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Our Future is in Our Children

Updated on December 10, 2010

Our Children is the Secret key to the Millennium

It's Ovious why our Creator Sent Our Lord Jesus, and It should be ovious why we need our children, because without them there would be no Future.
It's Ovious why our Creator Sent Our Lord Jesus, and It should be ovious why we need our children, because without them there would be no Future.

A Family's Promise's a Future.

Happy Parent's make happier Children
Happy Parent's make happier Children

Its Time we Act for the Sake of our Children and Ourselves

Hi, I’m 63 and was Born and raised in America, I've seen and traveled across allot of this Great and Wonderful Country, I’ve taken great interest in its past and have great concerns in it future. My thought are solely mine and just an expression, so that others too might ponder and consider other reasoning, and hopefully someone with far greater writing skills might take it a few notches higher, to those who have the power and ability to make changes in our policies and laws before its to late.

I choose to structure the focus of my consious concern around Our children, so to bring forth some challenging focuses to our worlds social consciousness in a form of a question” Where are we taking our Children" because if there’s one thing this nation still holds sacred, that is the safety and well being of their beloved Children and what the future unfold before them, and if there was ever to be another revolution by the people it would be to assure that know one dare tamper with this most lasting common dream of a loving parent dream or even think of destroying the reality of it happening as we each strive to create this threshold of our dreams for them and ourselves. As Society’s as a whole strive to create this never ending gift unto them that they so love, even before themselves. Why not then wouldn't our Creators (God), who made us in his image have the exact heart beating in his immaculate life force and would his thoughts or desires be any less for us. He has made it clear throughout time that we are his children, so wouldn't he be on the same sheet of music on this issue..I'm not proclaiming that I'm his most dedicated servant, and for sure my past devotions aren’t those I'd wave around, but for some strange reason, I feel he has laid these thought and burden upon my heart and my only fear is that I won't do them justice, our I'm not grasping the message he truly desires us to recieve.

  So, as I see it, we as loving parents should all be seeing and thinking allot of the same things about the world and how are children are going to be apart of what were already seeing or acknowledging. We should all be concerned to What’s happening to those dreams our parents as well as ourselves work so hard so to continue to create or weave the very fabric in which this Country was and hopefully still is built on. So that all our beloved children would always be able enter the threshold of societies collective dreams formed from the hearts and soles of all past and present generations of parents. While understanding that for this world to survive not only for our children but for thiers and all future Generations of children’s, also we each should never forget that the very survival of Mother Earth depends on the survival of our children. Thats why it's so important that we do all we can to teach them of that formular that our heavenly Father had so carefully created and it was most ovious how deeply he desired the successfuliness of this most precious dream, that he brought forth a son, So that all might know that he so loved his children that he would without regret send forth his only begotton son so that all might be free of cardinal sin. Thus he also set forth a path for which we all as his childen would have access unto him through that which he held most precious of all his children, Our Lord Jesus Christ his plan was so carefully designed so that through his Sons sacrafice he would not only earn his place as our heavenly father, first threw baptism,  then second to except as preserver of his father dream as his own, thus in offering his own life, we would be cleanse of all sin through baptism, with the first baptism being his blood pouring from his body on the cross unto the earth below, then God brought forth a great down pour of tears from the heavens above so to carry Jesus's Life force throughout the lands unto all body of waters. Thus bring forth a great cleans of all things which in its birth from Our Lord death came forth a new era where as all that were living now and forever more would be free of sin and have the free choice to choose ever lasting fellowship with our Lord who this very hour was already entering within the true ethereal essence of our Creators spirtiual living force and would forever be our only true representitive and access unto the heavens and Our Creators Presence. For this plan is so designed that we evolve through time so our minds one day will become capable to fellowship with our lord and all his angles and God Himself through his only begotten son, thus this is what our creator so desires for all. 

    So We must all continue to to use our common sense in following the laws of nature. Today it's obvious that the threads are beginning to tear and expose that which we seemly already know, and there are still many that refuse to openly acknowledge the truths of the matter unto themselves and others. For what ever reason we each chose in the natural order of things this day and age, to live either in Denial or to stand and be heard. Its obvious our Children future lies in our hands whether their age is one or Eighty, and most likely there are many of us that still have a living parent as I do at 63, My Mom had 4 Children and I have 6, and were just a grain of sand compared to all those facing exactly the same Social dilemma’s.

