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Where's the Fort Knox Gold

Updated on March 3, 2013

Fort Knox

Fort Knox

The latest mystery that seems to be grabbing the United States is: is there gold in Fort Knox?

Reports from locals seem to indicate that over the last several years, what appears to be truck loads of gold have been taken from Fort Knox. This has caused concern as to whether there is in fact any gold left in the gold vault at the establishment.

What has increased the concerns is that nobody has been given permission to look inside the vault since 1984. All the guards that may have cause to open the vault have been sworn to secrecy and so would face dire consequences for divulging any details.

Fort Knox has always been used for the safe keeping of things of value.

The “Gold Vault” has been known to keep such things as the documents of Independence and the constitution. During the Second World War it housed the UK’s “Magna Carta”, keeping it safe from German hands.

The question is though: although it may still hold important documents, does it still hold any gold?


The Magna Carta
The Magna Carta


Although the general consensus is that it must, this has been based on the fact that security over the last few years has increased not diminished.

My thoughts though are; what is more important than perhaps the gold itself is the belief that the gold exists. Therefore, more security would be needed to protect the fact that the gold has gone than was necessary to protect the gold itself.

There is no doubt that the security at this establishment is tight and few doubt that any attempt to illegally enter would result in shots being fired, but is this security for material things or for the protection of a secret?



The problem is that the United States economy is based on the belief that vast gold reserves are held in the vault at Fort Knox. If this were proved to be false, then the reported deficit is no where close to what it really is.

If the gold has gone, where did it go? What was it used for?

Over the last 27 years the US has partaken in several wars, all costing huge amounts of money. Also alliances had to be forged, were these alliances really bought?

Who is controlling access to the vault?

Does the President know what is in there? Does Congress or The House?

Well at least, do all of them know or is there just a select few?

If gold, is supposed to be in Fort Knox and the security is appropriate: then why all the secrecy?

If gold had always been in Fort Knox, why only recently increase the security?

What is there that could have been added that required more security than that which was already in there?

The only thing that needs tighter security than valuables, are secrets.

If the gold has in fact gone and it became public knowledge, the dollar would probably crash throwing the US into another great depression.

How though could it ever be replaced and so it is inevitable for it to become known one day, with the resulting consequences and so why should the chaos be put off?

Is it that the select few that are in the know can have time to redistribute their assets into foreign investments before the melee begins?

This possible mystery could be solved by perhaps allowing a public audit of the facility.

Why not?


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    • profile image

      gogogo 6 years ago

      very interesting, will we ever know the answer

    • profile image

      watchin 6 years ago

      I believe the gold is gone,where? who knows.increased security is the same as a false flag making the public believe there is gold there,Do a little more research and you will find the guards do not have "live" ammo.To make a long comment short..We are screwed.


    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      It's Goldfinger, rafken, I'll call Sean Connery immediately, thanks for the head's up! Bob