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What about Human Rights?

Updated on January 7, 2012

Human Rights

Human Rights Logo
Human Rights Logo | Source

Past Dictatorships

Lately dictatorships in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have been toppled.

The dictatorships in both Yemen and Syria are teetering on the verge of being overthrown.

The United States during these times, although may say did not take active roles, certainly applauded, supported and probably, to some extent, funded these uprisings.

They say, along with most of the West, that dictatorships are bad. They say that the dictators have appalling human rights records and hoard the countries wealth, keeping it for themselves in banks around the world.

All this may be true but why support and applaud an action that violently overthrows a recognized government in any country?

Similar things have happened in the past recent history in such places as Haiti, is that now really better off?

Arms Sales

US and SAudi Forces
US and SAudi Forces | Source

Lasting Dictatorship

One of the countries in the Middle East with the most appalling human rights records is Saudi Arabia.

I do not see the US encouraging unrest there. In fact to the contrary, they are bolstering the strength of the Saudi Royals.

The US is going to sell Saudi Arabia $30 billion of arms and even though Iraq is still in the middle of turmoil the US is going to sell Iraq $11 billion of arms.

Put together, all of this does not add up. If the US does not want to encourage and assist leaders with bad human rights records, why not tie these sales to improvements in human rights records, as they have done with third world countries? If the US wants stability in a country, why not await the sale of a large quantity of arms until Iraq has become stable and proven itself as a responsibly led country?


Gaddafi | Source


The truth is that the faceless elite, who really run the US, are not concerned with a dictators human rights records or even the stability of a country. They are only concerned with their own well being and their avarice to achieve complete control of the world. Having made their money from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are now looking to make money from the peace until another war can be created.

First they sold Iraq arms during its war with Iran. Then they said Saddam was their friend but those same weapons were eventually used to kill Americans.

They taught, financed and armed the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, who they said were friends of the US in their fight against Soviet rule. The arms, once again, were eventually used to kill Americans.

The facts are clear. The US elite oppose any dictator that does not buy from the US, regardless of their human rights record. If they do not trade with the US then the US will entice unrest until the countries leaders change their minds or are overthrown. If a dictator trades with the US they can do whatever they wish and will enjoy full US support.

It is true however, that if the US did not sell these countries the arms, then they would buy them off someone else. Then though the country would not be trading with the US and their status would change in the eyes of the elite.

Is it just co-incidence that Iran, Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Tunisia were all supporting Libya’s Gaddafi in an attempt to introduce a new world currency, one that would be based on oil and be a direct challenge to the US Dollar as a world currency?


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