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Where Will Trump Go To War?

Updated on March 6, 2017

Where Will Trump Go To War?

For those of us who have followed Donald Trump’s ascendency to the presidency and his statements during the campaign and after, some of his phrases are unhappily etched in our minds; it’s like remembering the rantings of drunk Uncle Ralph at a Thanksgiving dinner as he spits out turkey and dressing while shouting at the relatives.

Mr. Trump’s statements describe America as a kind of dark dystopia inhabited by violent gangs and Mexican rapists. It is a kind of “loser country” that “doesn’t win any more.” It’s time for America to “win, win, win.” Rather incredibly, The Donald actually said last week that America needs to increase its military budget in order to win more wars. “We have to start winning wars again,” said Mr. Trump.

We must ask, “Which country or groups are we going to war against and will the U.S., Iraq invasion style, attack somewhere so we can “win, win, win.” Perhaps Trump can tweet sometime at 5:00AM to let us know. What comes to mind is that Uncle Ralph is just a hopeless, slobbering drunk on holiday occasions, but The Donald seems to be permanently unhinged. Just what wars does he plan on winning? What military adventures does he have in store for our men and women in the armed forces?

Hopefully, they will be better planned than the fiasco in Yemen. An American soldier died and three service members were also wounded during the firefight with militants from al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula's branch in Yemen. Dozens of women and children died in the raid.

The clandestine operation was planned but never approved during the Obama Administration. Trump learned of it and finally decided to approve of it over dinner with Reice Priebus, chief of staff, Jarard Kushner, son-in-law and chief advisor white nationalist Steve Bannon. The location of the Joint Chiefs and Secretary of Defense Mattis is a mystery. Perhaps they did not like what was on the menu. Too it is not clear when the decision to put “boots on the ground was made –perhaps between the salad and the entrée courses.

Mr. Trump has called for a 10% increase in war spending. But the U.S. already has the best-funded military in the world; it devotes more money for war preparation than the 12 largest nation-state military spenders combined. But Trump will no doubt present a coherent defense policy to justify these expenditures instead of the sound bite tweets he has presented thus far.

Perhaps son-in-law Kushner the business tycoon who has no diplomatic or military experience and has never served in government will present the policy between bites of food at dinner at Mar-a-Lago with daddy and Ivanka.

"It's time for America to kick some ass."
"It's time for America to kick some ass."


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 10 months ago from Orange County California

      I am sorry, but this hub has nothing other than a bias against Trump. Your suppositions are without foundation or merit. The US has been declining since the 70s and it was accelerated under presidents GW Bush and Barack Obama.

      We have been in wars for the last 100 years, and we didn't win any of them. We deferred them instead of winning them.

      Like the failing infrastructures of the United States, the US military has never been properly funded for those boots on the ground. Look at the Vietnam and Iraq wars and see that congress didn't give them the equipment the ground soldiers needed to fight their wars.

      8 years of president Obama and the military budget was over $500 billion and no one balked. President Trump increases it by 10% and all of a sudden people are enraged. This will bring the US military budget under president Trump to around $600 billion which is 3x that of second place China.

      But how many wars has China been in since the 70s compared to the US. So while they have 1/3 our military budget they don't expend much on wars. That means they can use most of their budget to get ready for war, while we spend our budget, on war after war.

      China therefore has more buildup than the US.

      So much for the best funded military in the world.