To make matters worse there's over a million new lives entering our borders ever year taking claim to the Heritage that was carved out of the wilderness by countless generations of Americans for them and all future Americans. As we begin to struggle with our open door policies it seems that many other countries are beginning to restructure their laws so to protect theirs existing Kinsman first and those they love then consider an intellegent and proper way to welcome those that wish to become citizens  We have always trusted our leaders of this most beloved Nation of ours, with all that we Cherish, but back then its was true that most came from the core of our Most knowledgably Scholars, and as for the most part we've agreed upon guardians by majority vote in one form or another, and yes it was their belief then, as it remains today that we still offers those in strife the opportunity to come and join with us and share our ways and beliefs, because we truly believed it is the very nature of what not only brought this Democracy into being then, but also what it is today and what we hope it remains throughout all the generations to come.

This has been the the format for generation for those who have chosen to come and live among those who have already excepted and did what was aquired of them to become responsible citizen this willingness to adapt and or adopt the laws and ways of this Great Nation have been in part the main reason it had become what it was till the 90's and was expected to become even stronger as the years unfolded. But Something changed. It seemed as if some came to take claim, to a new territory with ours they changed street signs and Post Services and Sales to where only there immediate neighbors could read It, wouldn't take long as its already in California and New York City and has started in Houston, Tx. We started seeing entire villages and community change themselfves into the world that only serves them and those that have migrated within there new colonys' rather than to live among the regular neighborhoods of citzens. So how do we react and express our concerns so that this doesn’t destroy our true intent to welcome them as Americans to share our Good Fortune and very Nature that caused this country to prosper. We the children from all corners of the world came to live under one flag and one ideal, and to live in peace and free of suppression and have are children grow up without prejudice's and living among one another as brothers and sisters by the same laws and beliefs, created and governed by years of consensus of all those who came and made this their Country.

Equally upon arrival as a Citizen they should have the same desires as all that have migrated here since the original Pilgrims arrived, what could be possible wrong with such a system of wanting all to have the same dream of freedom and equality. Well to me this is another reason why we need to take a break from are present open door policies while we ask ourselves where did we allow this lapse of reason along the way in the way its being manage, and while asking question is it possible the problem lies with those we have trusted to manage it, or with the fact its just to over whelming at the moment. Regardless to all the whys, we must by now realize were displacing our senior citizen and young people right out of the job market, and causing a major Drain on all of our nation resources for having to create all the process and steps required to allow these new Citizens not only to settle in, but to have those opportunities with immediate slots in our work force, and lets face it, this also bring a greater crisis to other systems such as Considering how were going to Acquire Viable Drinking water and Strong Sanitation Programs, to Keeping our Food and Live Stock safe for Human consumption it's clear we need to keep our governments free of this kinds of burden so they can attempted to bring the cost of running this great nation under control. At some point we must close the doors even if it’s only temporary so to give us times to bring order and calm unto this complex economy and those who presently depends on it.

Next we should ask why is it that all our youth is being funneled through a mass Branding and Labeling Process across this Nation, as to brand them as we would live stock into some group or classification. Today or prison, jails, mental health facilities and Rehabs are at Maximum Capacity, why by what reason do we sit and except that all these poor sole have gone mad, that we all failed as parents, or is their a darker side to this crisis, is it possible its being planned or implemented so to grant Power and Control over the masses, or is it a process that started years ago and has gotten out of control and has become antiquated. If so who’s going to come forth and demand a change, why if not for our children’s sake and for that matter ours, and for those who unfortunately couldn't have Children. Why not for then for the sake of Gods because aren’t we all his children and as It seemly is written to us all, he created us so we might evolve one day so that he could walk among us and have fellowship, surely we don't want him to abandoned his original desires, because we missed a few of his recommendations, like he helps those who help them selves.

This is what are News Papers Head line read today: "Working harder for less is the new normal--for those lucky enough to have a job. Millions of families are giving up comforts they long took for granted, such as restaurant meals, new clothes, vacations, spacious cars, home improvements, and cable television. College funds and retirement savings have taken a hit, and some families have been forced to downsize their homes or, worse, submit to foreclosure. Little wonder that record numbers of Americans tell pollsters it's getting harder to get ahead and that they worry their kids' standard of living may fall rather than rise."

Well, I don't know about everyone, but I've heard and read enough to know the masses that make up the voice of majority of Parents are ready to become involved to what’s happening to our children and thier Futures as well as the way their being herded, managed and taught, in every institution we send them to or that has the right by law to intervene into every facet of our lives. We must realize if we don't fight for thier future we won't have much of a future either. What might be even be worse yet is not having God plans on coming for the worlds family reunion and our planet won’t have anyone around to care for her. So, While were pondering please note my next writing will be on the Drugs in America, I just might prime your thoughts with this, How would are children do drugs if our government would destroy all the locations it grown on, or required all chemicals required to manufacture drugs to be register when purchased. Surely anyone buying more than they could possible use to cook or manufacture product and medicines we need and use, then it wouldn’t be as hard to see where our Drug Lab were. Instead of Hiding in Silence while these criminal destroying our children lives and all our futures, so that they can live as Royal Families in other part of the world as we watch our children and the world as we know it destroyed. Well Are we getting mad yet, as does the Mad Mothers Organization does on the issue of Drinking and Driving, Don't you think we should be?

