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When Will The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict End? We Want Peace! ( Part One )

Updated on November 7, 2014

Peace | Source


I don't usually like to talk about politics much but this is getting very serious now and should have an end!
I've been hearing about this ever since I was a child and I really wonder when will this end.

Before several days, I made my search relating this matter and peace so far seems kind of far to visit these 2 places.
To judge a matter, I know I should always take opinions and hear the stories from both sides that relate to them and so I took my time reading some articles about true experiences from both sides and I also watched some videos online on YT.

Interviews Israeli People

I've seen how people from both sides are living in their lands, there was this reporter who took a mission to go to both sides and hear the stories from them two so when he spoke to some Israeli people asking them for the message that they would like to send to the Palestinian youth most of them said " peace, we want peace " some others said " tell your hamas to stop sending bombs into us , we're not guilty of being born in here " others had disliked messages " we gave you gaza, leave us now in peace and stop bombing us " it's true, the hamas are sending explosives to the israeli lands but at the same time Hamas explain their actions by: " these people deserve this because they've invaded us and they need to go out and leave us our land"

Interview with Israeli people that asks them about their messages to the Palestinian youth.

Interviews Palestinian People

The reporter went to the Palestinian people and asked them for their messages to the israeli youth and most of the answers included talks about getting back their land, while others just wanted their freedom of movement in the land and their rights and some literally didn't accept to answer having fears of getting punished- but punished by who?

War ends if you want it to end. | Source

What Seems To Be The Problem?

The problem is that there isn't no problem in my opinion, people are just selfish and they want everything for themselves, like for example: The palestinians say " to have peace with israelis they must first give us our lands and go away, but when the reporter asked : where would the israelis go? some palestinian girl answered: I don't know let them figure out their way! we're not responsible about them, they occupied us and they should leave!

But hey, why not make an agreement for you both to have the land for all of you?

Please follow Part Two of this.

Do you see any possible ending to this conflict in the next 5 years?

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