit German which means they are also from around and that simple fact means there is a great opportunity for unity.

Joesph Conrad wrote both Lord Jim and Nostromo at the turn of the 1900 century. These are by no means new concepts and are at the very heart of the Republican Agenda before the Neo-conservative movement which is a euphemism for Liberal, who took hold in 2000. But that was then and this is now. And the pendulum hasn't moved much since then. Arguably, Obama is conservative because of his failure to support same sex marriage. Republicans have always found away of embracing diverisity which the Democrats historical have shunned until Obama.

So DC watch out we aren't so fat and definitely aren't so stupid this time around and her are somethings we would like to see from the next president.

Are you Tired of the Government/Media telling you, You are Fat and Stupid?

Are you tired of hearing Americans are Fat and stupid?

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Government Accountability!!!

We can only be responsible citizens of a country when we have responsible leaders. So responsibility starts at the top. Trickle up theory.

We will not be a divided voting demographic anymore. We are one nation and we will vote that way, despite our difference, for the leader who has the best plan and is most faithful to the American people in 2012.

Her are some ideas to the next presidential candidate ready.

1) Establish industry to retor fit all automobile with Propane gasoline to decrease inflation and stay off what we are really in which is an inflationary depression. I know you will not read this in any other article but mine but we are paying more for things that are worth less everyday. Gasoline at $4 a gallon is reason enough to switch to propane fueled automobiles which can be retrofitted and hello you don't need a new car which you can't afford anyways.

2) Farm subsidies. We need farms for a variety of reasons.

3) Self sufficiency in the USA. We need to be less dependent on imports and more self sustainability. So grow GDP which can occurring by caring for the elderly, disabled, sick within our borders. Time to put The People first.

4) Have several independent forums to establish new industry within the USA stream lined for production and sales over seas. Asia is our customer so be prepared to sell to Asia. Biotech is a new emerging field in which USA could lead.

5) Charity begins at home in the USA. Not another dollar leaves this country until The People are living well and are prosperous. We don't have the right to conduct wars of choice while our people are going hungry and our people are homeless. It is rather a hard position for the USA to be in to tell everyone how to conduct their governments when ours is literally unable to to Domestic chores. It is so incredulous.

6) Silence Hollywood. It is not that I actually believe in silencing Hollywood but they eat rather well and are interfering with the affairs of the average USA citizen. Until Hollywood likes the USA once again there messages are rather inappropriate.

7) Restore dignity to the USA people. No longer allow shows like the biggest loser or Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (Which I agree with in principle but disagree with an outsider trying to shake systems in the USA. I love Oliver's passion. I just wish he would be able to show the people he has helped from 5-10 years ago and let them help him in his food revolution. Might not be possible since television is entertainment.). Jamie Oliver's Show has a really good premise but he doesn't realize the people he is dealing with are poor and uneducated and the chances of them actually eating well is a social economic problem and not a societal problem or a parenting problem. It would be better if Oliver concentrated on creating food farms where the poor could get healthy foods for less money. I'd also like to see Oliver eat a blooming onion at the Outback before he criticizes one more American. Australia is importing the very foods that are making America fat or did Oliver not know we knew? Jamie it is not a slight ot you just want to point out not all Americans are fat and stupid. Biggest loser is just really fraught with both mentally and physically abusive to morbidly obese people. It is cruelty to fat people and it misrepresents all of the USA. I watched this show and I thought what is the message. America is Fat, Lazy and Dumb? Isn't that a line from Animal House to Flounder?

8) Spend at home only and cut pork.

9) State takes a huge hair cut. 500 billion to Pakistan and they had Osama Bin Laden? Just in PR State takes a huge hair cut. Close a few Embassies. Lay off some of the Intelligence staff. They aren't making much so they can go get corporate jobs.

10) Raise taxes. It just has to happen. No matter who is the president. He can't just represent the wealthy anymore. He has to represent the entire country no matter what party, religion, race, immigration status or any other division factor. President is Father to us all. And it is time the President acts as a good Father to all of us. And include our veterans..we love them. And include our autistic children..we love them s well. It is time for a president to love his country instead of despising them. If we are stuck with having a President who is Father to us all then we at least expect to be treated with dignity, respect and the ability to pursue happiness, Dad! All of us not just a particular class or just the wealthy but all of us. Dad doesn't have favorites remember!

11) Again it is clear defense is going to take a hair cut here so I need not write about it but menetion the economic opportunities and educational opportunities that await our veterans. Militray vets when your service tours end think education and jobs as part of your transition from military life ot civil life.

12) The American People are great and it is up to their government to utilize them well. FDR was great at this. This will be key for the next president. He will have to be able to accept all Americans and to embrace them with a sense of renewed purpose and focus on domestic issues. And DC will have to be an ownership society in which they are able to state, and I quote, "We have governed badly. We have pursued personal wealth instead of the American People's Happiness and we are no abandoning these practices. Our bad! We are here to be better stewards of the American Dream and champion their pursuits of Happiness.". End of quote.

The first presidential candidate to speak to these matters will win.

Follow through!!!

I recommend that you vote for the candidate that is best capable of following through his promises. Obama the Bushes and even the Clintons as with all politicians fail to keep their promises. And I would submit that lying politicians are out of business in one term in this country from now on. It is time for government to put away their iron fists which they have bloody the American people with and their velvet gloves which they have caressed the world with while handing out American honor and treasure day in and out and get back to charming the American People because without the people there is no country.

And there should be a sense of pride in representing the American People who have endured all of these flawed government officials but still believe in Democracy. And I would submit that every politician get used to saving, "I love to represent the earnestly faithful citizens of my Country and I will gladly be acting on their behalf.". And when our representative start acting in our best interest I bet the love affair between the American people and their politicians can be renewed. Nothing hurts Americans worse than having to admit they have been screwed by their own Democracy. It is a morale killer. We want to love our representatives in Washington, DC. But we aren't so delusional in such dire times. So Washington, DC get it together. Act on our behalf and unite the country with a renewed sense of purpose, honor, dignity and mutual respect.

Morale Killer?

Do you think morale is killed when a Politicain lies to his constituents?

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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hey Peter,

      Just fixed it and you were right. It needed revision. No excuses but gratitude for helping me.

      All My Best,


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate you taking the time and providing the feedback to help me be a better writer. I am going to work on the re-edits this morning. All My Best,


    • PETER LUMETTA profile image


      7 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      A great view and very logical. I agree with almost every point. Needs rediting to give the full impact. Good work, Peter

    • profile image

      Jt Walters 

      7 years ago

      I like that you disagree wiht me on this point. Your perspective is good for me to hear and I value your comment.

      It is good to know of other governments that work well. I am always open to being wrong about something and I apprciate you taking the time to provide feedback...Thank you.

    • ameliejan profile image


      7 years ago from Alicante, Spain

      I think I disagree with your point 3 - to be more self sufficient. I think the increasing globalism is a positive thing in which most of the North will only prosper, whilst competition is increased to move closer to capitalism. In Europe there are many incentives and subsidies in place to encourage agriculture - this is a positive step. I am not from the US but agree with most of your points.


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