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Where are the Media Now

Updated on November 13, 2011


Gaddafi | Source
USS Vincennes
USS Vincennes | Source


So now Gaddafi is dead and Libya has been set free. Free from what?

In a United Nations Libyan Human Rights Report on 4th January 2011. Libya was reported as being the 55th in the World, the best in Africa.

Let’s face it under Gaddafi they had free education, free healthcare, free farmland a house and seeds, free energy bills, $50,000 free housing allowance for newly married couples and interest free loans.

Libyans lived in a debt free country where the government paid half the cost of your car and gasoline was at near free prices.

What about Lockerbie you say.

Okay, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi was convicted on circumstantial evidence alone.

Lockerbie took place in December 1988 and killed 290 people.

In July 1988 the USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian jet liner killing 290 civilians. The Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, an Iranian group, vowed taking revenge by blowing up a plane enroute from Europe to the US before Christmas. After Lockerbie they claimed responsibility for it.

Libya & Gold

New Currency
New Currency | Source


According to the news media, Gaddafi was trying to destroy Africa.

What Gaddafi was really doing was trying to unite Africa.

He wanted that Africa and the Middle East pull out from having the US Dollar as the standard. He wanted that oil only be sold for gold and that the African/Middle East currency compete with the euro and US dollar.

A united and self sufficient Africa would not be liked by the elite of the World.

The elite and the big banks would suffer if this gold currency were to come to be and Gaddafi was gaining support in the Middle East, already having the rest of Africa keen on the idea.

Western big businesses would suffer, not having the cheap labor of Africa to boost their profits.

On Whose Say So


Present Day

So that is now all history.

Whilst this history was taking place though, the media were always there, seemingly to misinterpret and mislead us.

It would only seem reasonable that considering the millions of dollars the West spent on bringing freedom to Libya that the press would want to show these freedoms the Libyans received, thanks to our “good” deed.

So why are the media not reporting that the new Libyan leaders, supported by the West are still helping the people with the purchase of their houses and cars. Why are they not reporting that the people are still getting free loans?

Could it be that they are not reporting because if they did, they would have to report that the Libyans are now subject to the Western big bank interpretation of freedom, which certainly doesn’t include “free” anything?

Would they have to report that the creating of a new world currency has had to be put on hold due to the loosing of its champion?

Is it that they would have to report that the new leaders are encouraging blacks to leave the country or face possible death?

I think that most of the World, myself included think that long term dictatorship is not a good thing, know matter how reasonable it may seem.

However, why is it we must destroy any good that they may have done whilst bringing down their authority?

The West does not hold the “patent” on good ideas, if they did then they probably wouldn’t have got themselves into the mess they have.

Still they have one less new currency to worry about and they will probably be able to distribute Gaddafi’s billions, not to the Libyan people but to the big banks in so called “repayments”.


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      gogogo 6 years ago

      very interesting and thought provoking