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What If I Ruled the World?

Updated on April 11, 2022 | Source

The World

I know, this is a very big subject to talk about.
I got inspired to write such an article from an interesting topic that I was reading minutes ago, I do as well get thoughts as such rolling inside my mind like what if I ruled the world? Or let me just talk about a continent or a country because ruling only one country can be very painful and full of responsibilities so how about when we talk about ruling a continent or the world?
But if we see this from another angle, wouldn't it be interesting if there was only one ruler or guide or leader for this whole world? At least people all around the world wouldn't have as much issues as there are when the world has plenty of presidents and rulers?
Have you thought about this?
Earth as most people know and see it is constructed out of the plenty flags and boundaries but the reality is different: earth is just a rolling globe full of lands,seas and oceans it was made open for everyone in it before people have ever had to create boundaries and call these countries on it.
So what if I ruled the world? How would I organize and manage it?

-I'd forbid discrimination:

Discrimination is the first thing that I thought of, it's a major problem in many societies and I would really hate to see it around, people shall be equal because in the end we're all humans. | Source

- I'd remove the religious beliefs section from ID's:

This should be personal and should be done between a specific person and his/her god and there's no necessity to let the public know about this as that can be used as a mean of discrimination and I'm totally against this.

- I'd encourage population to plant trees:

I'd make contests each six months To see which group of participants can plant the most number of trees for a specific prize, depending on a survey to see what most people are interested about getting.

- I'd not allow for private schools to open:

You might wonder why? Well, things as such can make differences in society levels and I don't think I'd like to see differences between how people get their education, everyone should have the full rights to get the same education as other people take it.

- I'd forbid all sources for watching violence or witnessing it:

Because movies that include violence guns, weapons and things can give people ideas about violence and thus making violence spread and affect those who have not yet completed their building up of their characters.

I'd also ban the public from getting weapons,gun and things related and there should be no licenses given. | Source

- I'd distribute the food, wealth and all the treasures of the world to everyone equally:

The wealth and all the treasures found on planet earth are distributed equally in all the earth's lands and instead of being greedy enough to take most of it for me and for the people in my priorities I'd distribute it because everyone simply has rights to get it.

I would never find poverty or hunger by that.

-I'd allow everyone to do whatever they want :

I'd allow everyone to do whatever they want as long as it doesn't hurt the public or act as a threatening behavior or view.

-I'd cancel all the hardships of some subjects and the official uniforms at schools:

There are many subjects that are given to all students equally knowing that they might have no interest in them and even if they have any interest about them, these subjects shouldn't be hard enough to break a student's head.
Students will be able to choose what they want to learn after the 5th grade, high schools would end at the 10th grade.

- I'd give rights for women to make abortion:

If it's not your body stay away from it, why interfere in something that doesn't belong to you at all?

Women should have their rights of doing abortion whenever they want, it's their uterus, their body and not yours, they're the ones who would suffer from pregnancy and not you so your participation in this matter should be silence, yes it was a mistake she got pregnant. Things can happen and everyone does mistakes.

-I'd encourage schools to focus on arts

As schools usually only focus on materials like maths,science,physics etc, I would add at least four subjects of these artistic matters like "photography and modeling , painting , acting , music and photoshop techniques.
Art can refreshes everyone's mind and make it able to get more information during the day by brighting it up a little and entertaining it. | Source

-I'd cancel school and university grades:

Students intelligence shouldn't be measured by their grades because students can get that if they want to and there are many ways that would let them get good grades (cheating- memorizing- and some other ways) and by that I mean that students would value getting high grades more than having to value education and learning.

Students would get their success or failure according to their participation during classes.

- I'd try to make people only see peace and purity:

I would launch many peaceful campaigns to spread the word and make people get inspired from their actions.

- I'd make one language,dialect and accent for all

Because we can have one language and one mean of understanding for and between everyone so why not?

- I'd make laws especially for protecting animals rights and the plants

Because all living beings deserve to be protected and deserve to have rights, life is made for us all to be living in it in peace and all together united.

- I'd forbid alcohol drinking on the streets:

I'd forbid people from drinking alcohol on the streets or parks or any other public places after 12:30 am and before 8:00 am. | Source

- I'd discourage the manufacturing of junk and semi-dangerous foods.

I'd encourage health restaurants to launch for very little and cheap prices so that people can forget about buying junk food and focus on healthy foods.

I'd discourage the manufacturing of canned food, junk food, semi-dangerous foods that people are unconscious about like foods containing some bad chemicals.

- For anyone who would be a harm for the society

For anyone who would be a harm for the society in any mean and matter will be placed in a private place-more like a home for schooling- to give him/her lectures about life and he/she will not be allowed to leave this place until the professors notice a change in his/her behavior and see him/her turning into a good and trustful person.

Education is the only solution, violence and harsh judgments like prison don't work and make some of the people who don't attempt crimes fear the idea of punishment so they wouldn't be doing crimes because of their fear or other related problems and not because of being convinced that crimes and bad things don't belong to the peaceful world.


I would do many other things but I just liked to write what I had coming to my mind the first.

My biggest wish is to witness peace, see people united and loving each because what's more beautiful than just giving and receiving love? And as the saying " Make love and not wars" says.

Imagine how the world be so powerful,independent,relaxed and just so peaceful? Can you imagine?

Thanks for reading.

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Speak up your mind

Do you think that world peace would settle more in the near or far future?

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