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Who Should I Vote For? Still my dilemma

Updated on June 27, 2016
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Came to the United States in 1962. First attended Rochester College in Rochester, MI. Graduated from Abilene Christian University, in 1966.

Clinton or Trump-The Dilemma

Who Should I Vote For? It is still My Dilemma.

The dilemma is still real, and the question is more critical than before. Who do I vote for? When I posed this question earlier, I was greeted with-mostly-“Please don’t vote for……,” passionate responses. But in my mind, no one addressed the real issues. They were based on the like or dislike of the candidates. I am sure that my personal opinion of each candidate will have nothing to do with who is best to run the country. So it seems to me that I have to vote based on what I know or don’t know about each one.

So what is it that I know?

I know that Ms. Clinton has been in politics a long time and has had more than enough time to show respect for the country and what it stands for. I know that there are many who support her without reservation because they believe that she will further their own issues, regardless of how those issues stand up to the Constitution.

1. Her medical plan has come into fruition through Obama Care, and there is no reason for her not to enhance it further, so that the government will be completely in charge of the medical needs of the nation. This will be a tax nightmare, as we have already experienced.

2. Abortion will also be government supported, even though, there are more abortions in the United States than there are people who are killed with guns. It is not the responsibility of the government to either regulate or deregulate social issues.

3. Gun control is on her radar, and again it is not a government issue. If we follow the laws in place and punish the perpetrators, without the present lack of responsibility by all those who are concerned, we can fix the misuse of guns very quickly. Also, the hypocrisy of allowing the killing, through abortion, while not killing with guns speaks loud and clear, not about her social issues, but rather her political agenda

4. Ms. Clinton is standing on the verge of indictment because of her e-mails. Why are those not being followed through, and the issue resolved in an unbiased court before the election?

5. The Clinton Foundation is worrisome, and one is not sure about the Global Initiative of the foundation, or its relationship with making the Clintons very rich. Of course I realized that this is very common with most, not just Democrats.

6. The rewriting of the constitution through the weapon of Political Correctness is most asinine. Through renaming something that originally the Constitution allowed, now becomes intolerable and illegal. For Example, we’ve had “crime” that was illegal by all standards. Then we decided it was not enough, so we came up with “hate crime,” which, somehow (through political gymnastics), became a worse crime, if that can be imagined. This natural progression happened, not because of the crime itself, but because of the lack of law enforcement. If we have a crime, any local cop can work it, but if we have a “hate” crime, now the Government steps in (Political Correctness). The same with “speech,” (Free, according to the 1st Amendment) which now stands on the verge of becoming criminal with the added adjective “hate.” All speech is protected, unless we disparage “minorities,” (a Political Correct word to maintain social strata for partisan gain) through words or language considered intolerable. Ms. Clinton, through her liberal stance, agrees that the Government has the power to do all of this.

What is it that I don’t know?

Mr. Trump, as far as we know has only had a self-interest in Washington, with little experience. Because of that he has bristled the establishment with his candidacy. Many of his statements seem, on the surface, very naïve. It is this lack of concern to coddle, that has attracted him to thousands and put him in the position where he now finds himself. He seems to abhor Political Correctness. That alone could make him very attractive to many or despised by those who demand that the government protect their agendas and uphold their dependency.

1. It seems that Mr. Trump is against Obama Care, but he’s consideration of what to do is evolving. There is however, some government involvement. That is not acceptable because with the government’s finger in the pie, the taxable proposition (as the present plan affords) is always there and before long, the finger becomes a hand, with the “handout” then, for “minorities,” even stronger. That can only mean that the rest of us will have to pay more, as we have already experienced.

2. Mr. Trump’s position on abortion has evolved, and his motivation seems purely political rather than his distaste for the killing. With such a seemingly weak stand, and the pressure of the issue great, who knows where he will fall after becoming president.

3. On gun control Mr. Trump seems nebulous. On the campaign he seems to have been very strong in support of the 2nd Amendment, but there have been some earlier doubts. He has supported a ban on assault rifles, and a gun ban on terrorist watch lists. This is worrisome because who defines what a “terrorist” is? (If one looks up the word “terrorist” one will find among other things, the following: “Terrorist has, as its root word, ‘terror,’ which comes from the Latin word terrorem, meaning great fear. Great fear is exactly what terrorists hope to create so that they can manipulate the situation to their benefit. The label terrorist is a subjective one. To the British, the American colonists who destroyed shiploads of tea in Boston Harbor in 1773 were terrorists. To colonists, they were patriots and heroes.” If we give the government a word, who knows what it can become in the world of Political Correctness.

4. Mr. Trump also has had dealing with legal issues, and indictments. He, however, has handled them in court and the present one involving his school seems politically motivated. We shall see.

5. Mr. Trump has taken advantage of his inheritance and accumulated a vast wealth. He will not hurt financially because he is lending his own money to the campaign, but obviously will be reimbursed. How all of his businesses will benefit from his Presidency seems obvious. We have to decide if we like that or not.

6. Mr. Trump does not seem to have a Political Correct issue, and faces the reality of dealing with issues head on, even to the distress of many of those who would like to vote for him. Maybe that is his appeal.

So there you have it! Who must I vote for? Must I vote for what I know and don’t like, or what I don’t know and not sure as to whether I like it or not? I know I would like to see the government reduced. I would like to see the power of the States restored. I would like to see words like “minorities”, “hate,” and all Political Correctness and its divisive qualities disappear. But then if I advocate these drastic and coercive changes, the dictionary qualifies me as a terrorist. Mr. Trump will ban me from owning an assault rifle, while Ms. Clinton will publish me in her private e-mails. I am going to vote. I am a free American, who believes in the power of the Constitution, and stands by the 27 amendments. I wish we all did, then we would not need all this other stuff that confuse all issues. I wish that the Candidates were so well defined.


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