The Joys of having Children are Many

One American Child has grown up and Decieded to Honable defends his Country, So now he bring Joy unto so many other Childen, What proud parents.
One American Child has grown up and Decieded to Honable defends his Country, So now he bring Joy unto so many other Childen, What proud parents.
World of Migration in Natural Order
World of Migration in Natural Order

Mirgation Cost for Today and Tomorrow's Children

So can we allow those who choose to come and join our great society to come and find fault with its very substance and are trying to change our Laws and Common Religious beliefs & practice’s. I can See and understand their desire to bring a little of their past with them, that would make them feel a bit more comfortable and a bit common to their original homeland, regardless why they left to be come a part of this ours, they should have know upon arrival that this country like their own was founded on the laws and principles of our original fathers, just as their country’s fathers had done. So why come demanding that we change our way of life to accommodate theirs they just left, so that they might feel more at home. Surely we don’t go to other countries expecting them to speak our language or except or holidays, Instead we know it’s our responsibility to learn there's. I believe that we have done more than most to make them feel welcome, and have gone to great length to offer them assistance in getting them and their love one comfortable and self reliant, even to the point that we weren't offering the same level of support to our elderly & youths as they embark upon their private lives as they first leave home or have to change their home to accommodate the changes that are brought about through retirement.

Of course most American have this belief systems which seemly demonstrates a wiliness to share this responsibility, especially since they carry eternally from our creators designed nature of being a parent, which is to share these magic moments and instill within their childrens heart and sole the love which they hold for them thus demonstrating a wiliness to sacrifice not only their money and time, but also to demonstrate the desire that they can have a private and comfortable life of their own as they do.. It’s also nice to see that so many parents of today pride themselves of the fact that they don’t dump their entire financial and family burden solely on their Community or Society. It's really fortunate that earlier generations structured the communities around all types of support programs such as they did, so to handle the demands they foresaw coming and the possible effect if they didn't do so., Their reasoning was well thought out for what they knew about society then. what they didn't foresee was the changes that evolved for one reason or another, so now its our responsibility to regroup and rethink the way things need to change and be manage so that the all might benefit and evolve stronger for doing so.

This system is what so many earlier Individuals and their families used as they arrived to settle in this country, it wasn’t till the numbers grew as in Texas, because of the years when Mexico was struggling to reorganize the way they wanted to manage their Government. During this time the Spanish community in Mexico and other Province in South America's populations became fearful of their families well being, and sough refuge here, As it became apparent that their numbers began to out numbers those Americans already living here are trying to settle into a an already slowing economy even for those that were born and raised here, Since the mid 80's Americans have been shifting from the Northern States to the Southern borders because the world markets were staking claim to their share of the market. The majority of the problem of border states is illegal immigration, those acrossing our border with out allowing us to help manage thier proper placement. So to avoid K.A.O.S., for years.

Earlier Americans as well as those today still try today to understand and sympathize with their plights so they just make them citizen, but it makes it difficult to help them as we would like to and also asure a health and prosprous change from one Social System to another , but if don't stop and rethink our methodology. We will soon regret what takes place, because it's destroying not only the structure that supports Americans, and those who have recently migrated here from all parts of the world, but also for all those who came here illigally over the past 20 years to make this their home. What will we all gain if it collapse and falls apart so that we all suffer, surely its time to pause this understanding, long enough to allow everyone to settle in and allow the system to grow and strengthen so the knowledge in which they would use to manage a much large system, and hopefully grant them time to locate ways to fund these huge expenditures that will come from allowing as many as we have over the past ten or fifth teen years. So if were going to be able to caring a larger responsiblibility for citizens in need of welfare or temperary support, due to high levels of unemployment and slow periods in economic or even migration, Its ovious were going to have to overhaul and restructure our present systems for not only our Goverment, but also for each indiviual state and local communities so to better handle needs of our citizens in of today as well as preparing for those numbers we anticipate in the future. What must be excepted now is that this will require a tempary shut down of the system as it is operating today. So that all envolved can work together to accomplish this in a reasonible time frame and allowing our goverment to build an efficant finanical program with strong guide line of security of funds Handling with the proper channels of cash flow, from the goverment, to the states, so that each communities needs are met. This system must be redesigned so that revenue is earned not only from the goverment level, but also from the state and communities. through work centers that employee the unemployed so to manufacture goods that can be sold so the revenve can be recycled into the system. Just as prisons are manage today.


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